Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trafford centre fun

The Tea dance at the Trafford Centre where Clarrie Spends most tuesdays trying to pick up a 'young man' (add harry Enfield voice)

Manchester Landmarks

Man United Football ground at Old Trafford

Bingo Jesus landmark in Hulme. Lowri painted Bingo Jesus

Hi we are in Mad City

It's sunny in Manchester

Danz gets wet at the centres water feature.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hard Bloody Work

Today I hadn't intended on doing much but the weather spurred me on and I decided today was grass cutting day!
First I had to find the Lawn Mower, under the stairs underneath a mound of Christmas decs and trees and various crap. I'd borrowed a strimmer from my Mum and was seriously thinking of buying my very own strimmer, when I found a brand new one under the stairs. It clicked. I'd bought one last year in the B&Q sale. You know when that sort of thing happens and I realise just how crap my memory is, it freaks me. Imagine having Altzeimers? No don't.
Now what the feck is it with strimmers? Could they not have invented anything more complex? What is it with those bits of string? Where's the blade? Now a lawn mower is simple. There's a blade that goes round and cuts the grass, but what happens with a strimmer? And to make it worse it appears mine has double string. Well I used it for about 20 seconds then it stopped working. My neighbour said the string was out. So that was that. End of strimmer.
So I cut all the very high grass with the hover mower. It did smell a bit burny at times but I ploughed on. It took me about an hour and I had to rest twice. But I did it. My hands are so sore though. They have callouses on the fleshy bit by my thumb. (Think I'm spending too much time with the cats , I just told Abby my paws hurt)
I was most upset that I fell asleep last night and when I woke up the nicked car was gone. Oh good I thought, but apparently I slept through the car being set alight, the firemen coming and a tow truck.
So guys I'm off to Manchester tomorrow. I hope you all miss me, though I may find time to post from there (might be a bit drunk though!)
Take Care. XxX

Grrrr that bloody frog better not be at number one. He's going in the blender. Posted by Hello

Manchester Gone Mad?

OMG Don't tell me I can't wear my hoodie in the Trafford Centre? So what am I going to wear next week? Looks like it's the Trafford Centre in the nude then. Damn it.


AEGiS-GMHC: Should Gay Men Be Allowed to Donate Blood? - Nov / Dec 2000

Did you know gay men aren't allowed to donate blood in the states? I'm gobsmacked.

An Interesting book title

Elements of Arousal: How to Write and Sell Gay Men's Erotica
by Eighner, Lars

About this title: Many churches are not growing simply because their calendars leave little for the non-Christian "seeker" to get excited about. This book focuses on the simplicity of Christ's ministry, enabling you to minister to all individuals without overwhelming new Christians or leaving mature Christians unchallenged. Includes a study guide.
Note: The synopsis above is drawn from available information about this title. Details about specific copies and editions for sale are in the listings displayed below.

One presumes this is one of the more modern Christian book titles?


Scientific American Mind: Natural-Born Liars:
You lie and lie and lie until you can't lie any more....Then you lie AGAIN.

"Feldman found that women were more likely to lie to make the stranger feel good, whereas men lied most often to make themselves look better"

I upset one of the new staff nurses in work Friday. We had three admissions on their way in and I told her to phone admissions put them on the computer and get the notes. But admissions wouldn't put them on the screen until they actually arrive, so I told her to say they were here (I wanted to order tests and I can't do it until they are registered), well she lied but got into a terrible state about it (oh god!) and said she never told lies.
WTF? I lie all the time. It's part of my fabric I reckon. I wonder if that makes me a terrible person? Bloody hope not. Anyways an interesting and thought provoking article for you to read.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dr Great

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Bloody Hell...Dr Who is going from strength to strength. Tonights episode wrapping up the Lost Child story was great. Excellent acting, humour and a heart warming cool end.I'm in Love with Captain Jack. But looking forward to the next episode...Cardiff under threat. How wonderful. Can't wait. I can see my childhood fav show going for ever, as long as the script writing is this strong.
Abby is totally besotted with it.
BTW Abby has gone out (miracle) and I'm all alone for the evening. A rare and precious moment indeed.
Outside there's a nicked car. The buggers have filled it with rubbish and smashed the windows. Think they're planning on setting it alight later. I feel a bit worried.


I'm bored of the samey sameness of Virgin FM and have slipped to Vibe FM. Not predominantly my scene at all but variety is the spice of life so my guru tells me.
I was hit last night by the current trend of rapping over old tunes, or using samples of old songs in the middle of current tracks. It's been around for a while, the norm of just recording an old song seems to be gone (Kelly Osbourne!). Now you take a Image Hosted by ImageShack.uschunk of it and write a song around it or just rap over it. Some people do it better than other. I think it's a bit of an art. Eminem seems to be able to do it without you really noticing. You just know there's something familiar there but I heard a dreadful one last night, Kanye West rapping over Shirley Bassey's 'Diamonds are Forever'. WTF? There didn't seem to be any link and the welsh Bassey was just repeating Diamonds are forever over and over. Then there was this bit when he sang...Forever ever forever evah.... in a little piece blatantly copied from 'Miss Jackson' by Outkast.
I guess Music Purists would start a riot with this recent trend but some of it is good tbh.
I really like Audio bullies using Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang'. Mind the reason is my love of Kill Bill 1. But it's fun and funky and makes me smile. I can just imagine dancing to that in Aiya Napa (as if!)
But that track using Spandau Ballet's 'True' as it's base just makes me want to hear Spandau Ballet.
Ps if you can get your ears on the Green Day Oasis and Travis mix of 'Boulevard of Broken Songs' do so now. Because it's ace.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

excited trin

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us You know what? Now I'm actually excited about going to Manchester. But if only we could see Jude too. That would make it great.
I can't wait to see my little mate again and watch him go all shy over Abby. Talk to R about Dannii Minogue and see my Clazza. And she got us a holiday house wow. The girls will love it.
Wonder if we'll have any more Jamie Oliver cooking (think it was him) and I want to see the Trafford Centre again. And see the lights of MadCity at night.
It's like Christmas!!


You can tell these two are due a school holiday. They're tired and pissy and so bloody argumentative.
I find it hard to cope with the constant bickering and bitchiness between the two of them.
Abby is spoilt, she gets her own way in a lot of things just because she's the oldest and she's the most manipulative. But Danz isn't all sweetness and light and she can be just as bad and when she gets a strop on, god help anyone in her way. She's a go to her room slam the door child.
Tonight, they're arguing over whose washing up. Danz put the washing up away and when I opened up the crockery cupboard glasses jumped out at me and smashed all over the kitchen. I made her vacuum the glass up. Then Abby told me Danz moaned and moaned about having to do it. Danz told me Abby swore at her. Danz is trying to pack her bags for camp and Abby won't let her in MY room to get the bag out. Abby told me Danz refused to feed the cat (she thinks I'll go mad about that). Danz just threw Abby's clothes into her room on the floor out of her room.
Feck, all bloody petty things but all done with venom and it's making me feel ill.
Why are they so jealous? Why can't they be pleased for one another? Why is sisterhood a huge battleground. You know though, I KNOW for certain that if one of them had to go to hospital or went missing the other would be devastated.
Feck them...I just made them say sorry to one another. It went like this
Danz: Sorry
Abby: (mumbles) sorry
Me: Look at each other and say it.
Abby: (with slight turn of head) sorry
Danz: Sorry to the back of your head Abby

I think I need a drink.

Blogger murdered while writing journal online

the tragic simonNew York Daily News - Home - Victim's E-journal led to slay suspect more news
Isn't this hideous. A guy sat by his pc adding to his online blog like I just did was brutally murdered and he'd just written about the guy who he'd let in and eventually killed him. Makes me shudder. Reading the guys final entry makes it so real.
Simons Journal
From Zarq


Today I had to work and Abby decides she's not well. I hate it when she does that. Means I'm in too much of a hurry to see if she's REALLY ill or not. So she gets the day off.
I posted off the last of my eBay stuff, then realise that I posted something that someone hasn't even paid for yet. Silly woman.
I saw an occupational health doctor in work today who felt I wasn't as good as last time he'd seen me and he's going to write to my psychiatrist to tell him to sort me out!! He said I'm bobbing on the ocean and need help to find the beach again. Ah that elusive hot sandy beach with sangria and peace.
When I got home there was a letter from the solicitor. They made me an offer of 1500 pounds for the accident. I seemed to think I'd get more, but I think it was my dad telling me that, seeing I've never claimed for an accident before.
He told me to hang on and when I rang my solicitor (a rather nice young man called Robert in Leeds) he said he'd hang on a few more months but that I'd only get about 200 quid more and TBH I need some cash now. A cash injection. So I'm thinking about it. I don't really believe in huge unnecessary claims. Ridiculous they are. But I have been in pain with that hip...esp when I vacuum. Better get the girls to do it me reckons.
I'm fretting that I haven't got much money to take to Manchester with me (I would have had some if a mate hadn't stopped me doing something silly) but I think, it's the whole experience of the train and going somewhere different and seeing Clarrie that the girls should be happy with. Not me spending money on them I don't have.
Still wish I had someone to talk all these things through with. I guess you lot will have to do.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coldplay ride again

I am an unashamed Coldplay Fan, though my great love affair is with the first album and there are some tracks in the second one that I still can't get into.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI first heard the new single in the car and I wasn't impressed...At all. It was too samey, sounded like classic Coldplay and was too jingly...Like some supermarket ditty.
It wasn't until the fourth hearing that I began to relax into the song and stop being a bit irritated that it wasn't spectacular like Clocks or The Scientist was. Then suddenly it hit like a ton of bricks and now it won't remove itself from my head at all. So I bought it from iTunes and now it plays all the time on my iPod.
Parachutes was a very important album to me. I seem to gauge important moments in my life with tracks. Yellow was played over and over. It was so fresh and inspired. But every single track makes me wistful when played and for a long time I couldn't play it because it made me sad but now it's like a comfy chair. It's really soothing...An old friend (Do I sound a bit obsessive with the music?) Takes me back to the good old days of Agent Ultra... (don't even try to work that one out)
I was such a brave and confident person then. A brave Leo. (just a reminder my birthday is drawing near)
Anyways... 'Speed of Sound' is a brilliant track. Full of energy and life and FFS go buy it now and kick the frog off his bike.

How long before I get in?
Before it starts, before I begin?
How long before you decide?
Before I know what it feels like?
Where To, where do I go?
If you never try, then you'll never know.
How long do I have to climb,
Up on the side of this mountain of mine?

A song for Trin. I need the speed of Sound. I love music.

Ron Jeremy Porn star and Farm hand

If you can't stomach it stay out of the farm yard.

After last night's episode of Channel 5's The Farm was the Ron Jeremy porn Star Documentary an 'insightful' programme on the legend himself. It appears he got into porn because of the size of his dick and his ability to control is erection...No matter what.
He had tons of fans. I have to say, the programme was quite dull and Ron Jeremy really isn't my idea of eye candy (is he anyones?). But it was interesting to see the other life of this big guy from the farm, who frankly is the only thing making it entertaining (fuck that duck)
He really doesn't seem to take himself too seriously which is a relief because neither are we and there's been some pretty hideous pictures of him coming out of the farm's website. Plus his insatiable need for male relief is almost gross. I'm certainly not a prude but on national TV...And for hours at a time? Hmmmm. Follow Ron and his antics on our Reality TV website.

Cybermen Return

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Cybermen to return to Who:

"NEW Doctor Who David Tennant is set to face one of the Timelord's oldest foes in the shows new series next year - the Cybermen."

News that Billie Piper is leaving Dr Who may be an upset for some people. Abby absolutely loves her as his sidekick. She even made me buy the Dr Who DVD at the weekend (I told her it was for her Birthday next Month but she reckons I'll have forgotten about it by then).
Personally Doctor Who has never revolved around one person (well ok mebbe the Doctor but even he changes)
There's been some great sidekicks through the ages. I hated Bonnie Langford but then again I couldn't ever forget her as the awful brat in that 'Just William' series.
There will be another good sidekick for him. Or maybe two....And David Tennant is a cool man.
But the Cybermen are my absolute favourite monsters. They are so evil and emotionless and powerful. Let's hope we get more than a mere taste of them, like we did with the one and only Dalek. We want huge armies! Oh yes. And more good looking soldiers. I liked the episodes with the brigadier in them.
I do have to say though that Billie Piper has been aces and I really hope she goes from strength to strength.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kill the frog

Crazy Frog 'heading for top spot'
No this can't be. That frog ( and the bloody Dragon) drive me mad and I can't stand it. Now it's set to storm the charts?

"The Crazy Frog's Axel F is currently outselling the Brit-winning band's new single Speed of Sound, according to early retail reports".

Is Nothing sacred? If I hear any ringtones with that song on the owner is seriously in danger of my mouth.
It is the most complained about advert? why? because it drives people mad.
I see the single cover has the frogs willy uncovered. Hmmm.

Bloody Bin Men

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo in an effort to start people recycling rubbish, as from Friday, Bristol Bin men will take one wheelie bin full of trash only.
The week before last the feckers refused to collect my bin because I'd not placed it beyond the supposed boundaries of my property. I don't actually have any visible boundaries! I have a concrete drive so there's no wall or gate etc. The reason I didn't put it on the pavement is because the little feckers round here push it over. But come on, it was within a few inches of the pavement with no obstruction. I was at work so even the car was gone. (My neighbour's dad said he told them they were lazy.... never upset the bin men!!)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLast week they told me that they aren't allowed to step on my property. That doesn't stop the wankers when they want a Christmas bonus. What a bunch of crap.
So imagine their happy little faces next week when they ignore all the black bags placed around the bin. The estate's going to look like Armageddon. I'd recycle more. I did it religiously in Brislington, but the gits round here steal the black bins and set them alight on the green.
I do agree in principle with this recycling thing. We are all responsible for looking after our world, but this is a bit silly. I simply can't see it happening here and I detest those lazy gits the bin men who can go sing for a bonus this year. £600 a week? feck they get more than the Doctors I work with.

Baby Sophia

My friend just sent me this picture of her new born baby. Sophia, just 8 days old and already looking very alert and knowing. Look at all that hair. She's adorable. Wish I could have a hug but she's all the way over the pond in NY. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Busy Evening

We were meant to be going to the cinema with the Rainbows tonight. But unless we wanted to see Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy or bloody Star Wars we were stuffed so it was to the bowling Alley we headed. Luckily the girls were happy. A motley crew we looked with our sweets and drink we brought in our selves but they loved it. Fiercely competitive are the girls, shame they can't count though. One was convinced she'd won...So we let her, bless. When you're five life's so simple.
In the next lane were a large bunch of foreign gentleman enjoying a bowling session. Marie thought one was really hot. I of course kept complete control and was Miss Perfect. :P

Abby and Fay our Rainbow helpers. The girls prefer them to me 100 times over. Mind I didn't miss having to do the inevitable toilet run. Well the toilets are exciting when you're five years old and out with your mates.

The girls technique...Hollie and Danz to help. Bumpers up and the cages. Some bowled alone, the older ones. The foreign bowlers got moved down a few lanes...Maybe someone complained about Marie's lustful stares? Then the other lane joined a very serious group of bowlers with matching kit on. We looked on astounded as they all checked out the pins with binoculars.... Then we realised they were all blind or partially sighted.
Blind bowling. Bloody heck they were good at it though....They did have the bumpers up though come to think of it.

We got home. Abby told me off all the way home for being silly earlier. Boy she can nag. She said I was special and to cut it out. Danz is making Scoubies for Clarrie next week.
Bailey helps Danz make Scoubies. No Bailey you don't lick them to make them silly cat!

Abby dyed her hair Jet Black. And I cut her fringe...ooops, a bit uneven. Not sure I'll make a hairdresser. I also dyed Danz's...She hates the ginger look. We did it a very light brown which actually looks really good without being too drastically different. Abby and co are in Bath tomorrow doing a Geography project. They have to ask the public questions. God help the Bath public!
Now to the reality shows. Celeb love Island is such dross but I have to watch it so I can bitch about it.
Love you all

Oh Dear

A bad day today and if I've upset anyone with my ravings I'm sorry. I feel better if a bit washed out from being silly.
Just sometimes the sheer pressure of doing stuff alone hits me like a brick. I guess that's why family units are MEANT to have two adults.
But ours has one...Me and I have to get on with it.
Just sometimes though, I really would like to talk things through. But they're dull things. Day to day stuff. If I tell my parents, they'll think I'm not coping. I try not to tell Abby because she frets.
I did something really bad today. Out of need and it made me feel sick. But I couldn't think of a way around it.
Yet when I was married, I still carried the burden of stuff because I was too scared to tell him things because he'd go mad. Least no-one yells at me now.
Thanks anyway. To all who left comments and to anyone I spoke to today, forgive me. I am nice really you know :}

black as the ace of spades

The first few hours of a downward spiral after feeling relatively ok are acutely painful. The realisation that yes , here we go again. Down I sink into the bog. I can't quite allow a huge crash because I've got Rainbows tonight but the effort of maintaining that assemblance of normality will force me to sleep all evening.
I'm a complete failure as a person. I can't maintain friends at all. I guess they get pissed off with my ever changing moods and banal conversation.
I also feel I'm hign maintenance at times. I'm a miserable stupid fucking bitch and who'd want to be friends with that.
In the mornings before I put on my glasses, I look at my fuzzy image in the mirror and sneer at that face. Another day, the same face though.I feel a bit upset that I got told off in work yesterday, if truth be told. I do work really hard at work. I take on a lot of stuff I shouldn't and for one second I'd relaxed and wasn't uptight and wham I get caught doing something 'naughty' that's me isn't it? I'm crap. Where's my good fortune, good health. Where's someone to love me? Am I so completely unloveable and so horrible a person?
I must be mustn't I? There's no other explanation for it.
None at all.

Stop that's number 170

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOhGizmo! - BottleSpy keeps track of your drinking
What an excellent idea. Maybe I'll buy one for Clarrie next week! She's in London today.
Hope she doesn't get drunked on train again...wouldn't want her getting banned from British Rail as well as everywhere else.

Sexy Keyboards

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usGamerebel Custom Keyboards
Wow what a super sexy keyboard. Wonder if it's available in purple? We saw some really lush futuristic computers and keyboards in PC world the other day.
I'm fed up of this crap machine and I never get to even see the lap top lately. If I were a rich girl.........

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Feisty Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud hit Bristol tonight with a bang. The Girls were very excited as I dropped them off. They took some cash out of my bag, and I told them to buy tee-shirts OUTSIDE not the rip off inside ones. Unfortunately Abby didn't clock that remark and bought Danz a fourteen quid one! Oh well...Least she had fun. Anyways here's some pictures Abby took for you all. Pretty girls aren't they? Abby said the male dancers were hot. So like her mother is that one :x

Just another day

Work was ok today...Well sort of. It was quiet and not stressy. But being lulled into a false sense of security, I got told off by management.
There was a big meeting going on. No-one I thought that important though, but we were asked to put a do not disturb sign on the door. I had the job. Bad move. I drew people all over the door and D A N G E R do not enter in big red letters. Everyone laughed, even my immediate manager but Big Boss wiped it off in disgust. Then she caught me at the nurses desk French plaiting the student nurses hair.... Well I was bonding with her. We got yelled at, and she went on and on. The student looked worried. I took it like the man I am.
I decided as penance we would take alcohol wipes (sniff them) and clean the whole unit, chairs, cots, toys, window sills. Cardiac machinery. Yes...That's right, I decided, not the manager lol.... Crazy huh? Well it made the student work and the machinery was filthy. I do get a great sense of achievement from a clean ward. Others call it obsessive.
When I got home I was knackered. And pissy and was hell for half an hour then calmed down.
I went and laid down for 1/2 hour only to be disturbed by a kid knocking on the door every 10 minutes with Bailey in his arms "Have you lost a cat" he said. No she isn't lost, she is allowed out there. Bang Bang "Your cat is under the car" Yes she's allowed there. Bang Bang "I found your cat in my garden" grrr. Finally Bailey stayed in being rather fed up of little ginger kid picking her up all the time.
Now the girls have gone to see Girls Aloud. There was a fraught moment when Abby had such a bad headache she didn't want to go. I rang Marie but she wouldn't let Hollie go with Danz on their own.
So Abby went. And I have peace. Lush quiet on my own peace. Karma with Trin. And yesss Shaly I do own a Vibrator. Tsk.

Can't sleep

I can't sleep. I had an hour or so and woke up. But I can't seem to drop off again. Things keep running round my head. Worrying things, on Saturday I had an awful headache all day. It wouldn't go. A nagging back of head one that moved to the front at times. I took brufen for intermittent relief but it kept coming back. So about 9pm I took my blood pressure and it was sky high. So I went to bed...Didn't sleep but I was resting. Now I'm worried that I'm gonna drop dead or something and leave the kids and everything. I know that's silly but my mind won't stop thinking about it.
It's peaceful down here on my own. But the house is messy. I need to sort it for my own sanity. Maybe you lot wouldn't think it was too bad but I hate it. When I moved in it was all clean and new and now it's shabby and messy. At the bottom of the stairs there's stuff chucked there by the kids, shoes, coats, clothes, cd's, dvd's anything and everything. I hate it.
I have to try to go back to bed, I'm working tomorrow. That's making it worst tbh. If I wasn't I wouldn't fret so much.
I'm silly. Going to Manchester is worrying me. Will it be ok? Will I feel ok there? will I have enough money, will the cats be ok? will we catch the train on time blah blah.... no wonder I never go anywhere.
My sister came round last night. Weird I seem to connect so much more with her now. There doesn't seem to be an age gap now (she might disagree of course!!) I just had a thought. Maybe I should make the girls do more around the house to pay off their MP3 players? That may go down like a lead balloon of course.
GTG Sorry this was sooo dull.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Reality TV with Trinity

Reality TV with three lovely girls
I'm hotting up my reality TV for when Big Brother starts. Go look at our (Clazza, Jude and me Trin) web site with The Farm on Channel 5 and Celebrity Love Island on ITV. Both are complete crap, but in crap comes moments of sheer hilarity. Go read it now and remember it's there for when the love of my life BB starts Friday.
There's a documentary on Channel 5 on Tuesday about the sexploits of the gross Ron Jeremy...people payed to watch him have sex....ewwwwww.

It's been such a wet weekend. a beautiful rainbow or two to end it. Hope. Posted by Hello

le Muzik

Sorting out stuff for the girls to download to their mp3's I also updated my trusty little Ipod last night. I am passionate about The Kaiser Chiefs cd. I loved 'I Predict a Riot' but the new single 'Everyday I Love You Less And Less' is wicked. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"Everyday I love you less and less
I can't believe once you and me did sex
It makes me sick to think of you undressed
Since everyday I love you less and less
And everyday I love you less and less
You're turning into something I detest
And everybody says that your a mess
Since everyday I love you less and less"

My God, that's how I felt about my Ex and when I think of me and him having sex...Excuse me whilst I puke.
Lush song. The Kaiser Chiefs are knife edge raw lyrics with an extra twist. Damn I love them. Piss off Bloc Party. You're dull.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd the other song that's grabbed me by the throat is Gorillaz, 'Feel Good Inc' The Gorillaz lyrics are always a bit of a deep psychological exercise to work out. But I have had a long love affair with them. The first album was never off the player. 'A1 M1' was an obsession with me. Gorillaz tracks are layer upon layer of sounds, vocals and effects and all put together in a inspired package. I only need to hear a few beats and I'm hooked. The song is on the new advert for the Ipod. When I heard it, I HAD to have it. Right then. The whole package. Yep I'm obsessed.

The weekend's over. No angst or sadness or self damnation this weekend. Relatively normal. I need to record that incase I ever think life is always right down in the tunnel. This weekend was ok.
Danz goes to camp with the Guides next weekend. I'm a bit worried. There seems to have been no communication. No kit list...No instructions. They're going with the Scout Group. I think that makes me more secure. Scouts are used to camping and stuff right? Hope she'll be ok.
Tomorrow night is the infamous Girls Aloud concert. I'll send them with the camera. Get some pics for you fans out there (Steve)

The World of the MP3

Yesterday we went shopping. Yes I know, quite a gamble with two teenage girls in tow. But to be perfectly honest we havent done any clothes shopping, or done anything that they'd consider 'fun' in ages.
I told them they could have one thing each. After carefully looking round all the shops Abby picked a £18 quid totally unsuitable fancy top with bare shoulders and this green and lemon chiffon layering. I wanted her to have a skirt for the summer. But no, my taste in clothes isn't good enough. I finally asked her just where she was going to wear that thing, and she stropped off. Put it back and said she didn't want ANYTHING now.
Grrr finally she picked a lovely pink smocked top reduced to a tenner. Danz had one of those white gypsy skirts and I did buy her some lush black dolly shows (she hasn't any shoes only trainers and boots).
Nothing for me of course.
Then I was conned into buying scoubies and those rubber charity bracelets on a stall outside the Entertainer. The one Abby had was the managing director of the Entertainers own Charity. Something to do with the Grant Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFoundation and healthy kids. Abby liked the pink and cream marbled effect...bugger the charity.
(actually I've just realised I paid 2 quid for a bracelet that normally sells for a pound and they had 75p goes to charity on the sign. That means £1.25 doesn't hmmmm that's not good)
We got our tickets to Manchester for next week. The kids can't wait. Clarrie better get lots of rest. I dreamt I was there last night and there were tons of other people as well. It was chaos, Clarrie kept serving wine to everyone and I'd lost the kids (hmm that was good them!)
Then we hit the newly opened Woolworths close to home. A massive place packed full of toys and cd's and everything. Bob the builder was walking around. I'm surprised I didn't see Dan trying to get his autograph.
Then the girls ganged up on me and I got stung. By two 'half price' MP3 players please please please...all our friends have one. We're left out. Please............
Ok so we got them. Home we went happy as Larry (whose Larry?)
Well we were happy until we tried to use the little plastic bits of crap.
Now I'm fairly computer and MP3 and equipment literate. I have an IPod but bloody hell. The ipod is a dream. Its all done for you. This had no instructions what so ever and was a bugger to negotiate. Plus, I hadn't a clue about such things as the Image Hosted by ImageShack.usProtected MP3 Oh yes. Life isn't simple when you buy all your tracks from Itunes.
Basically they only work on ipods. They have this license that won't allow it to be transfered anywhere else. But all the music I've put on the itunes library...all my cds, are also covered by the itunes license.
What between this and the damn crappy bit of plastic, I lost it with the sodding music and took them back and got a refund.
Then we drove all the way to pc world and bought two more for tenner each extra. But double the capacity and easier to use, Napa ones. A drag and drop system.
They've spent all day putting music on. Peace!
I'm so sick of mp3's. The printer still isn't working. My dad says there is nothing in it. He looked. So I'm going to take it back to pc world. Hope they don't yell at me.

The Fany Soft company

F A N Y S O F T Experts

Yikes. I do like the baby with the balllon tied to his happy though ... sorry diaper.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Eurovision with Trin

Eurovision night and I missed the first song. Bet that one wins.

Well Javine just gave us her all. TBH the constant "Touch my Fire" drove me nuts. No Javine I WILL not touch your fire now bugger off so I can watch Malta.

Malta's song was sung by a trout in a red dress. Trout had good voice. Red Hair red dress no knickers.

Romania's had bog brush hair , but her drummers were definitely shaggable

norway fuck yeahNorway's has a HUGE codpiece. I'd vote for him for the outfit. He has not got the figure for that cat suit. WTF has happened to sweet little Dana Dittys?

Oh feck. Moldova (where's that) Anthony Kiedis wanna be vs folk rock. Like the toothless old woman with the big drum. He wants you to make love. Yippee

those crazy moldoviansAlbania's going for Boobavision to help their attempt. Seems drums are in a big way this year. (Kisses for me save all your kisses for me) sorry bit of deja vue there.

John Travolta and Scary Spice are doing Cyprus.

The less said about Spain the better. Now we get Israel. Crikey those boobs are not real. And fake tan all over them too. Bet she wins. Wonder if they bounce?

Serbia and Babygro's answer to Sam and Mark are next. The drum man needs a visit to the Orthodontist. Losers.

Feckity. Denmark's answer to Boyzone all got pink shoes on. Nooooo

The Hot swedish tottieJeez I'm in love. Sweden. Hot as fuck and nice lunch box to boot.

(I'm out in the pouring rain calling Bailey and she trots down the stairs looking at me like I'm nuts)

Macedonia.... "Your cuddly toy. I am the boy, who will break up with you to be free"

Ukraine. Loving the handcuffs. Not sure about the band name The Green Jolly. He keeps singing about wanting a starbucks latte. They got market sellers pouches on. Hope that never catches on.

Bloody Hell. Eurovisions gone all Goth Rock. Germany have got Cher fronting a Goth/metal/pop/? Band.

Croatia :/ .Miss Greece is a looker. Nice Pins on her. Lush dress too. One of the least embarrassing despite the open shirts. Russia? Good job she got hairspray on.

Bosnia find Kerrie KatonaBosnia got an Atomic Kitten lookalike for them. A little pinkie girlie group called Feminem. Sounds like a tampon name to me.

Sam and Mark are back in for Latvia (But I like it) Switzerland were called Vanilla Ninja. I always thought that was a sexual term?

And France? To end. Were crap. Nil Points.

A strong erection is a gift from God...apparently.

Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra, and God's Will

"I will make you as firm as a rock, as hard as a diamond," (Ezekiel 3:9)
"Because thy steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise thee...my mouth praises thee with joyful lips, when I think of thee upon my bed." (Psalms 63:3 -6)
"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions" (Ecclesiastes 7:29)

Christian men seek help within the Bible for Erectile Dysfunction. Other men seek help from Playboy.

Dog Vader

may the bonios be with meStarWarsShop.com -Darth Vader Pet Costume:

"The family pet can now be one of your favorite Star Wars characters! Dress up your pet as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Includes headpiece and jumpsuit with attached arms, cape, and belt. Pet costumes recommended for dogs only.
Costumes and accessories are not refundable and can only be returned for an exchange."

Your dog can join in the Star Wars fever too. Imagine dragging him round the block in the exciting get up.

Or Maybe...........
your very own kiddie chewbaccababy princess Leia

Friday, May 20, 2005

A dyslexic went to a toga party dressed as a goat

It's Friday and works finished. I have been so impatient today and the effort of trying to hide is has been very tiring.
The Students were driving me mad with their lack of umph and not being able to take control of situations. They're qualifying in a few months. Never mind. I still have time to shape them a bit.
I had to pick up my new car park pass today. The hospital has installed a whole new system for accessing the staff car parks. We pay to park there. Originally we had to pay a fiver for the old passes. This time they're a tenner but we got five pounds off if we handed back the old pass. Fecking cheek making us pay for the pass in the first place. Apparently the system was expensive to install. Hmph. All they're interested in is extra revenue. They aren't fooling me.
I collected my pass in the torrential rain and decided to take advantage and nip to the canteen for a hot dinner. I had the cauliflower cheese. It's Friday so they always have fried fish that I hate.
Arriving at the till the woman asked me to open my container so she could check what was inside it. Bloody cheek. As if I'd lie about what I'd had? What, are they scared I might nick a 20p sausage or something or maybe a slice of cucumber? Bloody jobs worths.
Right got to go watch that trash they call celebrity love Island. It's so awful it's compelling. But as for voting? If you do you are soooo sad. Keep your money guys.

Shot memory

Last night I left a message on someone's blog asking for their email as I thought It would be good to write. They wrote back to me.
I already have their email addy and have emailed them several times.
OMG My memory is atrocious.
I spent an hour looking for the red cheese grater to be told by Danz that I'd decided it was too old and chucked it a few weeks back.
So if I forget something forgive me guys.
Now who are you all?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bloody Cat

That damn cat is so bad. I had just ran a bath and was naked about to put my toe into the nice bubbly water, when I heard a scream. Danz had got the hamster out of his safe cage. She was trying to put him back when menace Bailey attacked. The hamster panicked. I ran in totally nude and grabbed Bailey. Bailey wasn't amused and her claws sprung out and dug me in the boobs. I yelped and tried to put them out but they were fixed in like little fish hooks. The more I pulled her back the more my poor delicate skin was being tugged. Danz tried to take her off me but she scratched Danz's face with her spare paw grrr. Finally I threaded her claws out of me and threw her down . Little cowbag. Now I got bruises. And it hurts. And I got no-one to rub it better ;P

Bailey is unhappy at my use of the pc. It's taking attention away from her. So now she sits INFRONT the screen. Posted by Hello


Scoubie girls. Danz works on her latest creation. I just yelled at them both. They moaned about helping me do stuff round the house. Abby said she washed up a week ago. When I made her do it she said my next door neighbour was a much nicer mum than me. Hmph and she wants an ipod for her birthday? She's skating on very thin ice. Posted by Hello