Sunday, October 31, 2004

Have a Spooky Halloween

I've had a good weekend. Saturday night we had a Halloween party for Abby's teen mates. It was ok actually. I felt kinda the old one there, the chaperone mother to begin with. I stayed in my room and listen to the trusty Ipod for a while. Then wandered downstairs to take a few pictures.
We had music on...Really good music and Evil Dead with no sound on the DVD. Slightly confusing because they had Three, One and two on in that order.
Then I got talking music to the boys and I was set up for the night. We discussed everything, old, new, emo, indie, heavy rock, festivals. I had a great time.
I could see some distinct body language going on...Between boys and girl and boys and boys :P
Someone puked in the bathroom! My fault for giving some alcohol...Come on is a party really cool without a little beer? You have to trust them sometimes. But it was ok.
Tonight we got invited into a party next door (the nice side)
It was ok, but a family affair and I felt a little out of place. I also got cornered by grandad who started telling me his life story!
We left early (thankfully) to go see the Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar,
I'll do a little review tomorrow...From what I saw with my hands over my face and peering through my fingers. Shit it was scary as hell. I expected it to be with Sam Raimi's name on it. A gifted man indeed.
Well Happy Halloween all you witches, goblins and ghouls out there. And no good hiding under your sheets either...Watch The Grudge and you'll see why!!
hahahaaaaa aaaahahhaa
It's a full moon.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Saved 2004

Tonight I announced that I'd like to go see a film and the kids searched the Cineworld website and came up with 'Saved'. It came portrayed on the website as a black comedy teen movie about American school life.
OK We hadn't done much this week so I agreed. The cinema was basically empty but as soon as we walked in I could sense trouble. The back row was full of Chavvy kids with baseball caps and loud mouths.
They shouted and whistled through the trailers and adverts, and indeed much of the film.
The problem was the basis of the film was Christianity. No-where did it really tell you that on the posters or adverts for it.
The chavvy kids hated this and made fun of it from the opening scene.
The film was basically about Mary played by a very excellent Jena Malone from Donnie Darko fame.
Mary is a Christian. Christianity forms the base of her life.
She had a good Christian boyfriend and was attending an excellent Christian school and is one of the popular girls. Playing keyboards and singing in the Christian school rock group.
But Mary's BF is gay. She's devastated when she finds out and after an accident when she hits her head and has a 'Jesus' vision who tells her to do ANY thing to bring the gayman back to the fold, she sleeps with him and gets pregnant.
This film is interesting, not for the story particularly but it examines how when people perceive themselves as Christians they see themselves as being the 'good' and 'saved' ones. They are the ones going to heaven and 'sod' the rest of the sinners. Mandy Moore , whose showing herself to be a great little actress, plays Hillary Fay. A devout Christian Girl whose life (she thinks) is full of Jesus and good doings, when in fact she is as far from the true sense of Christianity as you can get.
A side diversion of her handicapped brother underplayed very well by Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin and his Jewish and very anti God girlfriend is good. This pair ending up being the most caring and rounded people out of the lot.
In the end all becomes right and the bigotry shown by the teenagers parents and elders is questioned and equated by their children. This generation embrace knowledge and the individual as being ok to be different and sin because Jesus loves everyone. Right ok!
Hmmm a rather moralistic movie. One that prompted discussion with my girls not least because of the behaviour of the Kids in the back of the cinema who, after I'd warned them four times, I had to get ejected.
Still too tidily packaged for me though, Mary keeps her baby girl, and the end scene has everyone rallying around her bed in the hospital, except for the vicar whose last seen still tormenting his soul between what he knows is right and what he feels isn't right.
Worth a watch though. I actually quite enjoyed the whole thing and I left with a warm, happy feeling so there's a recommendation for you...made Trin warm :p

Princess Cherie?

Cherie told an audience: "I could so easily have fallen victim to the Allerednic syndrome - that's Cinderella in reverse." Victims are princesses who end up becoming scullery maids, she explained. Mrs Blair thought it would happen when Tony became PM. It didn't

What ever is this woman on? So she thinks she was a Princess? In which life? And check out the photo. Looks like George is thinking 'Clinton got Monica and all I get is this old hag' Kinda apt for Halloween I'd say.

Bored why not play with Cherie make her move

Attention I'm giving you the Attention you Deserve!

Socks are a vital part of your walking kit yet they are rarely given the attention that they deserve. Having the right pair to suit your feet and your activity can make the world of difference.

Me and Clarrie were thinking all about the joys of the walking sock earlier. She may not remember (being drunk) but isn't it facinating how rugged and sturdy they are. How they fit your foot so beautifully, covering every contour. So as you walk your little piggies are cushioned in cotton (or what ever fabric floats your boat) comfort. And how attractive they are. A foot in walking socks is like a foot of the Gods. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Posh Shops

Tonight we started decorating for Halloween. At Abby's insistence of course! he back room ceiling is covered in a 30 ft spiders web with various tiny spiders all over it and this BIG mother spider in the middle. He's bigger than the cats. It's going to look really cool.
I like Halloween, it's fun and I like being scared. I love Horror Movies. One of my little passions. I love the Evil Dead Trilogy and stuff like The Ring and Predator. Well everything except Slasher movies. Not too keen on those, I liked Halloween 3, the one where they wanted to turn all the American kids into Pumpkin heads. Such a gloriously funny movie!
Anyways. I had a good day. Got to talk to my friends. Feel tons better than I have in ages. Quite happy tonight!! wonders will never cease.
Gosh I just wish I had a posh Galleria shopping centre to call my very own, and the ability to carry off wearing beige or green trousers. But guess I'm just not Regal enough ;)
xxx Posted by Hello

It's a Girl

We took Bailey to the Vets and she's a girl. Though she's none too impressed with dressing up! his is for my friend KB who I miss very much. xx Posted by Hello

Attack prompts Bush website block

BBC NEWS Technology Attack prompts Bush website block
So is he thinks that blocking foreigners is the answer? tbh is any one in the slightest bit interested in George W Bush? Apart from as someone who gives us a good laugh and someone who starts war?
I think he should look a little closer to home for the perpetrators. I'm sure there's a lot of Americans with grievances too!
Oh apparently you can still reach the Donations website, if you want to line his pockets with any spare gold you may have laying around Computer Weekly

Marc Almond leaves intensive care

Some good news at last
Marc's on the road to recovery. A positive sign, after this weeks awful loss to the music world.

Poor Trin and Lucky Trin

I was poorly yesterday. Spent all day in bed and felt very sorry for myself. I'm better today but I ache all over and feel like a steam roller hit me.
Luckily I got Danz. I just took Abby to the bus stop to hit town with her mates. She took 20 quid out of my purse and said be grateful it wasn't more.
On the way back I paid the rent and did some shopping. I was half an hour. When I got back in Danz had vacuumed, took the washing out of the tumble dryer and put another load in. Put new washing on, washed up and dried the dishes and got the cat box out ready for our Vets Appointment (kitten check 2.30).
Am I lucky or what? And yesterday she ran around tirelessly after me.
Abby was worried of course (bless) but felt she couldn't leave her bedroom for fear of seeing some vomit. (She's one individual who will never make a nurse)
The kitten has made 'friends' with Kizzy. They take it in turns to chase each other round the house, making a lot of noise and knocking off everything in their way. How Sweet :(

Educational Trisha

Five snaps up ITV's Trisha show
I'm so glad Trisha's not going completely ;P. I came downstairs today to see my kids watching yet another DNA show. The child could have had three fathers. Then a section where this ugly old guy with a number of essential (as far as I'm concerned) teeth missing, had fathered a girl and was still sleeping with her mother and Grandmother and the grandmother was about 85 and had a zimmer frame.
Chav central or what? Where do they find them? Disturbing to think that my kids think this behaviour is normal. Plus the fighting and swearing and threats. But they love it.
When Clarrie stayed here, her and Danielle sat watching it in awe.
Trisha makes me laugh though. She really gets into it. Today she said to the old toothy guy 'you're having sex with this old woman with a frame?' and pointed to this wizened old dear in the audience. Tack is oozing from her very persona.
(BTW This Morning is now showing a couple who are raising a cabbage patch doll as their own child. Bet they don't let it watch Trisha)

Stalker Email weird

yu wil ave too turie harderer coz jus talkin bout tit duz knot doo eye a lotta gud'

taykes mee longur 2 rite uzin wurds wot reeds rite but spelzis rong. ope U iz bettterer an wil bee lyke U wuz wen i firse kame 2 C coz twuz moor rite lyke th@ an cheeerd eye uP an uP.

ope weeze guna meat gen sune. wunt yoo lyke too two?



Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Scottish Love Knot DVD

- Fantasy DVDs -
Historically inaccurate. But heck I want it! Puts Scotland in a whole new exciting light. Maybe I'll go up North again.

TV Heaven

I just seen an advert for IPod with U2 singing 'Vertigo', ok Yes it's a cool tune but it sounds like every other U2 track. I guess U2 have got their staunch followers and some of their stuff is ace, but they have never really been on my fav list.
Tonight I'm chilling out. I feel this guilty urge to go to the gym but I'm too tired really.
Tonight has been a TV night and for those who know me. You'll know I'm not a great TV watcher.
It started with Holby City. It's where I get my best nursing skills from. The ones where you tell Dr Smoothy over the dying patient that your pregnant with his triplets. Holby was incredibly inaccurate with it's medical judgments this week and I'm afraid they'd have all died. Tragic.
Then it was Little Britain. Very funny this week. FatLove was cool, Marjorie is the best slimming teacher "I'm afraid you've become a big fat pig" such classic words of wisdom.
Then Wife Swap. Wow how some people live. What some women put up with? Damn that woman should have left Phil the slob years ago. I hope she sees the light or she needs a head transplant. The other husband was rather yummy though. You know something? I'd like to do wife swapping. OK so I don't have a husband but does that matter?
Then Teachers. I'm sure far more accurate than Holby. This series is set in Sunny Bristol. Bristol,is the centre of the universe and you should all visit so much more.
In fact it's in Knowle which is just next to my area. I lived there for a year.
Teachers is very funny and very black. God the head of English is my new lust of the year. Sorry the rest of you!
Oh a little mention. Teachers has just the BEST soundtrack ever!! Indie rules ok.

Stop the Roundabout I want to get off

Work was manic today. Non stop action. Imagine standing in a small room with 20 kids running around, a few of them screaming and the odd one singing Postman Pat songs.
I was working with my friend, but she's a manager. She has loads of stuff to do besides the nursing bit. Consequently I found myself alone most of the day. The doctor and me growled at each other much of the morning. We were so busy we didn't have time for social niceties.
It was also our ward receptionists last day and I had a cream cake party arranged to present her with the flowers and flake chocolates I'd bought. I finally found a tiny slot at 1.30, we crammed in the office and left the patients outside (no not out in the cold think this is the NHS??!). I told them we were having a Holby City moment.
Then I had to deal with a crabby two year old who went berserk because I took his coat off. He clutched onto the sleeve and yelled blue murder. Coat, home he yelled. And he could yell I tell you.
My bubbles were a great success but left gluey marks on the floor! haha that's children's wards for you!
I'm disappointed, my aim to be more like Holby City hasn't progressed well. Unfortunately the bed hopping, man stealing, getting pregnant, drunk and naked in theatre just doesn't happen in real life. Mind Lyn did get locked in the Linen Cupboard once with the Linen top-up man. But he only had one eye and a limp. So no gossip there.
Aww when I got home today I had an email from someone very lovely, who I haven't heard from in ages and I was so happy. Bless

The Man

John Peel.
There will never be another like him. His death has put an enormous hole in the music industry. Driving home tonight listening to Spoony play his music, I cried
Bands like Keane and Coldplay who John discovered then laid out for us to investigate and enjoy. I loved his persona, his voice his wicked sense of humour. I can't believe he's gone. He had so much more to give and do. I'm so sad.
It was only a few weeks ago. I was listening to Chris Moyles on the way to work when Chris said...'hey JP's just walked into the studio'. Then there was his unmistakable voice in the background "When you going to stop the talking and play some MUSIC thats what Radio's all about". I laughed and thought Rock On John you got what I'm thinking in a nutshell.
John you were the coolest and the best. RIP Mate. No, actually, don't rest in peace. Rest with the best music in the world playing just for you.Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

Grumpy Kizzy

Kizzy is not impressed with the new addition. Taking away her baby status (that she hated) She sits and stares and hisses and growls like a dog. Poor Kiz. On another better note though. I feel better today. My head is clearer and I don't feel anxious. I know I have been though because my jaw aches. Tsk it's a funny old affair this head business. Posted by Hello

A long Hard Day

Oh yes it's SUCH hard work looking after a kitten all day. As this picture clearly shows! Posted by Hello

Half Term

There is one major advantage and one major disadvantage to working half term week. This morning my usual 55 minute journey to work, took just 20 minutes. I glided in. Oh such heaven. After parking in the staff ca park and grimacing at some woman's terrible parking (unbelievable) I got in work , for once calm and relaxed.
The morning hotted up slowly and when it was hot it was boiling and we had them in and out I their droves. And there foreth is the major disadvantage of working the half term. Each patient comes with a hoard of siblings of all shapes and sizes. This afternoon we had 5 families in one tiny assessment room and each family had at least three children, one family had five. And yes they brought them ALL in. A trip to hospital is not one to be missed :( Leave them with a friend? A grandparent. God no bring the grandparents too. Yes we had the young and the old. The grandparents were presumably to keep and eye on the other kids. FFS Leave them all at home. I began to twitch at 2pm and went and dragged the one playleader in and pleaded...'DO SOMETHING' to which she removed a few to do painting...God no then they all brought in their wet paintings for Mummy Daddy, Granny and uncle Tom Cobbly and all to admire.
One grandmother insisted on taking pictures after her grandaughter's treatment, with me in all of them!! Oh God a nightmare. I had one with the child, then one with the sister, then a family shot. She said she'd send me one. My face must have been very pained in all of them.
So I finally got home to utter chaos. Abby...WTF? She said she couldn't leave the kitten all day. Don't I understand the pressures of kitten watching?
So we tidied up. Can we decorate for Halloween she asks. No!
Well now I'm mean because her online friends from America have had them up for ages.
Oh Well Cinderella Danz is back tomorrow. That child will make a perfect wife.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Shrine

When I stayed with Clarrie I slept in O's bedroom. He was very gracious and allowed me to sleep in his shrine to Thomas the tank. The walls are covered with pictures of the little Green Tin puffer train and his mates. Some of them looked very spooky at 3am. I'm sure Gordon Leered at me and Percy kept staring straight at me. Very worrying indeed.
I met O's best little girl friend B who was adorable but never stopped talking once. She told me she could do magic and truly believed it.
I nearly learned to speak Manchunian but couldn't say Martial Arts right tsk!
Oh and they also get Dick and Dom up north !! Aww it was the last baby race though. Best bit of Kids TV ever that was.

New Arrival

Hello my name is Bailey and I've come to live with Trinity!
This is my new Kitty called Bailey. He or she is 8 weeks old yesterday and comes from a litter from Abby's teacher.
The other cats have been a bit unkind to it, hissing and growling. But they'll get used to it. She's so cute and confident. There goes the Christmas tree again this year!Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 23, 2004

:Scream: I'm a member

At least there was a welcome sight when I got home. Yes My QVC membership card has arrived. How exciting. Now I can shop with my TV to my hearts content. No guys I've not completely lost it! I ordered some bubbles online. They weren't cheap either but they don't burst easily. I wanted them for work. We blow them to distract toddlers when we take blood. Anything to make the job easier and the kids experience a little better. (Besides I might fancy some QVC bargain one day :P Posted by Hello

I'm Home

I had a good time in MadCity. Never been that far North before. Enjoyed the accents esp O's. Ate some Nigel Slater Veggie food. Shopped a lot! Saw My lovely friends and went home. Hmph the going home bit was a trial. I'd bought 1st class Virgin tickets for the journey home. I was looking forward to a bit of class and a peaceful journey. I sat down in MY seat, with a table and room and breathed a sigh of relief. For two seconds. A family got on. With a few kids...Young kids. I thought surely they haven't paid for 1st class. They hadn't. He was a train worker. Free travel presumably. They were noisy and obnoxious. I sighed. They got off three stops before me. We pulled into Birmingham three minutes late.
This meant I had ten minutes to get my connection. I rushed off the train and headed for the steps...Loads of them. There was a stupid Asian woman infront of me with a baby of about 15 months. She was letting her walk up the steps on her own. One painful step at a time. I was panicked. I finally reached the top and ran around looking for an information screen. I scoured the monitor for 16.42. There wasn't one. I panicked. I'd missed the train..Oh god what was I going to do. So I joined the queue at the information desk. A scruffy looking man asked me for money. He then asked for my ticket to look at. I was confused....Just wanted him to go away. I got to the desk. They looked at my lovely 1st class tickets and said something about there being no trains and catching a coach to Gloucester. I had to go right and through the glass door. I turned right but all I could see were masses of people. I began to have a major anxiety attack. I could feel myself going. I went back to the counter and burst into tears. But I don't live in Gloucester I sobbed. A man took me to a room and asked me if I wanted water. No I want to go home, I cried. Finally he took me to a coach and I got on. Then started a journey through rush hour Birmingham traffic to Gloucester train station and another train to Bristol.
Luckily a friend called me and calmed me down. Told me what was going on and not to panic. (They know me well. I hadn't missed the train. There were engineering works between B/ham and Bristol. No trains running all weekend)
So that was the sum of my much awaited first class travel. They took my money knowing I wasn't going to be first class infact i wasn't on a train for much of the damn journey. Bastards.

Danger High Voltage

The scary fire escape. Clarrie wanted me to walk down there!!! My God no way. It was all open plan and very steep. Glad we never had a fire. Apparently there was a minor fire in the hallway a while ago there and the painters were in repainting the walls in the entrance hall to the homes. Clarrie spent ages chatting them up (it was noted tsk) Posted by Hello

Educational Shopping

The domed ceilings in the Trafford Centre. Clarrie said Architects from the University do lecture walks there with students to examine the varied marble everywhere...There's masses of marble! Posted by Hello

Trin Shops

The Trafford Centre. Food Hall. Designed to look like the deck of a ship. A crazy place full of all sorts of food places, Chinese, Italian, tapas, sushi, Indian, etc.etc.etc. Absolutely huge. See the 'ship' pool in the centre and the ceiling changes from day to night to sunset. The whole shopping mall is huge and totally mad, full of marble and Grecian figures and palms everywhere. You could get lost there and never be found again.
I did buy some books. One on how to get the best out of my precious Ipod and one one men's sexual fantasies? and I do have to say men...Is that it? you've got no imagination. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Train To Manchester

Well I got here safe but a bit frazzled. Those Virgin Trains are odd. I had seats booked on both trains here. The first train was pretty full and no-one was sat in the right seats. One woman took up 4 reserved seats with her family and caused a huge fuss when asked to move. Trouble is if you booked your seats ages ago like I did and you have a seat reserved, You don't want to stand for two hours.
I sat quietly with my I-pod and watched the world go by. Birmingham Station was busy and noisy and I only had a few minutes to get my connection. Luckily the next train was better (though I still wasn't sat in my designated seat as someone else was there) I had a call from my friend to check I'd survived, then suddenly I woke up and I was in Manchester. I snore too! So that was highly embarrassing.
And bless her there was Clarrie and O waiting for me. O wouldn't talk to me for ages but now I'm his best friend because I got him a giant Toblerone.
Clarrie has two very affectionate cats that love me and keep crying to be petted.
Abby just rang to say her and Danika are staying at home alone tonight. Oh God that will mean internet surfing till 5am with webcams and Egyptian men. Plus my vodka finished off. Oh well. That's teenagers for you.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

ThinkGeek :: Nyko Airflow Mouse

ThinkGeek be geek
This has to be the most geeky mouse ever. Cools your hand? freaky geeky indeed.



Awww Keith left a message on my board. He's got quite a few webpages and some of them are internetty geeky like this one...but check them out because they've got some real cool pics of America on some of them and he's rather cute (and intelligent)

Holiday Showdown

For some reason I'm watching ITV and holiday showdown with the most rude and obnoxious Jeffreys family. I cannot believe this family are so totally Chav, uncouth and unintelligent. If ITV think this is entertainment. They're wrong. I wonder what they will think of themselves when they watch this tonight? Mind I agree some of the French hippy antics were amusing... But everyone's different and it makes the world a better and brighter place. I'm not exactly 'normal' . I am impressed with the other family though, who kept their cool in the face of such childish behaviour and showed what decent people they were.

Little Home Security Issue

We have a little problem. Taylor is one intelligent Cat. He's worked out how to open the window handles. I've discovered some open recently with the net curtain pushed back. Only saving grace is there's two handles per window and he hasn't worked out you need to open BOTH! yet :( Posted by Hello

My Mini I-pod

Apple - iPod mini
My Mini I-pod is superb. Everything you ever heard about it and more. So easy to use. So small and sleek and stylish and gorgeous. Only problem with it is Abby refuses to let me use it...She says it's hers.
I've used the ITunes store to buy a few tracks that I adore. It's easy to use and fairly reasonable cost wise but tbh it's music library is limited with such groups missing like Radiohead! We typed in Bowling for Soup and it came back with 'Did you mean Rolling your soup'.
I'm off to see my Clarrie in MadCity Tomorrow. And me and ipod (much to Abby's disgust) are going too.
May post from there, if I get time!

Radio 1 audience back on the rise

Chris attracts listeners?
All I can say is their radios must be stuck on Radio One like mine is. Chris Moyles is the most obnoxious megalomaniac in radio history. His show consists of him talking crap with his cronies and little music...And what he does play is rubbish. No way is he the cutting edge of music, bringing us new fresh stuff. He's ugly, boring and uncouth. I cheer when he's on holiday and I can listen to Scott Mills. Millsy hasn't quite got it right but he's getting there. Click the link, see the picture and comment underneath and get a vomit bowl.

Nightmare (stalker email)

'Had hoped to BE invited for a coffee today (Weds) or tomorrow (Thurs) for, well perhaps, a coffee. In the City from about lunchtime. Send me a nice invite via mobile as may not be on-line tomorrow. Shutting down in 5 minutes.

Sleep well, imagine I am giving you a nice cuddle.

Night Night'


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dyslexia and The Ex

We are all doing the spelling challenge on ITV tonight. It's hard picking words from a selection in a few seconds. Not sure it's entirely right to judge peoples spellings on that!
Anyways It brings me to the problem of Danielle. She's starting to get extra help and seems more confident. BUT her father is totally convinced that wearing coloured glasses will cure it all and that's all we need to do. And he's made such a fuss about it. Of course his GF is the world's expert...Why? a man across the road has dyslexia and his son! FFS!
Now he is incredibly stupid. He was married to me for 10 years yet he really didn't know me at all. Do you honestly think that as a fully qualified paeds nurse I wouldn't look into every avenue? She has only just been diagnosed. I say wait and see. Besides the research is very mixed. Our Dyslexia .org says it may help. But there again so may eating more fish oil! Hmmm he pisses me off he has to be in control. Try to interfere, and in the process he's upset Danz. These things have to be handled with sensitivity and diplomacy. She's now upset incase she has to wear coloured glasses at school and people laugh at her. He's like a big fat bull in a china shop. Jerk

ps I got fed up of the spelling test. Full of crap jokes and adverts.

Get Fit Trin

I've had a gym day today. I did the dry gym this afternoon and walked 1.1 miles and then 14 lengths of the pool this evening. Doesn't sound a lot I know but for me it was. I noticed a lot of people there flit between stuff. A few minutes here and there. I wonder what the best way to get fit is. I usually set myself a goal and I refuse to stop until I get there. I wanted to do a mile on the treadmill and some Abs Crunches which I did and at least 10 pool lengths (I was tired).
I'm not too well today. My head is fuzzy and it's dark and sad in there. The gym helped to focus me a bit.
Danz just made chocolate muffins again for us. She's a sweetie. (Gym + Muffins=? :)

Little Britain Breast Feeds

Watching the new series of LB last night, with the sketch of the middle aged man breast feeding? It brought back a long tucked away memory of when I was about 12 on a train to York with my mum and some friends. One of the five year olds shoved up her mum's tee-shirt and started breast feeding. I was aghast with horror. I wonder if somehow that memory hindered by own attempts at breast feeding?
Yep I agree. Babies are born to be breast fed. They aren't baby cows, they're human and no matter how you modify the milk it still isn't breast milk. Also people can make errors with formula milk. These stupid first and second milks. I detest second milks. Formula is based on curds and whey. The type nearest to BM is curds so that's what first milks like SMA gold are based on but second milks are based on Whey. They also contain ingredients that make them stay in the stomach longer, it solidifies and makes it harder for the milk to digest. This is why it's called milk for 'Hungrier' babies. It also contains less calories than first milks. This is because they should only be used during weaning, when baby is getting more calories from solids anyways.
The mistakes people make are to put babies on these second milks too early. This milk isn't designed for newborn babies. It's not good for isn't anywhere near breastmilk. Also at about 8-12 weeks of age is the colic season. Colic can be quite a major problem. It's very painful and distressing. Now you imagine having tummy pain...When you have this milk in your tummy that's designed to stay there and not digest with ease? See the problem? Second milks make colic worse.
I believe these second milks like SMA white and C&G Plus are a sheer marketing ploy. Today's modern mum following our government health guidelines will use first milks until their first birthday. Or Breast feed, which is best of course :)
Baby milks are such a emotive subject with me. So important and so easily got wrong with overfeeding, wrong milks etc and the case of the couple a while back who fed their baby door step cows milk with Nesquick chocolate milkshake flavouring from day one. They were mentally challenged and did their best but no-one ever told them.
Ok lecture over for today. Kisses x

The Toilet Seat

Having a particularly quiet work day yesterday found four of us, one Doc and 3 nurses sat around the desk discussing our various OCD's. Amazing how so many people are like that. The subject shifted to the toilet seat. Mine is always firmly down for a few reasons.

  1. Keeping the seat up vapourizes a few zillion germs into your home atmosphere every day
  2. The fear of a rat or snake finding it's way into my bathroom
  3. The cat's drink from it (eeek)
  4. Feng Shui says that Keep your lid down or your wealth will disappear down the toilet pan
  5. It looks tidier.

There's some really weird toilet seat practices on the Web though. Musical ones, Ones that play radio four when you sit down, One's that talk to you (in Scots accent). People who decorate toilet lids for a hobby.

Then another reason for the lid to be down..The possibility that your toddler may drown. Hmm I did look after a child who nearly died, that fell head first into a dustbin with a few inches of water at the bottom. So anything is possible with kids.

Then there's the amazing. The Internet toilet by MSN. With plasma screen in front of the throne to enable easy surfing whilst you contemplate.

I had a friend once who had a warm padded seat. It was vile to sit on. Felt so odd. People do odd things in their bathrooms! Anyways Christmas approaches so here's something for you all to bid on. EBay don't you love it.

Monday, October 18, 2004


My i-pod came! It's very beautiful and blue and small and touchable. I love it. It's the most beautiful thing I ever had. (Well besides the ice-lolly episode)
Problem was it's American! So the plug won't work. So I had to order a converter plug from this site...And looky what they sell as well. You can buy your very own speed camera. How exciting. You can set it up in the drive and fine the wife beer money if she does over 5 mph.
Cool game. But not as cool as Clarrie's new form of scrabble fill in the missing letters

  1. S-X
  2. F-C-
  3. B-O-J-B
  4. HA-DCU--S
;) Hmmm scrabble and Phish food ice-cream?

Me go to a casino? hmm ok but only if a lovely man in a suit shows me how to shake the dice.

Purple Pussy Crass, Vulgar, offensive and very very funny. Written by a man for girls. Purple Pussy rocks ( This is one of my fav ones. Posted by Hello

Stalker Email

Ah well, it's 1.00 am, no sign of any soothing mail or rousing pics, disappointed but that's life. Have a nice day. Thinking of you.
Hope to meet again soon.

Rousing Pics? excuse me whilst I vomit.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

What's Going on?

BBC - Radio 1 - The Official Top 40 Singles Chart
Strange old times in the singles Charts. I'm surprised Robbie has dropped two places. I thought he'd hold the top spot for at least a fortnight. Maybe he's not as popular as he thinks he is tee-hee!
I hate that Eric Prydz crap. That's not music, it's drivel. The singles charts really have become a laughing stock. Not something to be taken seriously at all. And what's this I see? Sir Cliff in at number 9? Have you lot been out buying it with your pin money? Next thing you'll all be wearing 'Miss you nights' perfume and humming his millennium Prayer.

I am no longer a virgin.

Nope I'm not longer a gym virgin. Tonight I spend 90 minutes playing with the equipment and deciding which looks less complex (none of it really!). I walked a mile on the treadmill, but I couldn't work out how to stop it. So I pressed emergency stop and nearly fell over. It was weird I felt like I was still moving. I had a job getting off. Then this nice young JJB man who was vacuuming showed me how to use this leggie thing. But in order to use it , you have to unscrew this knob then screw it on again. I told him I couldn't possibly screw anything. I couldn't use a drill yet. He kept laughing...god knows why.
I had a good look down the end at the weights. I'll never be able to use those but I got a nice eyeful of sweaty men, hard at it. The gym has it's advantages.
I'm not sure it beats swimming. But maybe I'll go every Sunday night. It's quite quiet then and I won't look quite so foolish when I do it wrong.
Like when I knelt on a seatpad and JJB man came over and said I had to sit on it...oh dear. (note the picture? how the feck do you use THAT?)

My lay out was laid

I posted something from google's toolbar button Blogger and it upset the entire template. My posts went into the sidebar and the sidebar stuff at the bottom. Curious and curiouser.
BTW Adult anime rocks but it's kinda odd to google for your child's fav Disney character and find them in some porn scene. I just found Alice in the process of giving a blow job :O

The first picture with my new Digicam. A bargain at $35 from eBay. This is Abby in normal pose with laptop. Danz is so bored today. She's got her friend Summerlee coming to stay the maybe she'll leave me in peace! Sunday Joy. Posted by Hello

Angry Kid

Beats the shit out of Wallace and Grommit. Aardmans cool creation. Abby has spent all afternoon laughing at this
A snippet for you
Angry Kid: Dad
Dad: Yes
AK: What was going on last night?
D: What d'you mean?
AK: I got up to go to the toilet and there was all these strange noises coming from you and mum.
D: Ummm
AK: Mostly from mum actually. First I thought she was like crying but then she said oooo yeah don't stop and I got confused
D: Confused? Sure you weren't just dreaming
AK: No I was definitely awake. I listened for ages
D (quietly) Did you?
AK: Yeah and what did you do wrong?
D: Wrong?
AK Well at one point mum said you were A very naughty boy

Click the link and watch the rest guys. It's very funny.
A word about the animation. It's a new method invented by Darren Walsh. A clever mix of pixilation, mask replacement and real action and it's fab.

Sunday Gym

My daughters and Danika made me get up early this morning to swim at the gym! I looked like Wurzel Gummidge when I got there, hair sticking up and this grouchy don't speak to me look.
However I'm hooked on exercise. I did 14 lengths record for Trin! And they were easy. The girls sat in the spa and Danz followed me up and down the pool!
There is a lane swim only sectioned off bit. Some stupid man had his toddler kid in armbands splashing around in that area. There were three really fit men doing serious swimming in there. Some people are so stupid.
I'm going to go later and use the actual Gym. It's in today's plan. They're selling slimming tablets there. 7 weeks supply for 45 quid. I'm thinking of trying it. It says don't diet just eat sensibly and the weight will drop off.
I'm in a good mood today...a bit spaced out actually. Can't remember if I took my pills last night...may have something to do with it. Wonder how many times I do that a week? Oh well............


Somebody who shall remain nameless, sent me an email with the words pretty spifty in it!
Made me laugh! bless x

Que Sera

I live and I'm not dead from potato products. Stalker did come here and did talk his way into the front room where he was met by Abby and Danika who didn't leave my side. Danika gave him the once over and decided he was a prick. The guy doesn't even know who Queen are! And his fav music is Acker Bilk? (who?) She kept giving him these incredulous looks like "Are you for real?" Then I told him he had to leave as I needed to go to bed early and he said 'is that an invite?' infront of Abby. She went mad and forbids me from EVER allowing him in our house again. Ok that's no problem.
I'm weak. I don't like confrontations. I find it difficult to say no. I hate hurting people and worry that if I do they'll turn nasty and start threatening me. I feel quite alone because I don't know who I'd turn to for help. My family wouldn't understand.
Anyways, Clarrie is cross with me for letting him in. And I wish I hadn't now. I should have made a stand. But hopefully no harm done and he didn't mention seeing me again. Maybe Danika put him off? Though he seemed to enjoy it. Hmm pervert.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bad Mood Bear

I'm in a bad mood. Earlier a was a bit niggly. But now it's turned bad. My face is all liney with frowning and I'm in a bad mood. Trouble is nothing specific has given me this mood. I hate men today (sorry guys) My ex husband's been around and he's a wanker of the first class. It's raining, the wig I bought for Halloween makes me look like Ozzy Osbourne and the kids are running round the house shouting 'Sharon the fecking dog's pee'd on the carpet' Plus I slept too much and I want to go to the gym but can't.
Hmm not really good reasons for a mood are they? Well do I need a reason?
I'm a bad mood Girl and I need a smack (preferably from the guy in the Lacoste advert)

Mummy Mug

After an hour of leering at Dick & Dom in da Bungalow, those two are wasted on the kids.
I went shopping...And THEY (beloved daughters) wanted to come with me. This meant one thing. Buying stuff for them.
Bedminster is a strange place. Or Beirut as it's commonly known amongst those in the know. Coronation Road seems to have a few of those care in the community homes scattered down there. So you meet a wide variety of challenged people there.
But saying that if you ignore the fashion disasters of the white trainers with stripey red, yellow and gold tights and pink shorts on a rainy Saturday morning, The shops are fairly diverse. This makes them interesting. They're diverse in a chav way. There's a semi trendy clothes shop in the arcade owned by members of a foreign country, that has some nice stuff if that's your scene.
I toyed with the idea of a poncho. I'm a slave to the latest fashions. Then I spotted a huge woman pushing a pram with one on and she looked like a huge bag of potatoes covered in wool. One shop had home made ones for sell in the window....Dreadful. No I think the poncho style just isn't me. God those things were in fashion when I was a kid. My little sister had loads of ponchos and catsuits. She was blonde and sweet. I was brown haired and not sweet.
Anyways ditching the poncho idea, I was co-erced into buying a zippy cardigan thing for Abby with Von Bitch on it. I have a certain male friend to blame for her love of Von Dutch and all things with Bitch written on them.
Then she made me buy yet MORE Halloween stuff. This parties going to be extreme.
In Asda they had a smoke effect machine for 25 quid. Boy does she want it! Bloody Halloween. Anyways got probs of my own to sort out tonight with the potato stalker.
Oh dear.

Team America: World Police

Parker and Stone Strike Again
I love this pair. South Park is ace and have you looked at Princess one and two?
nooo it's not a tribute to Princess Di...She's got a concrete drain somewhere in London.
This film looks ace though, clunky puppets and incredible wit and sarcasm. This is so my scene. I can't wait to see it.
Also the new film The Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar looks quite promising, seeing I liked Gothika and The Ring. I like to be scared (tho' not by potato products)
It's also produced by the ever fantastic Sam Raimi from The very cool and cult Evil Dead trilogy fame.