Thursday, June 30, 2005

Got to get the cats in

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Bedtime for my babies. I'm feeling ok today. Had lots of human contact. A call from a spesh mate. Looking forward to the weekend. Live 8... yay.
I heard a funny story on Radio One today, that on the way to Glasto the tour coach left Dave of the Killers behind in the Motorway services. No money or phone. He had to beg change off people to use the phone. Poor Guy.
I got tickets to see INME Next month and tickets to see the Magic Numbers. I'm a gig babe.

Maybe Becks would come round and sort out me wonky wardrobe? Posted by Hello

Thursday Fun

Sorry If I don't seem to be posting a huge amount but the phenomenan that is Big Brother requires my watching it so not to miss a thing . Also I got a RL mate in my Neighbour Vi and I loves her. We chat about woman things... and it's great. Kinda novel for me.
Today I took the printer for repair at the Epsom repair place. It's run by a couple of rather handsome and very polite Egyptians. They tested it and said it was a paper feed error (duh) and they's take it apart and sort it. Eek that means they'll find the little green badge Bailey hit into the paper feed. Rather embarrasingly they also found a hair band in the feed. This house!!
I made tea for my neighbour tonight...ok so I chucked a potato in the oven and called it jacket spud. I did buy a cheesecake and put extra strawberries on it. I carefully shoved them on, turned my back for one second and that flaming cream mad cat was eating it.
I bought a wardrobe for Abby today and a plastic storage thing for Danz. The storage thing was easy but you should have seen the chaos that was the wardrobe. It's so wonky. Oh well, did it myself. I'm proud of it!!!
Def gonna see War Of The Worlds this weekend.
Talk soon

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Bailey likes Cake. Today has been ok. But the girls have not stopped bickering constantly after school and resulted in a major blow up. Danz then sobs that she has no friends at school and they all call her names and says she's ugly. I told her she was most certainly not ugly and has a beautiful soul. Then Abby starts and I wonder why I ever even intervened.
I dyed my hair a dark brown today...except it now looks Black. I look striking. Oh No I don't mean attractive just my hair is so glossy and dark. Made me feel good.
My neighbour made us all tea. She's a great cook. I'm cooking tomorrow. Ha, she'll regret it. Hope you're all ok. Keep in touch guys ok? xxx Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

For the love of the cats

Those flaming cats. Why did I have three? Today Bailey brings me a dead bird with it's head hanging off. Then she comes in with a semi inflated balloon, she was well proud of herself. Then we have a massive thunderstorm. The kids were so scared the cats would be hit by lightening and die. We all got soaked in the garden yelling for the little gits to come in. Bet they were all tucked up someone safe and dry laughing at the stupid humans in the rain. Posted by Hello

Retro Crap

Did you know chocolate is back in fashion? Tesco sell this vile diarrhoea coloured paint. When I first met my ex husband this is what his bathroom was decorated like. When I saw this pic I went woah.. Twilight Zone. The bathroom suite was more of a dark brown though. Didn't show the stains... Gross. Posted by Hello

Hello Shay

This is for Shaly. Abby riding the dolphin you bought her. Vicious thing kept bumping her off.....

Sorry Natz

I upset one of Abby's lovely mates with a post. I Image Hosted by, For Natz... ducky and kittydidn't mean to aim it at you hunny. Promise I never.
Me and Abby are a team. People have done a lot of stuff for Abby, pushed the boat out and I hate to see her waste people's time.
I'm never mad at her long. Maybe that's our problem. She knows I'll forget it withing the hour. I'm upstairs yelling at her whilst handing her some really cool lingerie I bought her earlier. FFS what am I like?
Actually it's quite sweet that you'd worry about upsetting me. I always think I don't really matter.
Bless you
And try to be calm and think straight. Everything will work out in the end.

Monday, June 27, 2005

oh dear...

My new Meds side effects are kicking in. I'm crap with new drugs. I always get side effects, I'm really sensitive to stuff. One drug made my jaw lock once. Today I have small painful ulcers inside my eyelids bottom and top. They're awful.
Oh well.
On a happier note
I loves my Jude

Oh and Abby is trying. (to be sweet)


The Kizzy Wuswus contemplates diving into the pool...nah too cold. Besides that Shark looks scary.

The Tuckers come for tea in my Garden. I didn't burn the pizza's either.

My water feature impresses Mrs Tucker (it better do anyways!!) She met my neighbour, who says she has a lush accent and really liked her.

Don't like Mondays

I'm very stressed. At a time when I could do without it too. My head's finally caught up with the drop in medication "Hello, what's going on here. Not as many chemicals to punch the brain with".
Abby woke up at 3am and came in saying she felt sick.
Feck, I thought. Don't remind me. Tomorrow is Monday. At 7.30 am however I ignored her and got ready for school. And she went. But she made me write her a note for PE and the fucking stupid pathetic mother that I am, I did it.
She said she couldn't find her PE kit. Now lets examine this fact. She spends all weekend messing around, in the pool and on the trampoline. Then she doesn't find her gear for school. It's not on. She's 15 not 5.
Then this morning she texts me from school, twice.
"Mum I don't feel well, can I come home"
I don't reply.
"Mum, I'll stay here for now"
I still didn't reply.
She comes home from school and gets straight in the pool. Looks fine to me.
Then at 7pm she's sat waiting for her friend to call for her to go to Drama Club. At 5 past I get cross. I hate lateness. How pathetic, her friend is late so she is late.
So she rings her friend.... Guess what? She wasn't even going. But she never called Abby to tell her. Sap Abby is sat there waiting like a stupid idiot.
Then Abby says she's not going either.
I lose my rag.
I HATE APATHY. I HATE LACK OF COMMITMENT. She has not got this from me. I am committed to everything I do.
She isn't going to drama club anymore. The drama teachers who give up their time deserve far better than students who turn up one every three weeks.
I am really very disappointed.

It's Late

I should go to bed, I feel really sad. Deeply sad. Probably just one of those things. It's ok, I don't think I'm going to cry.
I'm watching Glastonbury. It's good late at night, they relax.
There was a party today next door. A huge party with barbecue and drink and a pool and tons of people, but I couldn't go. I feel really lonely in a big crowd. Never more lonely. I'm better at home.
I surfed the net today for ages. But I found nothing. How good it used to be ages ago when we all wrote on forums and we kept in touch. I miss people so much. I miss having fun online. I guess I could try join something else but what's the point? It would all end. Everything ends you know. Nothing stays the same..ever.
I had a couple of emails from, maybe I'll arrange a few meets. I could do with someone to be close with. I miss being able to tell someone anything.
I'm not a bad person. I am lonely. I sometimes think, there must be loads of lonely people out there as well. Most people I know are married or have partners. Such a huge part of their lives. All I have is the cats. I know I got my girls and I love them to bits, but they're growing up and they can't be my whole life otherwise what will I do when they leave me?
Oh fuck now I am crying.
Fuck everything. I fucking hate myself, my head, my body, my inability to live and be happy with my lot.
Shut Down.

White Stripes Gallery

BBC - Glastonbury 2005 - White Stripes Gallery

Do check out 8 of the WORSE pictures I have seen of a live band. And these bbc people are professionals?

Yay Trin a star ;)

BBC - Glastonbury 2005 - Interpol:

"Trinity Bristol

I saw Interpol play at the Louisiana a few years back. In fact Paul held open the pub door for me and my american friend from NY. She said they were something special and they really are. Carlos is a mega rock star. Can't get enough of them "

BBC - Glastonbury 2005 - Coldplay:

"trinity bristol

Coldplay turn everything they touch to gold. I absolutely loved the tribute to Kylie they did. Made me 'shiver' with happiness..... "

(get the pun?)

My Garden Of Eden

My Garden this year. I am obsessed with it. Still haven't finished it completely 

My babies. My flowers. The bloody cats keep digging them up..... 

Danz and her friend on the new trampoline. I haven't got on it however...I'd prob fall off and die. 

Happy Birthday Stevie

The Extremely Cute Birthday Girl.... Stevie 

Photogenic or what? 


The Kids at the pool party today! 

Abby does Samara from The Ring 

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fun on Ebay

eBay item
Ebay redefines the word sexy and the word kinky.

Now you can own Maria Sharapova's pillow form. Right.
 Posted by Hello

Indie Abby

I love the White Stripes. Always have done. I like their sound, I like their quirkiness and I think Jack is mega talented. We used to play a lot of Stripes stuff here, esp when Ann was here.
Abby and Danz seem to be able to recognise a stripes track from Meg's drumming (me and Ann used to say Abby looked a bit like Meg).
I pride myself on my base knowledge of what's pretty new and gathering speed in the music scene. I read music press, watch MTV2 and go to the odd gig (I'd like to do more). I saw the Stripes at Reading a few years back when they were playing main stage but on v early. Today we're in the car coming back from the shops. The radio was playing a track I didn't know. I wasn't concentrating. Abby starts to have a conversation with me about the White Stripes. "You know mum the new stripes stuff is so good. The album has some really ace things on it. Really unusual too" I paid attention. The song Playing was Blue Orchid. I was so proud of her. Sounds silly? But she's really beginning to listen to music and think about what's good and what's commercial crap. Over half the bands at T4 last week she had no time for. Yay, I brought up an indie rock chick. Danz loves The Kaiser Chiefs too. Abby also said...She wants to see more of Glasto tonight as it was wicked. I'm so happy. Posted by Hello

Houdini Hamster

Glastonbury was fecking excellent last night. I went to bed singing, happy and wishing I'd been there. 2am I was awoken by someone calling mum.
I listened then fell back to sleep. Then rewoke to someone crying. Danz.
I yelled "What's wrong Danz" She spluttered something about her hamster, so I got up and went in. The little bugger master escape artist had flown his Glowing monster castle, by lifting the lid on his bedroom. He'd climbed up the bed and ran across her head when she was asleep and then scurried under the bed. So we then had the big hamster hunt for the next half hour, finally coaxing the little bugger out from under the wardrobe with a trail of treats. The cats were going crazy outside the door, wanting to 'help' us find him. Right.
So I'm tired today. Bloody kids and bloody pets. Posted by Hello


Oh I am in heaven. Coldplay are so good. I love the tribute to Kylie. They played 'Can't get you outta my head' in her honour. Kylie isn't there because of her breast cancer. So uppermost in my mind ATM.
Thinking of a friend.
Image Hosted by Loves you B

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Glastonbury rules

Feck, the brilliant Interpol on BBC3 at Glasto. These guys held the door open for me at the Louisianna in Bristol a few years back and signed my NME. Carlos is Rock immortal.
I loved Athlete as well. Such a fab band. Wires made me cry a few weeks back but tonight it made me smile...and dance. Yes I may be drunk.

Funny old day

I feel kinda weird today. Not sure if it's the change of pills, the lack of periods for the last three months, Saturday syndrome or what.
Don't even know how I feel really. I got up, vacummed. The kids spending all day on the trampoline makes grass on my carpet. I'd vacumm three times a day if I had the energy.
My neighbours having a family party tomorrow, in the garden. She's so jealous of my little show garden bless her, so yesterday she worked so hard clearing the mess in hers and finally finished last night. It looked better but lacked the touches to make it pretty. But she hasn't got any money. So in a fit of generosity I went to b&q and got her a big tub of masonary paint and some compost and a few plants and planted some for her whilst she was in the bath. She was so thrilled. Today I lent her the cash for a cheap Gazebo from Woolworths and we put it up. Looks really nice. Strung some fairy lights round it and she painted her shed and walls and it looks lush.
Abby's been driving me mad with her sodding sunburn. Basically her skin went like leather and then it peeled in some massive exodus from her body... she hates it.
Funny. Earlier I sent out several texts and no-one replied. Then later I began to lament about my lack of friends. How I find it so hard to make and keep friends and trust people. Then I had three phone calls from friends who'd been thinking about me. One of them I hadn't even text. You know I must be a bit better because I didn't get all upset about that stuff. Sometimes I get all worked up over nothing at all....see Trin, people do care.
I'm becoming a beer drinker. Everynight I have a couple of bottles of beer now. Makes me calm and relaxed. Never ever liked the stuff before. Started on the 2.8% now I'm onto 5%. Weird.
I have Glasto on. Makes me feel sad John Peel isn't there. Just saw Kasabian and now Ash.
Hooked on BB like someone watching car crashes, makes me feel slighly nauseous but I can't stop. BB makes me think of Ann. We always used to watch it when she was here.
Next door has a big pool up for tomorrows party. There's a small hole in the side of it..... a Bailey sized claw hole. And she was last seen looking at it. How embarrasing.
A quieter weekend than the last one.

Katie Holmes Brainwashed? - Katie Holmes' Missing Days:

It would seem that Katie Holmes newly engaged to Tom Cruise (I may go see War Of the Worlds tonight) has been stirring up gossip about her being brainwashed. Interesting reading though!

"The next time anyone heard from Holmes was on April 27, when she appeared in public as Cruise's girlfriend and love of his life.
Where was she during those 16 days?
Somewhere during that time, she decided to fire both her manager and agent, each of whom she had been with for years and who were devoted to her."
Holmes also acquired a new best friend, Jessica Feshbach, the daughter of Joe Feshbach, a controversial Palo Alto, Calif., bond trader.

The Feshbach family, according to published documents, has donated millions to the Church of Scientology. Jessica's aunt even runs a Scientology center in Florida."

Friday, June 24, 2005

wah no Doctor Who tomorrow.. Apparently the new one is signed for series three as well. But not Rose. Shame. Posted by Hello

21 Jun 2005, London, United Kingdom --- Britain's Tim Henman wipes his face during a break in his first round men's singles match against Finland's Jarkko Nieminen at the Wimbledon tennis championships in London June 21, 2005. Henman won 3-6 6-7 6-4 7-5 6-2. --- Image by � Kieran Doherty/Reuters/Corbis Posted by Hello

I prefer the Wombles

Yawn. Same old Wimbledon Henman out.

Big Brother offers 'role models'

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Big Brother offers 'role models':

"Reality TV show Big Brother portrays role models with values that inspire its viewers, the chief executive of Channel 4 has said.
Andy Duncan said the show offered positive values, transformatory experiences and examples of personal self-improvement and growth.
He added the contestants had 'honesty, integrity, constancy and kindness'. "

Has he been watching the same show as the rest of us??

Post-natal Papa

BBC NEWS | Health | Father's blues can blight babies

Excuse me whilst I choke on my chocolate digestive and splutter over the keyboard. post-natally depressed fathers?
Pinches myself... No it's not April 1st.
Now I know dad's suffer from things like lack of sleep, attention, sex, and money after a new babe is born. But to call it post natal depression is a bit bloody OTT. Have their bodies changed? Have they got full boobs leaking everywhere? Do they find their bodies set to wake up to the slightest sound from the baby? Do they bleed like a stuffed pig for days, get after pains yet still have to carry on. No.
Even the most wonderful man would never say they'd gone through as much as the mother has.
Haaaaaa hysterically funny. So they're blaming this for poorly behaved kids in pre-school. It's called lack of discipline and control. I could lecture for ever on this subject.
So I'll go finish my highly nutricious breakfast.
/still laughing

The coolest toy EVER

Putfile - Upload Video and Upload Images

Click the link. Probably won't work well on dial up but try. The coolest remote control toy ever. I want one.

Out of the mouth's of Babes

wicked_wish: It's a writer's job to eavesdrop, yes?:
A little tale from Live Journal. Everytime I eat at that place I think never again!

"It's a writer's job to eavesdrop, yes?
[Overheard in McDonald's this morning]

Two little boys, approximately 4 or 5 years old, spy each other in line. Their mothers are holding their respective hands, staring straight ahead at the menu board with that dispassionate glazed look -- like they're pumping gas, or waiting for a dog to do its business.
Little boy #1: Hey! You get McDonald's for breakfast too!
Little boy #2: Yeah! I'm getting pancakes! I thought I was never going to get pancakes again.
Little boy #1: How come? Your mom doesn't make pancakes at home?
Little boy #2: No. I only get them here. And I didn't think I was ever going to taste them ever again.
Little boy #1: How come?
Little boy #2: Because after my little brother's birthday party, my Mom said she'd rather take it up the ass than eat here anymore."

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sunny Council Estate

It's been so hot today, over 100 degrees again in the garden. I have to admit to being a little obsessive in the garden. I seem to get this real sense of achievement from planting and growing stuff. I planted some sunflower seeds and they are slowly growing. I am so thrilled. Do I sound nuts? Well guys, it's a little more healthy that some other of my obsessions.
Today I bought the kids a trampoline. We have never had a garden that the kids really could use and my kids need exercise. So there we have it, our very own trampoline. I thought it was going to be hell to assemble but between me and my nice neighbour, we did it really easily. I also got a very small solar powered water feature. It is small a bowl with a little jug tipping water into the bowl. The cats love it, they think it's their new drinking bowl. Tsk.
My area is quite active in the sunshine. Today we have had cars racing round and round with the bleeding crazy frog song blaring. Someone set a motorbike alight on the green. We had thick black smoke and firemen around for ages. Plus the cops of course.
The local shops had gangs of bored hot and fairly drunk teenagers hanging around.
I walked past a house with everyone sat in the front garden, a makeshift table and big golf umbrella for a sunshade and felt a bit snobby with my b&q set.... But I do work for my little bit of money.
Abby did a whole day at school..... Miraculous!! My leg is crap and I forgot to take my antibiotics. Fecking useless cow I am.
And I got some very bad news about a very good friend, whose been a real rock to me in the past. Feeling a bit sad and worried.
But a quiet day all told.
Hope yours was good.

The Onion 2056

The Onion 2056

It's only 50 years away. The headlines in 2056.

nakedjen: Ten Things To Know About Walt Disney World

nakedjen: Ten Things To Know About Walt Disney World

Naked Jen in Disney. This girl is so funny. Imagine taking your clothes off in Mickey Mouses bedroom?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We need more Sanex TV

I am loving the Sanex for men adverts. But there's no need to have that bloody woman in all of them. Particulary like the naked sit ups.
Actually check out this website very sexy adverts for a terribly unsexy range of products.... don't you think?


After yesterdays happiness that my baddy leg was finally improving, this morning was a shock. I got up and my leg was twice the size. I got ready for work and finally tired to put my shoes on. Surprise. They didn't fit. My foot wouldn't go in that at all and hurt like hell.
So I put some slip on's on and drove in. My leg hurt the whole way and i limped onto the ward feeling very foolish. FFS anyone would think I was 60 years old with ulcers or something.
My boss was lovely but said I couldn't work. Not like that. But I stayed for three hours sat down doing paperwork. Gradually word got round that I wasn't well and I was visited by loads of staff who all had a strong word with me
"why are you here"
"you should be home in bed"
"silly girl you need to go to casualty"
Finally I did go home. Yes, I did go see the doctor though the receptionist was hellishly reluctant to give me an appointment. She said I could have one but to expect to wait hours as they were busy with sick patients.
But luck was on my side. The GP on duty is the lush one, I used to work with him and he is fabulous. He called me in after only 10 minutes wait.
He said I have a very nasty wound infection and gave me antibiotics. He said I can't go to work. We also discussed all the other issues that had been bothering me. He was patient, kind, caring and treated me with respect.
As I left he called me back... "Go home and rest" he said "keep those legs up and rested".
Ok so I didn't vacuum today in Honour of Dr Darvill.
Abby's better today, still sore but she's brighter in herself and happier. School tomorrow.
Bailey has been running around the garden with a dried up melon skin all afternoon. She thinks it's her kill. The sun has upset her furry head.
It was 100 degrees in the garden at 4pm. Wow.
Legs are still swollen. Should I kick the bucket in the night, I want Kaiser Chiefs at the funeral ok? Plus ALL my online friends to come see me off.
Loves you

Girl on Girl Fosters

Well done Fosters. Least, I think well done :>) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't read if you're squeamish

A week on from my falling over incident... no I wasn't pissed. It was 9am FFS!
My knee has been horrid, still painful and hot and red. But today a breakthrough. My knee was covered by a thick black scab. A mixture of blood, grit and fibres from my trousers.
Due to a combination of lots of hot baths and antiseptic cream the scab began to peel off. So I peeled the whole thing off today. It was vile. Underneath was a thick layer of pus and blood. No wonder I wasn't getting better. So an intensive day of cleaning and bathing and cream and the whole thing feels tons better. Think it's gonna scar but I doubt I'll be doing any knee modelling in the future so it shouldn't matter.
Abby's sunburn is nasty. Real burns with blisters. What do you do with teenagers who refuse to listen to your cover up naggings? But I do feel sorry for her. Poor love she really is in pain and is miserable.
I showed Abby the place in Cyprus we're hoping to stay.
Wow she remarked. I've always wanted to go to Australia.
I see GCSE Geography is going well.


I'm feeling crap. My head is all fuzzy. Think it's the hayfever really. I tried to get a doctor appointment to change the medication for my bi-polar. None available till next week. Crap. When my psychiatrist sees me she's gonna expect me to have started the lamotrigine.
I had to go to the shops. Get some hayfever stuff and cat food. My foot is a bit better this morning... Thankfully.
I got in the car. Puzzled as to why I hadn't put on the steering lock yesterday.
Began to reverse. Slowly, always slowly. Then crap. I spot a man in the rear mirror.
No idea where he came from as when I got in the car I had a good look around. I stopped quickly. Never touched him.
"Sorry, I'm so sorry" I started "I didn't see you despite looking, sorry"
Hands up my fault.
"Use your mirrors silly cow" oh god a mouthy young man about 25.
"I am sorry" I repeated.
"Yeah you would have been sorry if I'd had my son with me. If you'd touched him, I'd have dragged you out the car and smashed your face in"
My head hurts. FFS WTF? He didn't have a kid with him and I stopped.
"You hurt my son and I'll kill you, ever heard of a pavement before, stupid cow" He continued to rant.
When in Rome do as the Romans
"Shut up wanker"

That was bad. I shouldn't have said that. He'll probably come back now with a gang or something. Me and my mouth and my head and my stupid reversing.

I love these. Topsy and Tim are so squeaky clean!!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Four arrested for squirting Cruise

Image Hosted by Four arrested for squirting Cruise

Isn't that just the most funny fantastic headline of this year. One thinks that's not the first time a man has squirted him in the face...oooops.


Abby looked dreadful this morning but I insisted she went to school. I then set about sorting out this house. In a fit of frenzied activity I fell over the washing basket and ripped the nailbed out of my little toe. It's painful and makes me feel sick to think about it.
The school then rang a bit disgusted I'd sent Abby in to school like that. FFS!
So I picked her up and slapped sun soother on her.
It was 100 degrees outside in the garden today. The cat kept crying...I think she wanted me to turn the sun off. I had a letter from my new psychiatrist which jolted me. She wants me to stop the Effexor and start a Mood Stabiliser instead. She's worried the effexor is making my health worse. But I've been taking it since 2000. It's my crutch. The thought of stopping that makes me feel faint too. Too much to take in. I have another appointment in 2 weeks time.
My sister booked her wedding next year in September in Cyrus near Aiya Napa. My mum said she'd pay for the girls who're going to be bridesmaids and my other sister is going, today she asked if I wanted to go. Not sure TBH.
But part of me thinks why not? go for it. Dunno. I'm thinking about it.
The hotel looks lush Adams Hotel. Hmmmmmm


The finale with Tony Christie was great. Everyone on stage and singing. Lots of the crowd started to go home but it was so good, we stayed right till the end. They released the white balloons but it was so windy they were gone in a flash.
Then the nightmare began again. Only one exit. Thousands of people converged on it.
I have been to Reading, Green Day at Cardiff Castle, loads of stuff but I have never had the crowd and queuing experience of T4.
The walk back to the train was horrid. I had 5 very tired burnt and sore girls with me. My leg hurt like hell. My hip began to grate. Shaly wanted the loo. We trudged back and finally arrived at the station. At this point I could have cried.
The station was completely surrounded by people. You know the scene in dawn of the dead outside the pub? All the crowds?
A BR man was herding everyone into lines. There were thousands of them. Some drunk, people with kids. Shaly bursting to pee. Our Train was 7pm but no way were we even going to make it to the train station for that. We yet again were pushed into queues.
It was hopeless. We stood around with no escape, we couldn't get out or in. No one told us anything. We all just stood there. Luckily I had food, which the kids devoured. Then Summerlee (bless her) got upon the kerb and began to walk past the crowds to the front. We followed. A woman came and let some in to the station.I noticed she was picking out little kids. Summerlee is small and blonde and cute. I pushed her forward. She spotted her and took her, Danz and the teens. She stopped me. I protested, you can't have the kids without their mother and she let me in.
Our first bit of luck...Though we had been waiting there an hour. The train took 20 minutes. But we got seats. I'd honestly say the train had half the amount of people on it as the first one we took.
And so we got home. A bit later than expected. The kids were happy. The house was so hot when we got in stiffling. Bristol had sizzled.
Abby had terrible sun burn. Danz wasn't too bad. The cats pissy at being left all day in the heat.
Not sure I'd go again. Not to T4 anyways. No organised enough for me.
An experience though.

The Gig

The gig started in fine form with a really excellent set from Magic Numbers, they really can play and sing. Then we had a group called High-fi who were ok, then we were warmed up for the TV show. Told when to applause etc.
The show started with Kaiser Chiefs, OMG they were superb. We were all singing along... "Every day I love you less and less it makes me sick to think of you undressed.."
Then the wonderful Athlete slowed things down a bit. Band after band stood up there for us, two songs at a time. It was cool seeing Madness and watching the crowd doing the knees up dance. Garbage, Mario, Rachel bloody Stevens (only did one song) Feeder rocked. The crowd went wild for The Bodyrockers. Some guy got on top a roof during Mario and was doing ace dancing. The crowd were watching him and not Mario which was funny.
The Audio Bullys did bang bang and the girl dancers were great in pink.
The air started to cool,the sea breeze was heaven.
Abby went for some drinks. They'd sold out. I was so pissed off that they'd made us chuck stuff away when obviously people needed fluids on such a hot day.
The fun fair was awesome. Really huge scary rides.
But everywhere were queues, queues for the rides, the loos the food, the ice-creams.
Really looooong queues. Feck.

Audiobullys, performing Bang Bang.

Grant from feeder. Got to love him. They rocked. Loved their set.

The wind set in as the sea approached. These guys had a huge job holding down the balloons for the finale.

Amy. Thinks she's unattractive and fat. Amy.... beautiful, funny, sweet and cool and has a gorgeous figure. Wish I looked like Amy so there.

a day of queues

A long while back when T4 first announced it's intention to host T4 on the beach in Weston, it was predicted that traffic into the small sea-side resort would be horrendous. So I had no intention of driving, despite the fact it only takes about 20 minutes. What could complete the day more for the kids than a train journey..... Wrong!
We arrived at Temple Meads in plenty of time. Platform 12 was already chocka with people, but we found a space at the front ready to jump on and find a seat. The air was beginning to heat up, the city had little air and I inwardly groaned at the prospect of spending the day in that heat.
We waited about 20 minutes. In that time the platform had become packed. Loud and noisy. People with tiny ones in pushchairs (crazy) groups of kids.
The train was expected at 11.00. At ten past it was announced that a train would be going through the station, it wasn't stopping and WAS NOT our train. Everyone stood back for a speeding train. A train did approach. An old wessex train, rusty and dirty. It was going fairy fast and suddenly stopped. There was a minutes quiet then people grabbed the door handles and piled on, pushing and shoving. We stood there. I thought, but it says that's not our train.
Turned out BR had conned us. It was our train and by the time we got on there was no room except in the door ways crammed like sardines. A woman got on behind us with a pushchair, a two year old walking and a very blonde 4 year old. Now no-one could breath at all.
We took off. Abby and Shaly felt faint. It was then announced that we had to make two MORE stops at Nailsea and Yatton. OMG.
I found a seat, a very miserable looking 12 year old boy didn't want anyone sitting by him. I sat by him. His friends jeered with laughter. "She only wants to sit by you" one of them jeered "not shag you".
"He's never had a shag" one laughed. "Not like you, you started at age 12" another remarked.
I closed my eyes and groaned. The carriage heated up. There seemed to be no-one wanting to get on at Nailsea but Yatton was awful. There were hundreds. How the heck they got on I will never know. There were people stood up all through the train. It was unbearable, the heat was overpowering. People were looking red and had sweat pouring off them.
Then we arrived at Weston. To one tiny exit. One woman took tickets. A few trains arrived at once and all of a sudden thousands swarmed the exit all pushing and miserable. They were hot, sweaty and pissed off.
As the girls were stood in the doorway we were quite quickly off and only waited about 15 minutes to get through the exit. Good job as Shaly nearly fainted.
We made our way pronto to Tesco. We needed to get food and spend time by the freezers!
After a cooling off period we started our walk. The walk from the train station to the t4 entrance with the midday sun beating down on us, took an hour.
But when we got to the entrance we stood and gasped. The gates had been opened about 3/4 hour but there were still thousands queuing. So we got to the back of the queue. At that moment if I could have I'd have gone home. But I was hot, tired and pissy. Every so often a breeze from the ocean wafted over us and there was a collective crowd sigh of pleasure.
We chatted to our fellow sufferers, we put suncream on each others backs, we all moaned bitterly when the security guards made us chuck away our bottles of drink WTF? On that hot day? Are they stupid?
After one hour we got in. Relief and finally bliss. We found a space. We sat down and I slept. The sea breeze began to take effect. The sea was coming in and with it cool air. I laid there with ace music, sea and sand and was happy.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A touch of T4

The Kaiser Chiefs.
We're home. Very burnt, tired and hot. A good day though all told. The Kaiser Chiefs were the best closely followed by Goldie Lookie Chain. I also loved Magic Numbers.
Abby is burnt the worst. I can tell she's trying for a day off tomorrow, in fact she probably will feel poorly. Shouldn't play Peter and the Wolf then should she? That'll teach her for having last Monday off and also I was furious with her. She stayed with Shaly last night and none of them got to sleep until 3 or 4 am. How stupid, knowing we were out all day today at a very special event that had cost me a lot of cash. Anyways, I am really tired and my legs hurt so I'll do a review tomorrow.
Hot kisses

Happy Father's Day

Donald Rumsfeld wishes Fathers for Justice a very Happy Father's Day. Nice cameltoe there Spidey. Posted by Hello