Saturday, July 31, 2004

Love You

I'm sorry. Another gratuitous flower picture from my garden. But this one is for my friend Marie, who I love very much and will always love. Posted by Hello

Trin's Saturday Rant

I hate my neighbours. Maybe hate is too harsh a word but the more I hear of them the more I don't want anything to do with them. The shouting and swearing that interrupts the peace of my garden. The four year old sobbing in the bedroom with the window open. The drunken arguing at night. Then today in town we bought some food at the galleries food hall. The girl who served us was French and I wondered why we'd be employing so many foreign youngsters when jobs are scarce? Then my mind went back to next door. They live totally on social security. Why? We live on a main bus route into town and other areas. The other side is a single mum with a teenage daughter and a three year old boy. She's a typical council mum but she's lovely and she tries very hard. Her daughter works in Cribs Causeway which is an hour and a half bus ride away but she does it every day. But next door lay about getting pissed up, yelling at their kids and smoking themselves to death. And we tax payers pay for it. Something wrong there?


She's hiding. She doesn't think I can see her. She's looking for more bloody mice. I hate the things but everynight she finds some and hunts her prey then wants to bring them in to me as a lovely gift. Hmm. The gift isn't entirely appreciated. Posted by Hello


Aren't they pretty? I made them from seeds, but they are soooo wild and they've dragged all the other flowers over as well but I can't bear to cut them back. All my favourite colours as well. Posted by Hello

Friday, July 30, 2004

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the Streets of London...

Hmm Two days in London and this is the most interesting shot? Well shows I had too much fun to have time to take pics. This is the bright lights of my Hotel in the distance. London is so cool. So busy and cosmopolitan and noisy. I've never heard so may sirens and for heavens sake Bristol is hardly the countryside! I had a lovely day just for ME. Hotel, room service, excellent and very sexy company. A lush Italian meal. No-one makes pizza like a real Italian. These places like Pizza Express are ok but you need to try the real thing. Plus this place did the most gorgeous ice-cream possible. I have to go back there. I visited the trendy, Camden with its stalls full of clothes ranging form the outrageous to the gorgeous. Camden was full of Goths in the sunshine. Went to the Camden Barfly which was cool. All very relaxed and happy. I'm home now chilled and satisfied. More adventures to come (hopefully) Posted by Hello

Danger High Voltage

Holborn yesterday. Proof that London is being overtaken by these red monsters. I saw many of them all different shapes and sizes. They are evolving, I saw one with a bendy middle. Terrifying. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I paid £40 for Abby's hair a while back and she was never happy with it. This cost £3.75. And she loves it. Very red and funky. L'Oreal Paris Colour mousse. Trouble is the Baths gone red too! Posted by Hello


I'm watching Holby City. I have no idea why. It is soooo crap its embarrassing. So totally unreal and the acting and forced accent is hilarious. I like to watch it every now and again so I can bitch about it.
I had a goodish day. Work was hectic but it was my clinic day and I love clinic day. Someone told me once that outpatients is the window to the outside world. The first line of contact for many to the NHS and Nurses and Doctors. And in Paediatrics our docs are so lovely. Down to earth, sense of humour and ordinary. Its nothing to see the consultant on the floor playing with toys (even with no kids there!)
I had my own renal out patients today though...... Hate anything to do with me. My blood pressure is WAY over what they want. FFS! I guess I better do something about it.
I also went SHOPPING. Bought clothes. I'm going out on Thursday. A visit to see the Queen. I have to look my best for her you know! Clothes and Make-Up. Girls Paradise.

Monday, July 26, 2004

This is me aged about 7 and I was a bridesmaid. The others are my bro and sister. My brother was v upset because he didn't get a bouquet and managed to steal the babies during the servicePosted by Hello


I feel a bit better now. A therapeutic hour in the garden with the cats. Taylor refuses to pose for me though. See his evil little stare. Not a cat to love and hug is our Taylor. Mind it would have been so much better without the noise from next door. Yet another argument brewing in there. Shouts of 'I'm going to walk right out that f****** door in a minute' TBH I wish she would. It was much more peaceful when they were separated. Ah the joys of married life. How glad am I that I don't participate in such tribulation any more. Posted by Hello

This is the first flower from my seeds I grew. I still have no idea what it is except it's wild and grown extremely well. Taken over most of one side of the garden, but hey! its my garden and doesn't have to look like Chelsea GardensPosted by Hello

Weird Day

I don't feel very happy today. Work was fine albeit bitty with lots of stuff not done properly and me getting frustrated.
I had a couple of txts from someone I'd been kind to and tbh he's making a nuisance of himself now. I could kick myself for doing what I knew I shouldn't and being too stupidly soft.
I feel fat and ugly. Nothing new there though. And I hate getting up.
Work was so great Friday, fast and intense. Hasn't been like that for ages and today was an anti-climax.
So I wasn't too unhappy to go home early. Dad's not well again. He wasn't allowed home. Needs to go back to theatre this afternoon. My mum rang up upset. She was in Weston waiting for him and couldn't get back up here. So I went home picked up the girls and went and got her. Only managed to run two red lights today though. I'm getting better.
Today I don't feel my life is going anywhere. The same things day in day out. Is this it? Is this what everyone else's life is like? I also feel lonely. Marie is in Spain and I haven't got anyone to talk to. Besides I believe I'm a pain anyways. One of my 'friends' told me that I talk down to him as if he's a five year old. This really hurt me. I was expressing concern and caring. But then I stopped and looked at myself and realised I probably am like that. I come across as pathetic. Anyways I decided not to call him anymore because my intention was friendly and caring and he really did upset me to the point of tears.
He did text me Saturday though, very drunk but my resolve stands firm. I need to firm up and dump the dross that hangs onto my knicker elastic. Someone told me I need winners not losers. Its just all the winners are in the home straight and I'm still at home base.
Boy do I feel sorry for myself. Stressed, unhappy and need a hug
Poor Trin

Happy Birthday Stephen. May it be full of Buses, Beer and Big Brother. XXX Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I booked for Disney again yesterday. Got a bargain. Fly from Heathrow for three nights at Sequoia lodge for £400 for us three. Plus disney breakfast. Last time we had character breakfast the Sherriff of Nottingham picked on Abby and made her kiss his feet.She wasn't pleased. Posted by Hello

Abby aged two. I always loved this picture. Now she thinks she should live in a stately manor! btw this is Longleat. Posted by Hello

My Lovely Dad out of hospital Tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyways. Posted by Hello

I think Abby's read more books than Bush Posted by Hello

Sunday Chart Chat with Trin

There was a time when I used to look forward to Sundays and the music charts. But just lately it's been full of such crap its hard to muster up energy to even look.
However I was pleased today to see the utterly fantastic 'Dry your eyes' sitting proudly at the number one position. I noticed this song months ago and posted about it on PK. Its gorgeous and for anyone who ever has been dumped, well you're going to know exactly what he's talking about. I have the Streets new album and it's excellent and is also quite rightly number one in the album charts.
I don't care about the singles charts. Who buys singles? I don't. Rich Teens..too much pocket money!
The album charts however reflect more of what the average person is buying. And this is pleasing.

1 (2)  A GRAND DON'T COME FOR FREE    Excellent. Mike Skinner is inspired
2 (1)  SCISSOR SISTERS   Laura is one of my fav songs this year, my next buy
3 (5)  HOPES AND FEARS  I have this, its Lush. Piano vs Guitar! 
4 (4)  CONFESSIONS   Oh he's clever but RnB not my scene unless drunk
5 (6)  FINAL STRAW   very special to me  
6 (3)  ROOM ON THE 3RD FLOOR     Someone get me a can of Raid
7 ( )   TYRANNOSAURUS HIVES     Love the suits, love the beat, love the audacity 
8 (8)  O  DAMIEN RICE  .Classic,sublime and mesmeric 
9 (15)  UNDER MY SKIN  A few screechy moments but mostly very nice
10 (9)   SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW I love Outkast did you know 'They are for real?' 

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I wanted to see more of these guys not just the simpering kids. Mind Tin Tin had girl power potential. I always liked her as a puppet. What is it with me and strong powerful people? Posted by Hello

Thunderbirds are Cool

I just got back from the cinema. Took the girls to see Thunderbirds and it was a BIG hit with them. I enjoyed it. It passed 90 minutes. The Craft were very good. The set and Tracey Island exactly as I would have made them having been an avid watcher of the puppet show.
The Hood...Yes he was similar to the original and had a kind of menacing circus feel to him. But he irritated me as did Brains. Brains was short and v v intelligent with no sense of humour at all. This one was a buffoon with a son? Who shagged Brains then?
Lady Penelope was excellent, as was Parker. Perfectly cast. Her pink craft made a perfect pink splash of colour across the screen and I loved her wardrobe.
The film was far too centred on the kids, the teen feelings, teen hormones awakening YAWN. Not nearly enough Craft action or input from the Thunderbird team of Scott, Virgil, Gordon and John. A sequel is sure to happen and this time ditch the stupid spy storyline and get into some REAL rescues and Thunderbird craft scenes.
Before the film started we saw some cool trailers. I really fancy HellBoy which looks pretty action packed and the Chronicles of Riddick looked interesting, sci-fi...My scene.
they showed some Pixar animation clip of a  new film about Sharks? It had a pretty fab soundtrack. Pixar really do have it in the bag. They are the main man.
As we got home I caught some little bastards out the front chasing my cat. So gave them a big piece of my mind. Vile little boys. Need detention centres for annoying, rude and unclean little boys who play outside my front.
And on that positive note.....

Where For art Thou Sleep?

Its 2am. And it looks like its gonna be another sleepless night. I'm tired but sleep is evading me. I hurt my shoulder Thursday. Don't know how I did it but it hurts. Aches, and my neck grates when I turn my head. Guess I better rest tomorrow!
Had a very busy day in work which didn't help. But at least the day went quick and for once there were no hassles. Just honest to goodness down to earth nursing. The best kind that makes the job worthwhile.
A little shocked at Victor leaving BB but understandable after his nasty outburst to Shell. Simpering Shell who has to go next after Jason the poser.
Had strange phone call from someone who chatted for 1/2 hour about the fact that God didn't have just one son but in fact many of them. Well I had heard he was 'Massive' (In Church someone stood up and said God was stood behind her embracing her and he was MASSIVE)
I don't handle incomprehensible phone calls well after 12 hour shifts.
Going to see Thunderbirds are Go tomorrow. I used to love that show. My fav was Thunderbird 4. But we didn't see it anyway near enough for my liking. I was a puppet freak, Captain Scarlet, Stingray,Joe 90 then I moved onto the sci-fi stuff. I loved Space 1999 and UFO.
Anyway going to try sleep. Think I need a massage!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Manga...irresponsible pictures. I'm passionate for Anime. I love the fact that they are all young, pliable. Racy and sexy and daring. I love the monsters and devils and the sex....oh yes manga sex is well cool! Posted by Hello

I HATE the car in front of me. Its becoming a problem. I take this way home every day from work. Under the suspension Bridge but Bristol is full of idiot drivers who amble along. I took this yesterday on the way home. Now imagine what a nice pic it would have been without THAT driver in front of me...yet another reason to hate them. Posted by Hello

Pay Day

Pay Day hooray! Into town from work and spend....mostly on me. About £70 on toiletries all for me....and anyone whose been in my bathroom knows full well, its not necessary! But I can't resit Lush. I bought loads of bath stuff....I love it. Tonight I had a bath bomb, the water went bright pink with flowers in it. My skin feels lush now.
Watching BB I hate Victor he's a nasty piece of necrosed bowel and needs discecting immediately from the house. We don't need to see such crass, angry vile behaviour.
Mind I have no idea what Abby's gonna do when it ends. Its her life...apart from Busted.
I also been birthday present shopping! I love giving presents. Especially to the adorable.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


"But I wanted to be the Bride!" Posted by Hello

Danz shows her throw the ball at the pins technique which often lands in the adjacent alley. A sure fire way of starting a conversation with the group of good looking men bowling in that Alley. Posted by Hello

Braving The Pit

Today was 'Pit' Day. Abs is gone to drama for the day and I'd decided to brave her room and change the bedding! It hadn't be done for ages and the situation was becoming hostile. Armed with rubber gloves (just because I like Rubber) and a heart of purity I entered the said room and commenced 'The Operation'.
It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.
The terrain was littered with underwear, socks, empty sweet wrappers, the odd bomb, a bottle of Vodka! school newsletters Hmmm, and the usual droppings of a teenage terrorist. I went in, did the job and got out as fast as possible and now am waiting for the nuclear fall-out which will surely happen when its discovered that
  1. I dared to OPEN the Curtains
  2. I opened the window to allow fresh air to circulate
  3. I threw away some pop magazines which allegedly had Busted posters in them

I'm waiting for my medal from the Queen now. Which I hope to collect next Thursday along with a spot of bare back riding on the royal steed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

101 things to do with a dead body

Now I'm most certainly not uptight, in fact I consider myself to be pretty liberal and laid back as some of you may know ;-)
But last nights programme on the dead body was quite hard to swallow. I kept thinking that someone somewhere had just lost a person they loved and although the dead body is indeed a shell. Still someone loved that body.
To make fun of the dead in such a crass way wasn't nice. It was all too jokey. I visited the human body exhibit in Brick Lane London and was fascinated and mesmorised by the displays. But this programme wasn't science or interest. It was disrespectful.
The picture below shows a Doctor using skin from a cadaver to make a guys penis longer.
We also saw bodies left to decompose .... Now this itself was ok. This helps Crime pathologists to work out how long bodies have been dead to help in crime scenes. But we saw the bodies decomposing, the maggots and mould. Did we need to see that? Aren't we all aware of our own mortality?
Tsk silly channel four

Did we need the programme '101 things to do with a Dead Body?'.  Posted by Hello

Monday, July 19, 2004

She wants to get into the vase! Posted by Hello

TV Misery

I'm not a huge TV watcher but I love big brother and some other E4 shows. The music channels and films.
TV soaps bore me. Are our lives so uninspiring that we have to watch other peoples? The BBC are panicking that Eastenders has hit an all time low. Is it surprising? For years we have watched misery and gloom, death and fury. Fights, arguing and despondency. Barry gets pushed off a cliff, Pat loses her house, Mark dies from Aids, Martin runs over jamie then marries his widow? Laura dies falling down the stairs. Lynne baby dies on a funfair ride. Nothing at all happens to the Ferreiras.
I mean don't they need some karma. Surely a bit of Feng Sui would help? Do we need this gloom. People are dying for real. Mass rape in Sudan and men sentenced to amputations. Starvation mutilation. War...our own men on the line in Iraq.
At least Corrie and Emmerdale still don't take themselves quite so seriously although Emmerdale has had its fair share of death lately.
Whilst on the TV subject. I find the 4 advert for Six feet under etc a bit hard to take. Maybe its just listening to Cliff singing Summer Holiday. A song used to being associated with happy times. In the car going on annual vacation. You hear the tune, smile look up and see two goons throwing a body wrapped in a black bag in the river....Then the scenes ends in a morgue as the pathologist is about to slice open the body. Tasteful!
I still like Hollyoaks........ha. It can be quite funny though the Dan mass murder storyline was pathetic. Gosh the cops didn't search the garage of the prime suspect. Inspector Jane Tennison would blow a fuse!
But wasn't Hollyoaks after hours interesting! Especially the blow job scene. Least the show has some eye candy. Hollyoaks has Dan vs Eastenders Gus. Hmmmmmmm

Caught on Film. Stealing cream cakes. Bad Kitten Posted by Hello

Danielle with Taylor and Ron (my sisters cat) Ron is fat and lazy. Doesn't move unless he absolutely has to. Taylor is totally different. Spends all day in the garden guarding his territory. Posted by Hello

Abby in the hard Rock Cafe Cardiff. Her birthday treat. Wish we had one in Bristol. Posted by Hello