Friday, August 13, 2010

How much did I used to love this blog? Rely on it. Need it? It was self indulgent though but don't we all need some self indulgence at times?
My life is good. Very good. Salsa lessons, three types of humous in the fridge? (do you watch Mongrels?)
Looking in you might think we are very lucky and I guess we are in many ways but there is always the heartache there somewhere.
We started spanish lessons. I highly recommend El Richon in Bedminster. Chilled, fun, wine, tapas, good people what more do you want?
We're going to Cuba in May and hoping for an authentic experience (if possible) Ana is our teacher. Young cute and patient but gives MASSES of homework.
Work is like thick treacle. I'm keeping my head up but fearful that at any moment it might pull me under. Really don't earn enough for the crap and responsibility it incurs.
Want to retire but don't want to be old. lol! Love music. Love Salsa and the salsa friends. All from different walks of life. Older , young, strange, fun, lonely, forced to come, artistic, bold, shy as a mouse. Social life has never been so hectic.
So my advice? Marry again :P take up dance. Learn a new language. Travel and be bold. Fuck the strikes and volcanos, Twitter, only work if you have to. God does not exist. Take responsibility for your own life. Love hard, never argue. Spend time considering others and their feelings. Spell correctly and use grammar properly. Drink LOADS. Not rubbish eitther. Friday night? Just home from work. Yes open the bastard £30 bottle of wine. You deserve it babe.
Love love love and be validated.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

vegetarian frustration

Why oh why when you mention you're about to have a vegetarian meal do meat eaters feel it's the idea opportunity to tell you what meat they ate for dinner, what meat they are about to eat? How many dead animals they have stacked up in the freezer? Is it some sort of perverted guilt? I have no idea why you'd want to eat animals anyways. Do you realise they are transported all over the country and then have their throats slit. Taken from their mothers. Slaughtered?
I have no wish to push vegetarianism onto anyone. If you don't 'get' it you simply don't. But don't try to push your perverted (yes I feel it's perverted) eating habits on me. It makes me very sad.