Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pass the sword

Back to the grindstone. I'm back to normal now though I have this awful cold sore stuffed on my face to add to my attraction (not).
Friday I got in work at 9am and was working till 2pm. I was on my own... no staff. Oh well, it happens but it was very busy. I had 18 patients through the unit. The problem was trying to get home. There was no one to take over so I had to try close. I finally managed it at ten to four and even then the wards moaned that I'd given them extra work. Bloody NHS.
Wulf has his eye operation tomorrow. He's taking it in his stride despite the fact his mother has told him a load of nonsense and horror tales about what might happen to him in hospital. That woman is so nasty and stupid. She'd fit right into celebrity BB.
I still can't use the pc. The dell is fecked. I called the technical line today and they're sending the restore discs so I can start again... maybe I'll be able to blog more then grrrrrrr......

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

lets go see Raoul

I'm not sure how long these pictures will last. Picasa STILL doesn't work with the new blogger. It lulls you into a false security thinking it's all OK then the next day they're all disappeared.
If they do that I'll sort it tomorrow.

This is the big 13th Birthday party on Saturday. It went OK. The disco was superb as you'd expect ;) the hall was a bit too huge for the amount of people there... oh well. The girls were just like girls. A bit of arguing and weeping and bitching. Ah those were the good old days of being 13/14 and female.

This s Wulf and Hannah. Wulf really likes Hannah and she's a really nice girl. Abby requested 'Love Shack' for the 2 of them on the party night. Makes me laugh.

Wulf and the lovely Shannie. My third daughter. I'd love to keep her.

And the terrible trio. So the celebrations are all over and she's 13. Thankfully. I can't cope with that all again.

The dell is broked completely. Won't even load in safe mode. So this PC is taken over by aliens (well OK Abby) that's why I'm not here much (not sodding allowed) Sob.......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

l i v e r

I'm well pissed off. I've been looking forward to this week off for ages. A whole week away from vile work. No traffic or stress. So what happens? I get bloody ill. Viral crap thing that's had me in bed for a while. Now I'm left with this annoying cough and throat.
Tuesday was my appointment with the hepatologist about my strange liver. Apparently my liver isn't normal. It's bright and red and shiny?? and the blood tests aren't normal. Plus I'm a stone producer (no not the rolling ones). You don't need a gall bladder to produce gall stones and I produce them and the sludge randomly. So at any point I could get all ill again. Fecking great!
Poor Danz is poorly too. Her bikes pedal keeps falling off (makes one very poorly).... what's going on?
Her father was annoyed because on her birthday he expected to take her out for tea. When we had a family party here. My head is all mixed up. Silly dim man.
I went out for a drive today with Spring. Felt unwell but was determined not to stay indoors all sodding week. He took me to this pub where the average age of clientele was 86 and not a day younger. It was really funny, no music. No quiz machine just zimmer frames wheelchairs and easy access toilets. We won't be going back.
Best not drink anyways. My liver is more sensitive to alcohol. Probably why I get pissed with 1/2 glass of red wine.
Shame though.....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

happy 13th

Danielle was 13 today. We got her a lovely new mountain bike. Spring and me went halves with it. He's so lovely. We had such a trial getting it home from the shop yesterday. Seems the Land rover isn't that roomy in the back and we had to sling the front wheel over the front so I had to sit on the back bench seat like some ready for action lifeguard. I swear he went over as many bumps as possible. Nearly did meself an injury!

We had lunch in pizza hut. We ate like kings! Wulf eats more than his father! Least he likes my cooking too.

Danz and her nearly step dad.

And the new bike. Her father paid for lights and mud guards to be put on it for her. It's a nice bike. I offered one to Abby for her birthday........ imagine how that suggestion was met!

Friday, January 12, 2007

thanks for fridays

Yay. I'm on holiday... well 6 days anyways. Work has been teeth grindingly horrible. We've lost a hefty proportion of the senior staff as they didn't want to go to the new place. The remaining staff are miserable and ground down to sand. Yesterday they weren't allowed a cup of tea as "this won't be allowed in the new place" Hey management. When you haven't got time to have a wee let alone a drink telling them they can't have tea isn't they way to boost morale and staff relations.
What kind of people get these managers posts?
It's Danielle's birthday Sunday. 13 years already. Where does time go?
I think I need some sun. I was desperate for the cooler weather last year with the heat. Now I want summer back. Our naturist resort has sold out and gone textile (clothes for you non nudist lot) so we shall be looking elsewhere.
Maybe we need to open one. Want a holiday? No clothes sun and disco's a plenty.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

trio of trouble

Abby Danielle and Wulf at the Warwick Arms.

The place where the cutlery is magnetic.

And the men Gorgeous. Loves you Stephen. I'll make you very happy you know :)

he loves pink

Steve brought Heidi a scratching post. Pink, furry, fluffy hearts and girlie. But horror! Taylor has adopted it as his own. He lays with his paws around it, loving it. It must be heavily impregnated with catnip or something. Heidi is besides herself. She knows it's hers, so we get a lot of hissing and growling. Should have brought one for everyone I guess! Bloody cats.

The silly one up high.... Bailey is so fat.

trying to kill us!

My lovely parents brought us a bottle of Baileys for our engagement night. My Steve particularly loves Baileys. So over the weekend we drank the lot... as you do. As we got to the bottom I noticed these bits floating around and a bit of an after taste.

Hmmm, odd. Steve also has a touch of tummy ache and so we checked out the bottle... now whose parents give them a bottle of baileys that's SIX YEARS OUT OF DATE?

Use by Jan '01. You think they're trying to get rid of us?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

festive owls

Over Christmas we get lots of visitors to the ward. The crew of the Pantomime, the rugby team (lush). The Kiss FM team. But my Favourite was the man with the owls. They were so beautiful, so knowing and graceful.

You can't touch them though as it removes the oil from their feathers.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year my lovelies

Hmmmm. Life takes over. Blog left to sleep.
So how was Christmas? It was brilliant. The best for ever. But I'm still glad it's bleeding over. No more worry about money gifts food and family.
Christmas day on the farm with my sister and her step kids over from Australia. Sad they have to go back. Then me and Spring came home and opened a bottle of champagne and there lieth Christmas Day because I woke up when Godzilla was dead.
The kids loved the gifts. I was relieved. Next year I won't fret so much. You're right you know. It's not the gifts but the thought and love involved.
Danz had Ice Skates for Christmas from my sister so down we all went to the ice rink.
Spring said I HAD to skate. One look at the mania on the frozen water and I said no way. He skates OK though. Turns out Abby can do it quite well. Danz was like a cripple. I was cold. They all want to go again. Hmmmm.
I worked every day between Christmas and New Year. It was vile. Busy, everyone off sick, no love or happiness just work, sick kids and hard work. I was glad to finish Friday for New year.
The New Years Eve Gig was BRILLIANT. We got to do what we love and get paid.... good money. It was at the Bath Arms in Wiltshire. The pub was beautiful, all chandeliers and paintings and soft furnishings. Midnight came and I was intending on counting down to 12.... but we couldn't find a clock that was accurate so with the talking clock on the mobile we hit it full force. An hour of 70's disco. Abba, Bobby Brown and Chic. Hilariously good.
Yesterday we had a family meal. All 5 of us with Christmassy dinner. I set the pudding alight with Brandy and almost the whole house.... I didn't realise heating it up would make the spirit flame..... and we had crackers with a party game. You had to describe some celebrity. Abby's was a black singer from the 60's. Yep you guessed it. John Lennon.

Spring ready for the triple with pike