Thursday, February 15, 2007

O la la

Josselin Castle

We're going to france. We booked it, all sorted. A Gite (sort of villa)

Well furnished modern detached 3 storey property with light spacious rooms and beautiful views. In a country hamlet, 500m from the Nantes Brest canal (lovely walks) and a short drive from Josselin. Well equipped fitted kitchen (m/wave, d/washer, w/machine). Large comfortable lounge/dining room with tv (English channels), video & dvd. 1st floor has bath/shower/wc,2nd wc & 2 bedrms - 1 dble, 1 twin. 2nd floor has 2 further bedrms (1 dble,sgle) and shower/wc. Travel cot, high chair, stairgate. Electric heating. Private parking . Split level rear garden with grass, terrace/patio, furniture & bbq. Private Pool: 7.2m x 3.6m and 1.5m deep, with safety cover. Open 1/6 - 30/9, for sole use of clients.

The famous 11thC château at Josselin is only a short drive away and this lovely old town also has a doll museum, castle ramparts & some good restaurants, crêperies and cafés. The Lac au Duc in Ploërmel (10k) has a man made beach with watersports and some traditional Breton festivals are held in the local area each summer. Canoeing/kayaking 1.5k, go-karting 4k.

Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen.We're all going... even Abby. I'm so excited. Have to brush up on the French....
"Je suis en rock star"

tale of a ring

Spring wanted a ring... a commitment ring. We decided it should be white gold like mine. Plain.... or maybe Celtic... just not like the horrible men's signet rings everyone sells. So we headed to Glastonbury to buy one.
Glastonbury was wet. Full of strange old people in carpet coats and beards with nests in them. But no rings. We searched everywhere. Meanwhile I discovered I'd taken out too much money from the bank and had a direct debit going out the day we set off to find a bank in Wells to pay some money in.
Wells had a few jewellers. We tried them all. We looked at every single tray of men's rings. And tbh most of them were hideous.
I only really had 50 quid to spend. Some of those monstrosities were 400 or more. We gave up. We walked dejectedly back to the car park. We walked past the very last shop. It was a girlie crystal shop with aromatherapy stuff and crystals. In the window was one revolving stand made of glass and as it spun I spotted a single plain ring. The tiny label said white gold 75 pounds.
Hmm, I thought. What's the chance it will be his size. I went in... the ring was a one off. One ring one size. The girl got it out. It looked tiny. But he tried it on and it fitted perfectly. Unbelievable. Then I went to pay and they said it was a one off 30% off day.It cost me 51 pounds.
Can you believe it? The right size, gold, price?
Believe in fate? Or maybe a little pagan magic?
I do.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I have never seen such an enormous tail on a kitten.

mark 2

The single man waits for the world to end............. so we decide to investigate Edinburgh's paranormal.

Bored and cold we decided to DO something. A trip underneath Edinburgh to the vaults where once the poor lived in squalor and disease and darkness.

I was interested in the history of the place but the polish tour rep (of about 18) dressed in a Slytherin outfit was more interested in trying to scare us into believing the place was haunted. Most haunted filmed there last year and there was "lots of paranormal activity" yeah right.
This vault house a coven of witches who used the place for rituals. They used to use a vault further into the caves but the ghost who lives there trashed the place several times.

I pointed out that pagan's don't believe in death or ghosts. That threw her.
This is a pagan circle made by the head of the witches coven. He made it because inside the circle most evil area. Have they never watched charmed? The circle's INSIDE is the protected place not the outside.

The caves were damp and smelly but as for atmospheric? Lot of crap. The rep kept switching off her torch so we were in darkness to 'add' to the experience. Silly bitch.
And after that bunch of nonsense we ended the day with a Scottish high tea, cream cakes and sandwiches. On the way back the plane was delayed a bit...typical easy jet I guess. I was glad to be home though. If I go to Scotland again it won't be Edinburgh.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Royal Mile..... miles of Scotland shops

Even tartan boots.

So..... what a weekend. A very cold Edinburgh. My first visit to Scotland...
So how was it?
A very early and I considered unnecessary start... surely we could have got a later flight? 4am start. We arrived at the airport at 5.45 to complete chaos. Queues snaking out of the terminal. Then a very stressful trip through security when the tannoy announced the flight boarded and we were about 100 people behind the front. Eventually we pushed through, then Paula announces Did she need that little orange boarding card as she'd lost it? Luckily a guy in the queue found it and handed it in... we got on the plane and it closed the doors and we left.... phew very stressful.
We arrived at 8am. I thought we were getting a taxi to the hotel but no... they'd changed their minds and we got a bus. It was cheaper and got us to the town in 25 minutes BUT as soon as we hit the town we got off. 3 stops too soon.So then I had to lug my rather heavy suitcase (you need as much for one night as 7) for 40 minutes up and down hills and steps to the hotel.
We got lost and at one point did a complete circle on ourselves. I was exhausted. I was very cold. I had a tee shirt and leather coat on. I'd expected a warm airport a warm taxi and warm hotel. Instead I got ice cold wind and walking. I was not amused.
We put our cases in the hotel and went for Scottish breakfast. The meal had haggis so I decided to eat Vegetarian. I'd had veggie haggis before and it was OK. I was relieved I did. Every one's food was really cold. At least I won't get food poisoning I thought cheerfully (you getting the impression I wasn't enjoying this?)
We decided to catch the tour bus next. I was cold and tired. OK, least it won't mean walking...... As we left the cafe Morag made a turn off to the right. I said there was a bus stop just up the road. No, apparently you can't just CATCH a bus. You have to go to the beginning of the route and buy the tix from the ticket office. I told her that was crap and we could buy the tickets from the bus driver.
They didn't believe me. So we walked 20 minutes to the bridge and the tour bus office. We walked in and Morag asked for ten tickets for the bus tour. The woman behind the counter looked at us as if we were stupid. "You buy them on the bus" She said.
I told you so sat on my lips.
On the bus they all ran up the stairs. I refused. I was fucking freezing. It was open air. No way was I going upstairs. I could feel them bristle at me. I was being a pain.I knew it. I couldn't help it. I'm me.
So we toured through Edinburgh. The pre recorded tape was rubbish. I didn't know any of the people they were talking about... so and so born here. So and so wrote his first poem here.
We stopped at a shopping centre. They all headed for retail therapy. Debenhams. Someone help me I thought. Then they went upstairs and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Now, I am NOT interested in some boat where the Queen once slept. It was a tenner to get in. I was not paying that. I am now careful with money ;)
So I sat outside.
After an hour I began to fall asleep. Then I realised I was pissing miserable. I needed to go to the hotel, warm up, Have a wee and a sleep. So I text them and took the next bus back.
Back at the hotel I checked into a lush room. It was cosy and warm and had a view of the sea.....The Sea? I'd always thought Edinburgh was mid country. Oh well I never did geography at school.
I was so much happier when I woke up. I realised how moany I'd been. They didn't get back till about 6pm. They'd done M&S and Next.... etc etc
Why do women need to shop in M&S in every town?
I'd wanted us to all spend the evening together, but because they were all tired it didn't happen. We ate in three different venues. I got a bit drunk. And we ended up in bed at 9pm with Hugh Grant on the TV. Asleep by ten. But what a lovely sleep.
A sleep to take me on to a very long and tiring Sunday.... which I'll write about tomorrow.....
Night everyone xxx