Friday, September 30, 2005

The End Of Feet

As Let Your Feet Be Free week draws to a close, I'd like to thank all you hundreds of people, who submitted their toes for personal inspection by me.
It's been quite a week, and you may now stop threatening me with other limbs and appendages that you may have idly lying around your bodies.
To finish off I have four more pictures to end the event.
Relax and Enjoy.

Thank you to the lovely Donna, who has sexy little feet that love to watch TV especially Holby City. They also want to work with animals and travel round Wales with Dr Marten.

Then we have the enigmatic Pierre whose last picture to me, had him in a loin cloth... You aren't in the Rainforest Shampoo Advert you know Pierre . Sweet Feet though, you sure they are yours?

Then, lastly a picture from my friend Bloke, who thinks he's a bear. And from this picture it seems he could be right. A clever bear who can type and uses the pc. And who wears sloggi briefs. Hmmmm.

What a week!
Finally a mention to the inspired blogger who started it all..... Never EVER do it again. xxx

Ground Control to Abby

Abby is going to St Lucia next year. $150 but we have to have an exchange student back here. Sounds good to me. I hope she exchanges with a nice St Lucian Boy

Abby saw this webpage on my screen
Abby;"That's a funny tee-shirt"
Me; "Yeah, I thought it was funny too"
Abby; "What's a Homosexual?"


Good bye September

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

like my fathers come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when september ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends

summer has come and passed
the innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

ring out the bells again
like we did when spring began
wake me up when september ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

like my father's come to pass
twenty years has gone so fast
wake me up when september ends
wake me up when september ends
wake me up when september ends

Green Day 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005

We stare because we care

I got my date tomorrow night. I haven't dated for ages. I'm getting nervous now. About meeting someone new. No big deal I guess. At the worst I'll get a nice meal out and some good company because having spoke to him several times, he is fun and good to talk to.
The girl's father has deemed that he will take them out to eat tomorrow night. That's 1/2 a bag of chips each in McDonald's car park then. Jest..... Unfortunately not.
Collette phoned tonight.. We had lots of chat about ALL sorts of stuff. She said that she reads this blog every morning and noticed that instead of it being.. I feel ill, I'm miserable, every day, I've got better. Now it's happier stuff. I've also stopped sleeping during the day. I'm not as fractious as I was and have even managed to drive into work all week without any road rage.
I feel happier with my own company and I'm not lonely. My God this is a miracle.
And when I get the odd down moment, I don't freak out because everyone gets down at times...
"Get down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Get down deeper and down"

Can you believe that I LOVED the Quo in the 70's. I had all their albums. What was I like?
So what happened today in Trinity's exciting (not) life?
Well work was tough, I really didn't want to go today. I was soo tired this morning and my neck hurt... But enough whinging, I got up and went in.
Our ward receptionists are off sick, so the paper work was stacked up to the ceiling, also all the nurses have changed wards and they aren't au fait with the paperwork of the other wards, So chaos ensued.
So I spent the day sorting and clearing. I have a natural aptitude for paperwork, methodical and positively anal.
I got home, made tea, did some housework and washing... All the stuff I hate. Then I had to go shopping, we'd run out of stuff.
There I am wandering around the Co-op picking up bits and pieces when I get hit with a potato... Yes I was hit with a vegetable. Suddenly a fight appeared in front my eyes with all sorts of fruit and vegetables being thrown about.
I went to the tills to complain but they looked uninterested, they said it happens every night and next they'll start throwing eggs and stuff.
Bloody council estate. What's the matter with these people?

Nancy Banned

The ad the Advertising Standards Authority banned. Nancy Sorrell on a little horse. What's so bad about that?
No sense of adventure that band of merry people.

I love the Tag Line though.

erect giant pink bunny

Image Hosted by
Ananova - Artists erect giant pink bunny on mountain
I got a pink Bunnie but it's not that big.....

Don't I?

Image Hosted by
Is it wrong that I actually like the Bubblegum, disposable pop record by the Weirdly titled Pussycat Dolls?
How can you have a pussy cat doll?
You can have a pussy cat or a doll but I never had a pussy cat doll, I'm deprived or deranged one or the other....
Don't cha
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fluffy like me...
Love it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I'm listening to Pink Floyd, 'Another Brick in the Wall'. Abby and me were discussing the song at the weekend. She asked what it was about and I said, all about individuality, self expression and learning not to conform to the norm all the time. Don't follow the pack. Think about it. Do your own thing.
But where does that philosophy start and end? Danika's been excluded from school for having her lip pierced. Now, I'm sorry Danika, but there do have to be some rules and uniformity about school, school is about education. If you can't get the masses to listen and conform no-one will ever be taught the basics.
Imagine if I refused to wear my uniform at work?There has to be some rules... And yet. On the other hand, there's the emotive topic of the school coat.
The school wants us all to buy the logo'd top coat for the students. I see this as a mass marketing money making device.
Where is the individuality there? If I'd wanted to send my girls to Red Maids with it's rigid uniform , I would have. This is a state run, senior school. Fuck the college milarky. I have never been a great uniform lover. I did extensive research on the subject when I started paediatric nursing. Kids are scared of hospital uniforms... But I begrudingly admit that uniforms are practical and the public likes them.
When they walk through the front gates, they have to remove any top coat that isn't the school one and even walk in the rain with no coat on. I feel this is a violation of human rights. Some of these kids are as little as 11 years old. Just left the relatively sheltered confines of the Junior School.
Individuality... I love Abby's friends. They are all so different and fun and vibrant. I'd hate to see any of them worn down by the pressures of conformity.
I guess you could all argue that a lip ring isn't that bad. As a nurse it means a greater risk of infection and spreading germs in my view. That's where my opinion comes from. If you have a lip ring at 15, where are you going to go next? Pierced nipples? Tatoos?
Your body is a temple. Treat it with respect and it will serve you a good 80 or 90 years.....
Yes that also means no cigarettes My little Wildflower.

I'm in this kind of mood....

Erotic knickers pour homme

Deep Joy at only $9.50 a pair. How I love Sloggi for men.
Bloke started it off. It's all his fault.

"The Sloggi sporty range is made using a breathable stretch cotton pique and lycra fabric. They have flat, carefully positioned seams and a double layered front panel to offer maximum support and comfort. Available in sizes 30-40 and in Black, White or Grey".


Bits and pieces

I'm doing the washing, half heartedly really. I have to go into work later, but I need to do some dull work round here first.
I'm shoving the washing in the machine and suddenly I stopped. There was a pair of small lacy pink knickers, the low slung fitted type. They're Danielle's. My God, I can't believe I bought them for her. She's 11 years old. My baby. We went shopping for underwear and we came back with this 'sexy' stuff. I wanted plain white vest and pants, instead we get lacy pink bra and knickers....
I got a date Friday night. I'm not nervous about it, but a bit bemused that anyone would want to go out with me.
And maybe when they see me, they'll wonder why they traveled half way across the city to meet me. I do think that. I haven't dated in ages. Not sure I'm 100% ready but if I carry that attitude on I'll never be ready.
I just want a bit of fun, some laughter and some good times. I like sharing. I'll share anything with you, I'm quite nice like that.
I had some very good news. Clarrie is coming to stay with me... YES at half term. I'm going to show her all the rocks Bristol has to offer (she likes rocks... Don't ask!) Wookey hole and Cheddar here we come. I'm so excited. The girls love O to bits, he's so gorgeous. Hope he likes hamsters. Bailey has got so fat as well.
Loves you all today. Every single one of you
ps.. Pierre, your email does not work..... Typical French caveman.

hotel pelirocco

hotel pelirocco

The thing I most want to do in the world (this morning) is a weekend in Brighton at the Hotel Pelirocco

What are the rooms like? Each individually designed according to your best-kept fantasy of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. There's Lenny Beige's Love Palace, Betty Page's Boudoir, Hysteric Glamour, Modrophenia, Hip Hop. I got Jamie Reid's Magic Room. It was a blast, man - John Wayne meets Boots No 7 - and that's before I tackled the complimentary PlayStation.... The Guardian

Also they have a Doctor Who exhibit there and I can think of no better weekend... anyone want to come.... sea, sex and Doctor Who.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I switched on Word Verification today, though I haven't had any spam. I'm not good enough to spam.... spam spam spam

"Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!"

spam spam spamTrouble is those damn jumbly words they use when you make a comment. I'd never be able to do it drunk, so there you go. Drunk comments are out.
SJZZWKQ over and out

Dan came round tonight and had a fiddle with my pc's. It was wonderful and I can highly recommend him ;P
We love you Daniel.

Fat Bailey

Bailey has SUCH an nice life. Can someone tell Bailey that the vet told us that cats are NOT social eaters. They eat when hungry. Bailey eats for fun, she eats and eats. Then sleeps.
Bailey eats cheese, hula Hoops, ice cream, trifle, cakes, you name it she'll try it.
And she mews constantly.
Look at her, sprawled out with her tongue stuck out.

Pizza yay

We made Pizzas at Rainbow's tonight. All their own work, they looked good and smelt great even if Marie wouldn't let me help cook them...

The Rainbows after eating Marie's cooked Pizza's.........

Collette's Feet

Especially pictured by me for you... you know who you are. Least I hope you do because it's important to know who we all are.
And no, Collette your feet are not better than mine.
She's a toe slut. She likes kinky foot sex.

Pass me another one

Image Hosted by

Happy (ish)

I'm having a better afternoon, knew I would. Tsk, what am I like? I'm better off going to work everyday than I can just yell at the Doctors and get it off my chest. Bailey is driving me nuts. She won't stop crying at me, she wants attention.
We're making Pizzas tonight at Rainbow Guides so I need to go out and buy some ingredients... And Dan's coming round to play with my PC....
And yes, I will pay you... Sorry mate.
I'm really sad this morning because I made a decision. Something I really did want to do,I'm not going to now. I'm not strong enough, it's a sensible decision and sensible isn't usually a word that goes with Trin.
I'm so weak and pathetic sometimes, I hate myself today. I'm sat here crying and not sure why.
Last night was horrid here, wind and rain and Taylor and Kizzy refused to come in. Serves them right for ignoring me.
I got up today and the sunflowers had blown over. Something had blown onto my patio pots and ruined the flowers. They're all ruined, like me. Everything is ruined by the fact that I'm not strong enough to not have got ill.
Why couldn't I be like most other people and just coped with life. Why did I have to be the one to go crazy and end up like this? Some stupid pathetic woman whose on her own?
Yep, don't fret, I just took my pill and no doubt will feel better in an hour. No work today, maybe that's for the best.
It's a mad world. So many people so worse off than me, yet this mental illness prevents me from seeing that and realizing that what I have is good. I guess the fact that I can see that means things are improving.
On the way to work yesterday, the traffic was awful and then I heard on the radio a nine year old girl had been hit by a car and that was the traffic problem.
I went cold, she has serious head injuries and been taken to hospital. Her poor parents, what they must be going through.
Things could be so much worse. See I'm talking myself out of this 'sorry for myself' mood already.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Pied off

Calling all bloggers. Follow the trend and post pictures of your feet. How often have you taken foot pictures? Never? How do you think that makes your feet feel? Unloved, unwanted, left (right) out?
Feet are for life, not just for Bank Holiday Monday.

My feet watching TV. They quite like Holby City and Coasts... that programme about walking round Britain.

Hello X

Or maybe she worried about the Exaxis of evil.........;P

many men

Flipping Heck. I'm going to have to be Wonderwoman. I've had 11 replies from men on Adult Friend Finder today and some of them even have clothes..... Wow.
I didn't reply to the naked ones, or the ones with appendages sticking up. Though there was one with a really cute butt, But I refrained.
Just the other ones and there was one who said he was passionate for music. He also said he likes waves crashing over rocks....
I wonder if I'd be brave enough to meet any of these?
Hmmmm, You know I have in the past... Many times. But then I was high on drugs and totally crazy... And now of course I'm little Miss Sensible bible reader (not)
I don't know. Go with the flow.
Girl Power.
I'll be careful Donna.
Shelf making with Ken starts next Monday... Can't wait. Girl with a drill.

I wanna shoot the whole day down

Image Hosted by

I'm not very happy today. I slept really badly last night, up puking and feeling crap. Yep Marie, I'm going to blame it on the drugs.
I've slipped back a notch into an irritable mood. I hated every single car on the roads today. I tried to hit a few... Bad driver I am.
Work was busy and annoying. The doctors got on my nerves, arguing with me and in my way... See what a bitch I am?
I did have a call from a doctor who used to work with ages ago.I didn't remember him at first but he soon jogged my memory. He worked with me, when one of my colleagues was having an affair with a married doctor from my ward. All was discreet and passionate until the Christmas Do.
This nurse was in the ladies at the hotel, the party was held. She was doing her hair and discussing the size of her married lovers penis (as women do) with another nurse. BUT unknown to her, the doctors wife was in the toilet stalls behind her.
Consequently a huge row and fight ensued and end of affair........
We've had our share of drama. Call us Holby City.
I could tell you all a few tales that would turn the air blue.
I really feel alone today. I'd do anything for a lovely warm hug. But not even the cats will do that. Even Bailey has developed this pained expression of 'When's this going to end?'
I am however going to praise myself a little because the Effexor reduction is going well, and I am coping with the side effects really without making much fuss here or at work.
I'm down to 17mgs daily and going to start taking this on alternate days for a week then stop.
That's the plan anyways. It's not easy coming off anti-depressants and as many of you will know, I've had very little support.
So well done Trin.... I miss you Clazza.. Where you been?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yep That's Me

What Pink Floyd Song Are You?

Comfortably Numb

You're either a drug addict, or mentally unstable. Either way, you're not quite in touch with the real world. Put the needle down.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

I did it!

hello is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home.
I did it. I fitted the door chain, all by myself. Rock On. It was more trouble finding one in B&Q than fitting it.
It's not quite aligned right and I did manage to screw it into the existing door lock hole (one screw goes round and round like a sugababes song) , but what the heck, I did it.
A fairly usual Sunday here. Meaning nothing much happened.
My intel graphics driver made a major system crash on the laptop. Microsoft recommend that I download the latest driver update. What the fuck that means is Greek to me. I did try to decipher the language of the IT expert. But failed.
Me and my Abby had a great afternoon chatting. I made her listen to the Scissor Sisters version of 'Comfortably Numb'. Then played Pink Floyd. We talked about the fact it was the same song just done differently.
She hated the SS Version, preferring the original, then we had a discussion about the lyrics and how I felt they 'spoke' to me in their accuracy of a person feeling mentally unwell.
She said the song was beautiful and then I noticed she had tears in her eyes. My God she is sooo like me, unbelievably. To be able to be moved by music, to want to know what is behind a song and why it was written.
She loves music, she can't wait to go see the Magic Numbers next month. Should be a cool gig.
I've had several emails from those guys on the adult friend finder site. Trouble is they're all really gagging for it... Not even any false pretense of decency and wanting to get to know you. Hmmm if I get any higher I guess that won't matter anyhow.
And a little Happy Birthday to Pierre. Nice to talk to you today and yes, I do have a very sexy voice ;P

Today's Highlight

What I have to look forward to. Great.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMaybe we'll go see a movie or something.....

I wish I had a man to come do my ironing.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well Screw Me

I joined another dating agency thing tonight, trouble was most of the men appeared to have no clothes (nekkid pix). I do need a man who can afford clothes. They don't have to be from Next or Topman, but at least a pair of knickers is required for a date. I am ,however, fussy about knickers. No Matalan ones. That's the law.
Tomorrow is grandparents Day. What a bunch of mumbo jumbo commercialised crap. Grandparents Day? Every fecking day is Grandparents day. I only had kids because... They wanted to be grandparents. "When you going to have a baby?" "My friend Glenys is a grandmother twice over... blah blah".
Then when the grandkids get to 14 they're moaning because they can't understand a sodding word they say anymore.
Plus they disagree with the tattoo, piercing, MP3 player stuck to ear. And that's just their mother......
I picked up Danz from my mothers today. Well, I stopped at the end of the road and told her to hurry up. My mother insisted on walking her the few yards down the road. She might not be safe walking 25 yards.
She had on this bright pinky cerise polyester top.
'What the heck has nanny got on?" I asked Danz. Danz pulled a face.
"All the old ladies like it" She Said "Doris told Nanny she couldn't take her eyes off her blouse"
I hate to say it but I fear Doris is possibly the first ninety year old gay granny I know.
Or just colour blind.... Don't get me started on the colour blind.

The gospel according to Trin.

Abby's gone out with her mates. She just rang me and said she won't be back till midnight... Dirty stop out. Wish I was out till midnight.
Me and Danz were just laughing at something the 4 year old next door (Thomas) told her. He said that he's getting a motorbike and a scrambler for Christmas this year...
"But my mummy don't know"
Hope Santa's listening this year then!
He keeps running behind the back of the car when I reverse off the drive (Thomas, not Santa.. Santa's in the North Pole preparing my gifts) . Frightens me to death.
Work was good, but damn hard work. Moving one ward onto another ward. Setting up both, stocking up, changing all the oxygen and suction gear and cleaning.
I'm tired now and my legs are swollen and it's upsetting me, because I thought I'd stopped all that silliness.
Me and Danz decided to put away the patio set. It's meant to rain here later. I packed it all up went to grab the plastic cover to put over it all and this HUGE ugly frog jumped out from under it, sending me and her screaming indoors. Frogs are evil. Now the damn cats are hunting it and will no doubt try to bring it in... Damn it.
I hear I have a brand new reader to Life As Trin.
Welcome Pierre, a good friend of Collette. Shame you haven't got a French accent. Can I have a pussy clock too?
(Pussy clock throws out some rather graphic images on Google... eeww)
I want this for Christmas Santa (sfwavc) (safe for work and very cute)

Naughty naughty

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
I'm watching Brat Camp repeats. Still never ceases to amaze me how parents have trouble with kids like this... lock 'em up always works. Never did Harry Potter any harm.

sleeping unquietly

Last night I was woken up by knocking. I woke up and froze. Someone was banging on the door. I looked at the clock and it was 1.30 am.
Worried it was my neighbour in trouble I stood at the top of the stairs and shouted down
"Who is it?"
It was one of Abby's mates.
I don't like opening the door at night, it's not exactly safe round these parts at night. The police helicopter was up all night and I could hear sirens. We have stabbings and murders like all the best council estates do.
I opened the door and she came in. Drunk as a Lord, and rather incoherent. She wanted to use the toilet. So I let her, then she hugged me profusely and apologised and went back out in the dark, she said she had some lads waiting for her round the corner.
Then I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking I heard the door knock.
Then I kept worrying about her. I had a dream she'd been murdered and I was so guilty at being the one who let her back out in the dark at 2am.
And I felt myself very lucky to have a daughter who simply wouldn't do that to me, because she respects me and loves me.
Now I'm off to work.
(I might fit a keychain tomorrow with new drill)

Kit Kat

Bogey flavoured kit katsAre you (my dear reader) aware of how many brands of Kit Kat have been made?
Some of them really weird

"Kit Kat White Lemon and Yogurt - UK, Germany
Kit Kat Luscious Lime - UK limited edition
Kit Kat White Winter zimt (cinnamon) - Germany
Kit Kat Green Tea - Japan limited edition
Kit Kat Apple - Japan
Kit Kat Passion fruit - Japan limited edition
Kit Kat Melon - Japan - melon flavored creme in the wafer
Kit Kat Yubari Melon - Japan - like above but also with melon flavored coating instead of milk chocolate
Kit Kat Banana - Japan, Canada limited edition
Kit Kat Pineapple - South Africa, Japan limited edition
Kit Kat Editions Mango and Passionfruit - UK - Chunky with mango and passionfruit filling
Kit Kat Azuki Bean, Green Tea, and Cream MULTI-FLAVOR (Kakigori) - Japan"

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lolly pop lolly pop oooo lolly lolly

Catherine Tate who does the stroppy teenager character of Lauren 'Am I botherd?' is on the Jonathan Ross show tonight.
She was talking about Mini Milk Ice lollies and it's brought a huge smile to my face.

And anyone who knows me really well will know why.

Take it from me, the white ones are the least messy ;P

Happy Cock

Maybe a little known but semi interesting fact about me was I met my ex husband via a dating agency. 'Match made in Heaven' charged 50 quid for several introductions to men they matched for me in my area.
There problem was a distinct lack of women willing to join this kind of agency. I think nowadays (with internet dating and speed dating), times have a changed.
I was inundated with men, had numerous calls. The bus driver from Lawrence Weston... Imagine the free bus travel for life (missed out there) the body builder who was moving to SA and wanted to take a wife with him. And numerous other weirdos.
My ex husband seemed relatively normal in comparison.
But our very first date was made at a local pub. 'The Fighting Cocks' in Knowle. I turned up in my car and met him in the car park. I didn't like him much, but he wasn't as weird as the rest and didn't scare me. What wonderful foundations to begin a marriage.
On one of our wedding anniversary's they changed the Pub name to the 'Happy Cocks' and changed it to a Hungry Horse restaurant. But the pub certainly didn't live up to the expectations of the Hungry Horse franchise and it closed recently, causing a furor amongst the locals.
So how I laughed to read today's Holy Moly newsletter. Holy Moly is fun, not quite as bitchy and cutting as PopBitch but well worth a look.
So imagine my laughter and face today to find, the Pub of my marital meeting, featured in the Holy Moly newsletter.......
It's title.. The greatest pub in the world EVAH!
Not for me.

Morph for sell

vision on with grumblemag

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usRememberTony Hart's sidekick Morph?..Well, the original is for sale on Ebay for a Bristol Charity called Scrapstore (a worthy charity)
If you got the odd grand lying around, he'd look nice on your mantelpiece.
Personally I'd rather have a nice bottle of pleasures or some chocolates.....

Friday Fun and froth

Image Hosted by Ok the winning kiss for Stephen who tried to escape from it by getting one extremely easy one wrong...Mind he was the ONLY entrant so maybe I should be grateful for small mercies?
Work was good. The last day on the big ward. Back to my tiny little enclosed unit next week Yippeeee. The tiny baby this morning got transferred to London mid day.
The sandwich van man (who I'm sure over charges me every day), is in love with me. It happens. Even the last one was in love with me, (even though he was gay).
I forgot to pay Dan so I'll have to drop by for tea and cakes this weekend.
And I have to work tomorrow morning, for a few hours.
Tsk, means Abby will have to vacuum... How will she cope!

Trin Quiz

I'm REALLY meant to be on my way to work, but going to let the traffic die away first. I just rang work and they got a 2 day old baby very sick there, poor night staff. Bet they had a heck of a night.It's being transfered to PICU.

Anyways. I spent the night with my gadgets, I'm bad for going to sleep. Keep saying one more song on the Ipod.
This is some of what I listened to last night..... name the groups

  1. I've seen it before, it happens all the time
    You're closing the door, you leave the world behind
    You're digging for gold, you're throwing away
    A fortune in feelings, but someday you'll pay

  2. Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
    No one was saved

  3. Like walking in the rain and the snow when there's nowhere to go
    When you're feeling like a part of you is dying
    And you're looking for the answer in her eyes
    You think you're gonna break up
    Then she says she wants to make up

  4. After two days in the desert sun
    My skin began to turn red
    After three days in the desert fun
    I was looking at a river bed
    And the story it told of a river that flowed
    Made me sad to think it was dead

  5. Just like a rollin' stone
    I'm outside lookin' in
    But if your chance came would you take it
    Where on earth do I begin

  6. He's got this dream about buyin' some land
    He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands
    And then he'll settle down in some quiet little town
    And forget about everything

A big Trin Kiss for the one with the most groups/ Artists.... Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Goodnight everyone.
Kisses and hugs

Quick flick through Thursday

Yay I had lunch with Collette today. We ate in the Chinese buffet place by me. $5.99 for as much as you can eat. It was lush, they were pretty snappy at removing your plates and dead glasses. Soon as you put the last mouthful in they whipped the plate off... Oh well. I dislike waiting around anyways.
Collette is very naughty and she kept texting people and talking dirty.... I'm sure she has influenced me. I was very pure till I met her.
Then I took the kids for a hair cut, but the salon wasn't nice at all and we left.... The girls were upset, they wanted nice hair... Bless them. I've coloured Abby's tonight though and got her lots of beauty products. Abby doesn't think she's pretty but she is... She's my beautiful girl and I love her.
I may go to London in the next fortnight to do some shopping, and maybe visit a museum or something.... Maybe visit some ancient relic that I adore?
I like museums. Dan asked me last night, why I like them so much. Simple. I like wearing heels and the clicky noise you make in the cool silence as you walk through the halls.... What's wrong with that? The V&A is my most favourite.
I want lunch in London. No Collette! you cannot come with me, and be rude on the top deck of a London Routemaster bus.

ps. Donna can't get on this blog from work because her work's firewall thinks my site is Porno... All I can say to that is "Sex"

Love those crazy japs

Making jelly? Why not buy yourself a bust pudding mould to set them in....

I think the one on the right is dead jealous of her younger firmer pal on the left!


The beautiful Sophia. I love this picture. Blue sky, yellow flowers and the baby concentrating on nature. Lush Posted by Picasa

Illogical Trin


"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so
joyfully, playfully watching me.
But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
clinical, intellectual, cynical.
There are times when all the world's asleep,
the questions run too deep
for such a simple man.
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am".

Logic defies me some days. When I was really ill, I had no emotions. Everything was black or grey and sounded under water. Now I sometimes find it hard to deal with my emotions and anxieties. But I promise I'm trying hard.
Be patient Trin.
I now have
More good days than bad. More fun than tears. More love than hatred. More Understanding, More compassion and more red wine please.
More momentary blips than day long lows.
One day I'll be able to stop saying sorry every 20 seconds ..... WOW.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

bits and pieces

Is it wrong that I call my cat Sexy?
The vile kid down the road was caught peeing in next door's garden and now banned....
The sunflowers have taken over my garden and are now to be refered to as the Triffids.
I hate Norton so much... wonder if I can complain?
I just sent some one some pictures of me.. (fully clothed) and now I regret it. I'm really not photogenic.
Still happy! :)
Danz has been doing a questionaire on God all night. Everyone who turned up here was asked if they believed in God and why. Her dad rang and she asked him
He said that he does believe in God because God helps the sick and the poor.
Where's he been all his life then?

My PC repair guy

My pc repair man. He did rather well actually...More memory and windows XP and he downloaded Office and Word for me all for 15 quid. And he was such a polite lovely man too...If he did like a gossip!
Highly recommended.
(don't ask for Lime Wire though!)

The delectable Paul, who spent all night trying to fix me up with his gorgeous looking dad...Littlee rascal.. Trin?Innocencee herself. Of Course.
(excuse his sweaty appearance he was bouncing with Abby all night.....

trampoline you filthy minded lot!)

Piss I just reloaded Norton Antivirus 2005 to it and it's STILL acting like a twat... is that programme crap or what?

Gotta Love teh Japs

anti-smoking campaign The Japanese anti-smoking campaign is quite funny. It centres on the more anti-social and environmental aspects of smoking rather than health risks. But they did make me laugh.
Have sympathy for the poor cigarette... Inhaled Burnt, thrown away. Poor Bugger..........
Is that guy humping that Cigarette?

small talk

My delectable daughter and her two partners in crime have a new website... Almost totally dedicated to the joys of loving McFly... Why? Tell me why?
I found a lovely picture of Natalie, Amy and Abby so you know whose rantings you're reading.Nice outfits Girls.
Abby's had me tweaking her template all night. Incidentally I tweak templates for anyone... at a price :P
Daniel is coming around tonight to play with my '98 computer. Pray for my hardware.

I note Britney has finally named her new baby boy. Despite all speculation she's named him quite a respectable Sean... Sean Preston. Nothing wrong with that. I know
people with weirder middle names than that. My dad's middle name is Reginald.... yeuk and another mate's middle name is Gladys which caused much laughter at her wedding.
Nope Preston sounds quite normal really. My neighbour's thinking of calling her baby Desiree. It'll get shortened to Des. I'm not keen at all......


I need to dye my hair again.. There's a few grey strands coming through. I refuse to go grey, simply refuse. There's a girl in work whose younger than me, but she's gone totally grey and did NOTHING about it.
Thing is I can't remember what color my hair is. Tsk, typical. The brunette suits me though.
BTW It's only the hair on my head that has grey strands. Another distressing symptom of ageing is when all your body hair turns grey. Yes and it even happens to men. Imagine the horror of grey hair on your balls? That has to be the worst. It annoys me how men can still look attractive as they age, whereas we turn haggard. Guess women have a more challenging life.
Well this is going to be me in ten years dye your body hair, or maybe shave the lot off...
The things I think about on days off.

*I just had a phone call from a certain girl asking were she can buy this product... hmmmmm