Monday, August 27, 2007

Ashley Kate

Newes Steve's cat loves it here!!
We've renamed her Ashley-Kate as she is a hybrid of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Stays in Danielle's bed all day and night, loves TV. Disco Music, dressing up and lipstick.
The two other cats aren't quite as easy. Elvie wants to be the boss. Hisses and cries at my cats and is mean as mean can be. She seems to love me though.
Pye is the worse. Cat sick all the time so bad that we took her to the vets. They said she had Colitis and gave her a steroid jab. Then she went all kitteny, running around and went missing outside (she'd onl moved her 2 weeks). Eight hours that cat was gone. We walked the streets of Hartcliffe calling her and getting worried. Then 10 o clock at night she turns up in the lounge happy as can be.
But she has to have food from the vets, pre digested or she pukes everywhere.... hmmm cats are great ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


A week at a naturist resort in Cornwall and it was brilliant. Hot weather and no stress. Perfect. There was a funny happening though. The man in the next caravan to us only stayed one night. Seems he booked in with his family without knowing it was naturist and spent the night squirming behind the closed curtains till they could escape. Silly lot!!