Saturday, April 30, 2005

'Alcohol makes your brain grow'

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Alcohol makes your brain grow'

Bloody Hell. Certain friends of mine (mentioning no names) must have H U G E brains then.........

An essential warning

A timely warning to all you Saturday night take away lovers. Plus Mr Grumblemag...
this will not make you look like a Dalek.
Talking of Daleks. I never thought I'd feel sorry for the dalek. But bless, wasn't he cute. Especially when he fell in love with Rose. Now we know how Chris Evans felt. One touch of Billie's hand and your DNA is changed for eternity. Cool.
Ignore further communication via web site as I am drinking wine. xxx

Ariel is a cannibal

Ariel eats her little friends. That's just sick sick sick. Start a campaign. Ban Dip Sea Dooz. WTF are Dip Sea Dooz anyways...
Sounds like one of those pisses you take in the ocean when you think no-one is watching.... oooops nah that was the surf. Posted by Hello

Dalek Love

So now we know where Todd the gay BF of Sarah-Lou from Coronation Street has gone. He's polishing aliens near Salt Lake City.
A classic line. The Doctor to Todd "What you gonna do throw your A Levels at it".

not designed to be happy

Today I'm depressed. I haven't felt this way in such a long long time now. Oh I've been down and miserable and full of self pity. But today the cloud is fixed over my head and I can feel the tunnel edges surrounding me. I feel ill. My head hurts, my sight is disturbed and I'm exhausted. I only got out of bed to pick up Nic and went straight back.
I'm not interested in anything. I don't want to talk to anyone....But there's a couple of things bothering me. The council keep sending me eviction letters and I don't get it. I'm not the world's most regular payer of said rent. But it's always paid. I got one today again. I didn't understand it so I tore it up. I thought about ringing Clarrie to ask her advice but I can't pick up the phone. Phone phobia was part of my illness. You can't control what people say to you. Email? I can selectively read, but it's not idea. Blog? Well yes I get full control. I can be who I want to be and delete if I get pissed off.
I also keep getting bills and pay slips for a Mr Webb. Now the gas board are going to cut him off if he doesn't pay. Can't they all leave me alone?
The kids keep asking if I'm ok. I don't feel like crying though. So that must be good...Right?

We Are Family yeah yeah yeah

"Hey we did some business and got a delivery of material from a guy we knew downtown......" Ghetto Prom Pics. Jealousy will get you no-where. Posted by Hello

man fails suicide but gets shot by cops anyway

komo news | Distraught Man Shot By Seattle Police:

"SEATTLE - Police who went to the aid of a distraught man jumping off a bridge in Seattle ended up shooting him early Friday morning. "

The cops get a call from a distraught wife and child in a car to say her husband is trying to jump off a bridge...he did jump twice but his attempt failed as he was too low. So he climbs back up and tries again. The cops arrive and try to talk him down. But end up shooting him anyways!
The caring face of Seattle. And we wonder why guns are banned over here.

Friday, April 29, 2005

My work

I have the best mates ever at work. They're so good to me. I get away with murder. I guess it's because I work hard and they tell me I'm a good nurse. I do like my job really. I love my little patients...Even the ones who bite me. (Yes I got bit today...Her mum went to tell her off but FFS we just took blood off her, she was 2...We deserved to be bit!!)
Last night I had a migraine. I woke up at 5 hardly able to see. So I went downstairs took pills and went back to bed. I woke at 7.30 very fragile. My vision was disturbed and my head had a insistent but mild thump in the background.
So I phoned work told them I'd be a bit late and took things slow.
I arrived late, everyone was worried...Mind I did look awful. The day progressed. I worked ok. It was a nice day. Hot though, the kids were lovely. No real hastles. But every three to four hours I needed to take pills for this headache. Then I took my blood pressure. One of the disadvantages of being a nurse is you know too much and have the equipment around to check stuff....You can work yourself up doing that.
My blood pressure was 160/100. Much too high for me. I checked it three times. Then fretted because I had some palpatations and felt faint after I walked to path lab.
They tried to send me home, but I just didn't want to go really. I envisaged home, with making tea and taking Danz to guides. So I stayed and went home about 7.30.
Oh well least it's not my brains fault this time!
I guess a big build up to see my GP is required. Hmmmm I'll think about it.
4 days off now. Hope it stays sunny. Apparently Bailey has been throwing herself at Danz bedroom door trying to get into see the hamster. She licks her lips when she see's him. She's a brat!

Queer eye for the straight Jedi

Are you looking forward to Fox's new Star Trek series...? I think I'll give it a miss!(think... The OC, Hells Kitchen, American I dol, Nanny 911, The Simple Life, Family Guy, Playing it Straight etc...)

oxygen for my pussy Fire department gets pet smoke masks:

"Firefighters have 15 new oxygen masks for dogs and cats that can be used to treat animals overcome by smoke inhalation during a fire. "

YESSSSSS oxygen masks for pussy cats. I want one for my Bailey....just in case.

And we thought our teens got probs?

Outpost Nine :: Editorials :: I Am a Japanese School Teacher:

"Y'see, Japan's an island no bigger than California, where everything is filtered. There are so few foreigners here, their only impressions of things outside of Japan comes from the media. And to be honest, they don't really give a damn about anything other than America. So yeah, try to imagine a country where the perceptions of you are created by your movies, music, and MTV. And when you stop crying and shaking at the sheer horror of that thought, I'll be here waiting. "

Remember the article a few posts down about London school Nurses and the latest 'daisy-chain' "craze"? Well they think they got problems. Read the antics of the normal average Japanese teens and their poor teach.....very funny.

Flu turns Cruz into butt grabber

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIOL: Cruz regrets getting too close to Salma:

"Penelope Cruz regrets grabbing pal Salma Hayek's backside during a recent photo shoot, because it sparked stories the friends were actually lesbians.

The Spanish star insists she was sick with the flu and a little delirious when she let her hand linger on Hayek's butt at a press conference for their new film Banditas"

That's so funny. Can you imagine if a man had said that. I had the flu and was delirious so I grabbed her butt to make things move. He'd be up in court faster than Judge Sloop.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meet the hamster

Meet the new addition to the family. He's called Wyatt (from the Charmed ones fame) he's going to need to be pretty charmed with these three cats. Bailey is terrified of him. No idea why but she runs a mile.
I have no idea why we have yet another animal in this wild house, but oh well, in for a penny.
I have been so tired today...No tired is too small a word. It's been fatigue. I fell asleep all afternoon and got up and felt positively ill. I forced myself to do stuff. Even made an Apple crumble for my friend? Julian. I haven't heard if he liked it. Hope he's not struck down with apple crumple gut ache or something.
Felt even better after I actually left the house and did something. I think I need to stop this wanting to stay safe indoors crap and move on.
The weekend's nearly here. Maybe we'll go do something for once.
Sorry if I've been a bit loopy Lou this week. I'll be ok.
I know my self esteem is at rock bottom. I don't want to talk to anyone, see anyone, do anything, My hair is a mess. I look dreadful and I'm putting on weight. I realise my blog has been pretty crap this week. Sorry guys. But I'll try harder. Just don't forsake me ok?

Pretty in pink clink

Ananova - Pretty in pink
Image Hosted by
"Hardened criminals were forced to wear nothing but pink underwear, flip-flops and handcuffs to walk to their new prison in Phoenix Arizona"

Why all the fuss? I told you before pink is the new colour for men this Summer. But flip flops? They're a no no...Don't you go buying yourself flip flops Dan.

Image Hosted by

"If you're going to wear a pink suit, make it seersucker. (A good tan helps pull off the look.) Also, you can separate the seersucker pieces, perhaps pairing the jacket with jeans.

Pink doesn't have to mean country club. Get the urban-preppy look by wearing pink with work boots, loose jeans or a chunky belt.

Introduce pink into your wardrobe with accessories, such as a watch strap or hat, maybe a Kangol-style cap."

Pink caps? Pink watchstraps? pink with work boots and chunky belts? Noooooooo

(Footnote: quote "More than 700 inmates made the two-mile journey - dubbed the Walk-A-ConĂ¢ - chained by the ankles and wearing nothing but their tattoos and the pink apparel"
A Daisy-Chain?)


I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. Tossing and turning and dreaming crazy stuff. Woke up at 4 (didn't sleep till 1 am).
I was going to go back to bed this morning but I didn't feel tired. Oddly. RT came round with her cute little one. It was really nice, really normal to sit and talk. When she went she asked me if I wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. To be seen out in public.
after she went I phoned the psychiatrist's office and spoke to his secretary. To my relief she was really kind and told me the doctor I saw was a locum. She didn't seem surprised that I didn't like her and said she'd sort it. I feel a bit better now.
I went to the local shops and got some food and stuff. One good thing about those shops is you can go there looking like the bride of Frankenstein and no-one gives you a second glance.
Ok work tomorrow so I have to build myself up to it. I was meant to be in today and they change my off duty. I just rang up and they are v v v busy!! Oh Good I'm not there.

Vicky Pollard wouldn't call it that.

BBC NEWS Health Nurses warn over teen group sex:

"Teenagers are taking part in a group sex activity known as 'daisy-chaining', nurses have claimed.
School nurses at the Royal College of Nursing's conference in Harrogate said colleagues in parts of London had become aware of the practice. "

Where the fuck do they get this from? Ok so you're a teen into a bit of experimenting (maybe) and you have these 'sex' groups? So you go tell your school nurse?
In my day the school nurse was an old battle axe called Bertha who looked like she needed a good shag to sort her out tbh.
Hmm I wonder where on earth they got this from. What part of London? Damn it they must be bored. Most teens I know wouldn't remove their oversized Rasmus jumper for fear of showing off their flesh. So the thought of performing sex acts in front of lots of others? (I'm not talking normal BF stuff here)
I think all you parents of teens out there shouldn't fret too much about this. The school nurses presented this to the board to show how their role as changed from nit nurse and giving the rubella jabs.
But I have to say that your average school nurse really wouldn't see this kind of extreme activity.
Daisy Chaining? In my day it was called being the School Bike.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I wanna hold your hand

Image Hosted by

How sweet. What kind of oil?


About an hour ago I remarked to the girls that I hadn't seen Bailey for a while. Then we get a call. 'Have you lost a kitten?' I was a bit stunned. Have I? 'She's tabby with a huge red heart name badge' hmmm yes that's the brat. She was a long way away. Must have wandered off and got lost. Finally found a house she fancied and sat crying by the front door for ages till they let her in. What am I going to do with her?
BTW, my sister has got Danz a hampster. It's coming here tomorrow. Into the jaws of death, the house with three mice catching cats. Hope it has a last night of peace. Least that thing won't sit on my car and put muddy paw prints over the roof, bonnet and windscreen.
Oh also other neighbour news. I wonder if the guys around me are beginning to accept me. Not that I do anything much. But the local street gang (10 year old boys) were apparently round the back of my car trying to scratch it. A neighbour opposite came out and told them to leave that car alone. They gave her a mouthful of abuse but moved on. I know who they are...... and their mums would KILL them. Posted by Hello

Judge Sloop rides again

Living as trinity...judge sloop

So Judge Sloop hits the headlines again. The 56 year old Florida Judge has had a full psychiatric evaluation, after he wrongfully sent 11 people to jail in December 04.
He says his ADHD made him do it. Now he's back in court seeing minor cases only.
What a bunch of crap. Being a Judge is a vitally important job. They more often than not make decisions on peoples lives alone. Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder is a problematic disorder for suffers and those around them
Here's a check list for sufferers

Are you told you fidget a lot of the time?
Are you generally restless and unable to sit still for as long as others?
Are you impulsive?
Do you find it hard to stop and think before doing or saying anything?
Are you sometimes in difficult situations because you have reacted angrily or even violently?
Are you known to have a hot temper and mood swings?
Do people say 'I never know where I am with you'?
Is it hard for you to concentrate?
Do you start projects and then abandon them?
Are you disorganised at work and at home?
Have you lost jobs because of poor time-keeping or because it's hard for you to stick to a task?

Looking at this list. I think Judge Sloop needs to retire or move onto a less demanding role where the general public aren't put at risk of bad decisions.
ADHD Suffers can lead full and successful lives. Great people with a lot to give but when it starts affecting ordinary peoples lives around them, something needs to be done.
Besides. He's a jerk.

The Colour of blood

Image Hosted by
OK Daniel, would you ride this baby??

Think Pink

My New lacy pink Blouse came from Ebay today (99p) and it was blue. Other news. The Anne Geddes Address book is selling but the rest is still waiting for new homes to go to. And the soap isn't mouldy old soap, Shaly's mommy!

Robert Downey Junior notices Lorraines baps


So Robert Downey Junior, the actor turned pop star causes a bit of a stir commenting on Lorraine Kelly's cleavage on Morning TV. Apparently Ms Kelly was thrown completely off of middle aged alignment and for a moment had her mind taken off of Stuffed Peppers and colonic irrigation.
Rob has released an album called 'The Futurist' it's meant to be some sort of Sting soundalike. I heard some snippets on one of those 'Buy it at Woolworths' and get a free copy of 'All dogs go to heaven' adverts last night. It sounded dreadful.
Commenting on Ms Kelly's ample knockers isn't going to throw us Brits off the fact that you suck Robert.

Review "For Love Nor Money" 26/4/05

It's 1977-punk, Abba, and the Silver Jubilee. Two teenage girls Mel and Jo make a promise to leave the estate together.
1979- Mel leaves for a new life but Jo stays behind
2005- Mel returns to the estate with a new Role
Will anything ever be the same again??
'For Love Nor Money' is a play about friendship, roots and the choices people make.
The play had been devised by six women from Hartcliffe, Withywood and Lawrence Weston, who have used their own experiences as a basis for the story. Full of comedy and the dilemmas of real life and tackles issues relevant to people living in Bristol.
The play has been touring 8 different communities in Bristol from 19th April to 7th May and will be shown at a drama festival In Holland soon.
An art project by "Acta

I got dragged along by Abby's teen drama fiends to this is fantastic show last night. All the characters were played by Bristol women with no prior acting experience. All I can say is they rivaled the best.
The acting was fantastic, funny and warm. Thought provoking and sometimes sad.
The lead Characters of Jo and Mel were cleverly played at first by younger women and then moving on 26 years in a clever manoeuvre.
They also all played a group of elderly ladies with compassion but hilarity. At one point they came out into the audience and sat on the knees of men. They had the audience in stitches with a comment of 'Oooh you got nice ginger hair...Are you ginger elsewhere?'
The play delivered a powerful message to people living in these council areas. Now I thought it was going to say...Get out, get away and live a bit. As Mel did. She went to London got a degree and moved to Canada for most of her life. Had an unsuccessful marriage and came back. But Jo stayed in the estate. Married Mel's boyfriend. Got a successful job at the Citizen's advice. Ran a playgroup, old peoples lunches and Bingo was popular and extremely worthy and respected by all around her.
Basically make what you will with your life no matter who you are or where you live.
I'd recommend this to anyone...To the Prime Minister to see. Those women held the audience from teenagers to the elderly in their hands. Well done (ps one of them was played by a student nurse who was placed on my ward a while back...Well done Sarah)

Bristol Yesterday

The harbour behind the hospital. Pretty tranquil place on the whole

Yesterday the Sun came out in the afternoon. Across the water there's a really good pub and you can sit outside in the summer.

The lull before the storm. The gargoyles trying to tell me something. A few people have written or called to say I wasn't overreacting. I do selectively listen but I tried so hard not to yesterday because if I don't listen to my psychiatrist that's bad. But I'm ok. We went out for an hour last night. I was ok but cried again when I got home. I feel a failure to be honest. I feel that all the people who know and love me are willing me to be better and get well and take control. And this woman doctor made me feel such a bad failure. As if I should be moving on, coming off the pills and being 'normal'. But...With three psychiatry appointments? And the last one said stay on the pills? I'm confused as hell.
I think the worse bit was that she seemed to think that there wasn't really anything wrong with me. Now on one hand that's good. Ok I'm 'normal' hooray! But on the other hand. You lot KNOW that's not true. The highs and lows and the compulsive behaviour. The low self esteem. The anxieties and worries. Now if I'm am really ok...Then what are they all about. Me as a person, failing. Just Trin being useless and pathetic. Unable to cope with life. Everyone else is able to cope except me?
I've come away feeling far worse and less self confident than I have in months. Now do you see why I don't want to go back? OK now I want to try put this behind me. I won't go on about it anymore. Back to being Trin... I'll find something cool to post about. Hugs xxx

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Appointment

I got to write about today but try not to judge me ok? I see a psychiatrist. Not often...Maybe once every three months. Just to keep an eye on me supposedly.
Well this past few weeks have been hard. I've been ok, but stuff like my memory and my anxiety levels have raised a lot. I knew I had an appointment coming up and people around me seemed to be glad. I think they felt I needed to talk.
I usually get anxious prior to these appointments. I dislike dragging stuff up. I don't like getting upset. I like to try to stay calm. Anxious gets me upset. Upset has consequences for me and my girls. They feel it. I take ages to recover.
But today I was strangely ok. I've seen him before. He's calming and in control. He seems to understand. He has a way about him. I wanted to tell him stuff.
So I go. I was calm. I took pictures of the boats by the car park. It was sunny. I walked round the old forbidding building. There's a defunct fountain outside with gargoyles on it. I thought about how inappropriate it was. Those gargoyles were grotesque.
I went in. Signed the book. I hate putting my name in there. That's the book that says Trinity comes here because she needs help. They have my name.
I saw my doctor. He smiled. Then a woman called me. Come this way she said. I didn't know who she was. She said I was to see her today.
I asked her who she was. She was a junior doctor but she was a junior psychiatrist. I was still ok with that.
She asked me how I was.
I hate that question. How am I? Well how AM I? How do you explain to a woman you've never met before, who doesn't know you from Adam how I am?
I don't know how am actually. I didn't say that. I said I was worried. I told her that work was worried about me a bit. My anxiety levels, my inability to let go. My memory and concentration.
Actually, I lost it a bit when I told her about the control thing. I got upset and tried to stem it.
She ignored it. She asked what tablets I was on. She asked why I hadn't reduced them yet. I got confused. My Doctor told me to stay on the same dose last time. She said when I left psychiatric hospital they told me to reduce the dose.
I began to freak inside. I have NEVER been in a psychiatric hospital but she was adamant and part of me doubted myself (silly cow I am)
She said I wasn't depressed and hadn't been so for some time. So I needed to come off the meds.
I told her I was up and down a lot. Sometimes I can be up and down in cycles throughout the same day. It's very wearing.
So she surmised. As she could see, I was a bit up and down ...But did I know that everyone gets a bit up and down now and then? Plus she could tell I lacked energy at times.
I tried to tell her about the money spending.... She said that was silly. I have to stop buying stuff but that it was perfectly normal. Lots of people get themselves a little boost from shopping.
I have no idea which part of it really started the roll. But I began to feel insecure, I picked up my bag and kept opening it. Looking at my car keys. I told her she was making me feel bad, a loser. She said she certainly wasn't doing that.
I stood up and said I have to leave and burst into tears of frustration and resignation. No-one understands. How could they. It's hopeless it's all totally hopeless. I flew out in a flurry of tears and sobs. Hard hopeless sobs. Pathetic really, totally pathetic trinity. As usual, crap me can't even talk to a doctor.
I couldn't get out of the locked front door, someone released the catch and I left. I sobbed all the way to the car. I got in and sat there for ten minutes crying. I thought about driving over the edge into the water (yep fucking stupid I know)
then I drove home. I cried at Abby and she told me not to go there again. She doesn't like them, they made me cry.
But after I calmed down, my mind turned once again to being a nurse.
Now where is the caring face of the NHS. Someone leaves your room distressed and crying. No one came after me to check I was ok...Well ok they're busy.
But no-one called to check I got home ok or find out what was wrong.
What's the point? I don't know. I guess this is my bed and I have to lie on it. Wash the sheets, plump up the pillows and try to make the best of it.
Can't afford a new headboard lol.
I don't ever want to go back there again. But was it my fault? Did I over react again? Am I stupid?

American bigotry Life | Raped by statute
I cannot believe the total difference between ours and the American Justice system.
Look at poor RT, threatened in her own home. Suffering months of crap. The police simply aren't interested.
But in the States, the cops are OTT. I remember being in NYS and the police cars hiding behind buildings trying to catch car drivers doing a few miles over the speed limit so they could haul them in.
America seems to be pretty full of bigots. Why have they turned so badly on Gay people?
Teenagers explore. I did some pretty imaginative exploring myself as a teen. 17 years for exploring? My God that's paramount to some middle ages punishment. And the Americans have 'liberated' Iraq from dictatorship and oppression? Hmmm.

The crap I sell on ebay

Avon Tigrrr Bath Soap 1970's in box unopened
You know a lot of these Avon things are very collectable. I have to laugh though..will anyone actually buy it? We will see.

Peoria Pundit's worthy blogging advice

Peoria Pundit on Blog*Spot:

Bill is a wise old blogger (ha if he reads this he'll kill me!) This piece he wrote is important to read and think about. My dear lovely good hearted mate RT is having such a rough time at the moment with various stuff and sadly she's decided not to continue with her blog. Sad for the rest of us as we enjoyed her thoughts.
She wrote nothing but the truth at all times. She's a decent good person. Just fed up of having to put up with the more anti social aspect of society at times. And things are different in America. The cops are harder and less tolerant and you can expect for them to do something about problems.
I watch Peaches Geldoff last night on Sky One.
It was really all about how hard the transition for child to adulthood is. How peer pressure is such an over whelming aspect of life. How they need to belong, be part of something. The need to rebel and be seen as something different.
Why rebel though by destroying part of the area around you? Probably because they don't know any difference.
I know a lot of Abby's friends read this sometimes. All I can say is search for the beauty in stuff. You might think all of this school stuff now is a pain and a chore but try your best. Get a career going. Learn to drive! Don't end up in the eternal rutt of living on social and never having any money.
Experience lots of things. Don't marry the first one who asks you. Try to travel and see other cultures. Listen to music and be passionate about it. Open your minds and hearts. See the plight of others. Be part of a brave new world that you lot are going to build and run. The future belongs to you. Don't waste it guys. Love you.

Oh No

The cats have hit a button badge, shaped like a Christmas tree with a little post for the back, into the printer...where the paper goes. We couldn't understand why it wasn't working but Abby noticed it yesterday and tried to get it out. But succeeded in pushing it further into the machinery. Now we can't even see it. What am I gonna do?? Help.

Jesus goes hip

MP3 the bible. Jesus is a cool dude. I bet he'd have an IPod.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Baby Grand Piano well it begins with P

The Baby Grand Piano
Why would ANYONE want to photograph all these penises and compare them to a Grand Piano?
When I first saw the pictures I had to look twice (or maybe three times)

"Baby Grand is a photomontage of the Piano Keys.
The keys are photographed images of 88 penises,
52 White & 36 Black
Touch, Black & White, Circumcised & Uncircumcised"

So all you men out there. Have you ever thought of your genitals as a potential piano key substitute? Apparently it 'came' to her in a dream. Lots of things come to me in dreams but I don't go out doing them (well not all)
Wonder if they can play Chopsticks?

More bad news

Living as Trinity: The Horses

Harry My sister's horse went to Langford today. The vet's teaching school. Centre of excellence. He was going for an Xray of his lungs as he'd continued to bleed from his lungs and mouth. But this last week he'd stabilized a bit more and seemed a little better. As expected they had to take Shaun (the other older horse) as well, he won't do anything without Shaun and they didn't want to stress him. The Vet arranged for a friend used to transporting sick horses to take him but my sister and bro-in law followed behind in the car. Only three miles into the journey the horse trailer stopped. The driver said he felt something was wrong. When they looked Harry was down and bleeding. They rang the vet and he said close the door and get him to Langford ASAP. So they did. But when they arrived it was too late he'd died.
Poor Shaun was a bit shocked at it all. My sister was so upset. Horses are so beautiful and have such huge personalities.
They're going to do a post mortem to see what was wrong but I think it was possibly a tumour.

Trin learns something? Nah

Today was a hospital mandatory study day. As normal I wasn't organised and thought it started at 9.30 (I was wrong it was 9.00)
Abby threw a sickie at me as I was getting ready to go. Said she was ill, tummy ache. Still not sure about it, but she looked fine to me when I got home. Hmph.
So I set off and the traffic was light, the traffic lights were all green and it was looking good. Then the Bridge swung and as I hit the Cumberland basin the traffic was stacked right back to the Long Ashton Bypass. So I detoured through town, tediously and was very late.
I missed the whole first lecture (thank God). The second lecture was Paediatric life support. A very basic refresher. Did you know over 400 kids a year in this country still die from choking? Apparently the main culprits are cherry tomatoes and grapes. These things are so soft that when you do the tummy thrusts or bang on the back all they do is collapse a little and not budge. The trainer recommends cutting them at least in half before you give them to kids. Even 5 year olds can choke on them.
Then we had fire safety. An old guy, one of these I used to be a fire officer type. Very dull and preachy, ok the topic is important but I didn't like his style of lecturing. Also he seemed to think he was clever he used BIG words in incorrect places. Nothing annoys me more than someone using a 'big' word to make themselves seem intellectual but using it wrong. He kept using the word generic as a fire reference and then said something was ambitious instead of ambiguous. As a consequence I couldn't get my head around his lack of language understanding so switched off.
The Food hygiene. Oh God BIG yawn. FFS we're nurses? We know about bloody cleanliness. Plus as baby nurses we're obsessed with cleanliness. But she went on and on and on. Never put food on the floor. Duh, never reheat food that already been reheated (I'm going to sleep now) Never pick up cups of hot tea by the rim always use the handle (I want to kill her)
Then Lunch. Best part of the day.
Then manual handling. No we don't get to manhandle men. Damn shame that. We had to answer questions about the health and safety act of 1974 and then get into groups and practice getting patients from the floor to the bed etc. BUT nowadays we aren't allowed to lift anything! Too risky for litigation. Then we had scenarios. I had to be a 9 year old boy called Ryan with severe arthritis and they had to get me out of bed into a chair without lifting me.
Ha! I made their lives hell. I kept yelling for the playstation and telling them they didn't do it right. Just like a real 9 year old. Least they laughed at my bit.
So it finished at 4.30. I was brain dead by that time. Had to come home and sleep. Too much info.
Thank God it's over for another year.

more $$$$ than sense

eBay 1968 Hot Wheels Redline Over-Chrome Aqua Custom T-Bird
I know boys like their toys and their little collections but WTF? over $7000 for a toy car? wow!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The sweet and the ugly

How can I be mean to her. She's just so sweet. Taylor however isn't sweet. Danz was at the front window , looking out. Minding her own business when he jumped on the window sill. Now he thinks the window sill is his and without warning he attacked her neck. It bled badly and looked like she's been attacked by a vampire. One of the bites even has a bruise under it. Abby thinks she looks cool now. Typical. Posted by Hello

My dull little Sunday

Well we got the bed together. Took a bit of effort and we didn't have a bloody Allen key so there's a fair chance it'll collapse in the night. Tee hee.
I sold all 7 things on ebay, so that was a good first start to my new career as an internet Del Boy. We found several things at my Nan's yesterday that I'm now selling. Not sure if they will but you never know!
Fed up being really tired all the time. Also not sleeping and waking up all hot and sweaty...sounds gross? I promise I'm not. It's either my age ot those bloody tablets. I'd love one day to be free of them.
Only place I went today was Iceland. Iceland still have a 'sale' on. Today's sale items were ace. I had five huge bags full for twenty quid. I think I'm food storing now after last month. Anyone would think we were preparing for nuclear attack.
Bailey's escaped into the garden. She loves it out in the dark and she won't come back. Little sod's playing games with us. She lies in the road and leaps out of the way of cars at the last minute. Ratbag.

Spooky Japanese Fairground

I found these pictures on a website in Japanese so I have no idea where it is, but the pictures just make me shiver. Image being there at night. A place where all your worst nightmares of clowns and diembodied people come true. I have a real fear of places that used to be used but now lie empty. Like abandoned Cinemas and hospiatls. Imagine all the people that died in a hospital all those ghosts.....
I wonder why this Fairground closed down? Imagine being on a rollercoaster at the top of the abandoned line going round and round and no one to ever stop it.

Kasabian star injured at concert

BBC NEWS Kasabian star injured at concert

Now why would you pay to see a gig and throw a bottle at the band and stop the show? What a total idiot. Sadly there are a few in this crazy old world.
I don't agree with chucking stuff at bands or artists. The Reading Festival last year? when 50 cent was pelted off stage? Well that was a disgrace. I detest 50 cent but he was asked to perform there (stupidly) and whatever we think of someone, attacking them is criminal and totally uncivilised. Particularly at Festivals there's plently else to go see. Another two or three stages at least, plus shops. If no-one goes to watch them...They'll get the message.
Now look at dear old Kylie at Glastonbury. Now I'm not a big fan of Kylie. A few years back, she hit the scene with her brand of pop that really hit the mark at the time. She was sassy and spot on, sexy and cool. But what happened after 'Can't get you out of my head?' She slid. Like she always has done in her career. Basically Kylie is too old. And it keeps showing through. I don't mean her age FFS I mean in her outlook and ability to change. That last song 'I believe in you' was just awful. The chorus was like some awful night time cats choir. Pop at it's worse. Kylie is hot to those over 40's men who wish their wives had an ass like that still (or ever). Kylie's image is still sexy but kylie's career as a hot pop star is over.
So we get to see her at Glastonbury. The last group at Glasto should be like Radiohead. I still get shivers thinking of the crowd singing Karma Police back to Thom.
Still, I guess everyone will be so pissed up and stoned at that point we'll probably hear the ultimate cat's choir as they all sing "Now I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. believe in youuuuuuuu".

Bed building

Today we are going to put a bed together for Abby. My mum brought a pine one up from her old house. Trouble is we're a mattress over and it's a new one. Too good to ditch. But Abby's is an expensive one I got a few weeks back.
Now you know my track record with putting stuff together. Remember the toilet lid incident? So I'm a bit nervy about this momentous project. Mind you...It's only Abby! If it collapses at 3 am she probably won't wake up anyways. She doesn't really wake-up till midday. Until then she's the living dead, with a temper to match the most demonic Zombie.
So wish me luck.

I just knew there had to be a reason

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCinderella to blame for EVERYTHING:

"LONDON: Young girls who enjoy classic romantic fairy tales like 'Cinderella' and 'Beauty and the Beast' are at greater risk of becoming victims of violent relationships in later life, a British researcher says. "

So basically Cinderella's the culprit. I loved traditional Fairy tales. So does this transmit to other stuff.
If you liked Little Red Riding Hood are you more likely to be scared of animals?
What about The Three Little Pigs? Would that put you off of getting a mortgage?
Would Snow White make you prefer short men?
Do the people around here with massively overgrown gardens believe some saps gonna bust in and save them like Sleeping Beauty.
Umm we already know what happens to the Peter Pan Lover!

pump up the election

Image Hosted by

Best thing about this election are these posters. Damn I need to stop crying at extreme house maker over and go to bed.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Fluffy girl

Image Hosted by
Unashamed Bailey picture. Bailey has been a little bugger today. The weather is awful so she won't go out, but basically I MADE it rain. So I should be punished. She's taken paint off the woodwork, ripped my poster of London Bridge, ran around the house with a drawing pin in her mouth and wouldn't give it back. Plus been ultra pissy. BUT I saw some really adorable baby kittens today. Born in the night at RT's house. Keep saying 'I can't have another one, I can't have another one'

Saturday Yay

Today is St Georges day in England. You know I posted more about St David's day...Wonder why? I think maybe the Welsh have more pride in their heritage maybe? Well it's my parents 45th wedding Anniversary. And on my feelings about marriage? Glad it's them not me! Today I had to get up early to take Abby to the UWE thing and then see a doctor about my accident a while back. I was really worried as I didn't know where we were going and I hate seeing new doctors. Anyways it was in a really smart hotel and he was really lovely, well mannered, looked Egyptian. An Older man but rather attractive and he had the smoothest hands I ever felt. He also had a huge bloody dog in the room with him....Who knows maybe he's been attacked by some amorous women in the past? On the way home I got hopelessly lost. I don't know North Bristol very well, ended up driving round in circles. The weather was horrendous, it was dark and wet. I took this picture near the city centre to show what a terrible day it is here. I visited my lush RT this afternoon and gave her lots of hugs. She's ok, she's strong and good and has a pretty wonderful husband....Who I have a big bone to pick with (not that kind of bone you dirty minded readers) , you swine Julian. You made me watch Extreme makeover Home edition all afternoon and I cried twice. Grrrrr Posted by Hello

Election Dinner serves me cold

Election 2005 | Second helpings of school dinners

Is it me or is the election dull this time around? I'm not a great one for politics at all. The most exciting thing that's happened during this election build up was 10 Downing street being destroyed by our own missile in Doctor Who tonight.
This school dinner thing? Well in principle I agree with Jamie Oliver. But as a single mum on a minimal wage. I simply can't afford them anymore.
I had a difference of opinion with my dad today. I said that I thought John Prescott was a twat but that Tony Blair was actually a good looking and charismatic man. He said I was a bloody typical silly woman.
Hmph. I don't think so. A leader has to be charismatic. The best ones can get people to do anything. Look at those cult leaders. (not that I'm saying Tony is a fanatical cult leader of course)
Anyway in far more interesting news. Dr Who was cool tonight. I do like it and the kids are totally hooked. But I can't wait to see those bad boys The Daleks next week.
Ha! Are you watching That dancing rubbish on BBC1? Good old BBC. We have chart topper Tony Christie Singing his number one hit 'Show me the way to Amarillo' and his mic doesn't work. I love it when it goes wrong. Bet he's so pissed off.

Return of the Sponge

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usToday Sponge Female Contraceptive:

"The Today- Sponge, once the most popular over-the-counter female contraceptive, has won re-approval for marketing from the Food and Drug Administration"

How exciting not
So the fiddly thing you have to stuff into position returns. Can someone tell me what it has to do with the food commission?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Image Hosted by Up up and Away, You dastardly sperm!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.useBay can adapter

Do you like canned drinks?
Do you just hate drinking from the can? Yes?
Well this is for you. The pink plastic can adapter, pops over your can and hey presto.
Apparently it reduces spills
FFS if you're spilling from a can you're totally pissed man.

I did laugh at the comment...Comes from smoke free home. An essential selling point :P

Several things are wrong with this item.
Number one if you hate drinking from a can, pour it into a fecking glass....For heavens sake.
It looks like some extension to a baby bottle. You know those teacher beaker spout things.
And maybe I have the dirtiest mind in history but it also reminds me of a certain sex toy. Are you thinking what I'm thinking............

Friday, April 22, 2005

bon nuit

Image Hosted by

I just spoke to RT. Wow, she's had a bad day again. Seems half the surrounding neighbours know about her website and have been reading it. Poor girl. She feels violated. I had that happen to me once and it wasn't a good experience. Anyways her site is locked so if you want to read it you need to email her, or even me and we will vet you.
Actually I will vet you. It won't take long. Just a day spent with me whilst I analyse you, check your vital statistics and give you a good going over with a warm towel. It won't hurt a bit.
Her husband is adorable. He's offered to come mend my back gate. But not quite sure if that's not some code. Maybe he'd put a chain on the front door for me though. I need a chain. But never having used a drill before, it's not possible for me to put it on.
I just had a call from an old friend. Damn I miss him, wish we could talk more. Sometimes I get jaw ache with the need to talk. This is ok, but you don't answer me back!! He's so wise too.
Wise and attractive. A rare combination.
Nite mates xxx

Sigur Ros

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSigur Ros to play two UK shows - NME.COM

Why do Manchester get all the good stuff? I saw Sigur Ros a couple of years ago in Bristol and I got their albums. Lush genius music. If you don't have a cd in your collection, then it's not a collection (says Trin)
I did a review of the gig for PopKitten but I'll post it here for you again... It's prob crap but maybe shows how much I enjoyed it. A Sigur Ros gig isn't just a gig but an Experience.

I saw Sigur Ros play live at Bristol Uni at the end of 2002. I went with a friend who was a dedicated fan, she stood right in the front hanging over the railings and later recounted tales of guitarists playing with bows and strings breaking and the mesmerising picture of musicians playing their heart out with eyes closed and sweat pouring off them.
I went to the back, dunno always been a back person. I like the watch the people as well as the band. I'd been warned that the music is intense and they were right. It was loud but not hurting loud rather like unable to think of anything but the music loud. The hall was filled with floating light images. From all different angles swimming round and round and bouncing off walls and people and floors.
After about 15 minutes gradually people started to sit down, or rather fold like a pack of cards onto the ground. People slumped against the walls with eyes closed and temples furrowed in complete concentration. Couples lay out on the floor holding each other tightly. The music was totally enveloping seeping through every sense and taking you to a far away place. Sometimes it was music to cry to, sometimes music to hope to. Music to repair the damaged psyche.
After it was all over and we'd applauded like the gratuitous crowd we were. I felt like I'd been through something spiritual.
I'll never forget it and highly recommend the experience if you get a chance.

Friday...And it's over thankfully

I'm knackered. We didn't stop today. We must have had over 25 admissions. Most
needed bloods, cannulas, urine tests. The list seemed endless and there was never any let up in the constant stream. I was ok though, I wasn't in charge. My lovely Pat was and she's a strong leader. Loads of little problems to sort out though, loads of stroppy phone calls from people. Lots of really cute kids though. One adorable child with pink shoes that I wanted!!
And so it ended and I made my way to Sainsburys. TBH I was too tired to shop after all that but the though of going home Like Old Mother Hubbard was too much.
Abby and Danz went to the fair. They only went on two rides though. Abby (newly found penny thrift) considered two quid a ride far too much to pay. Then they waited outside a pub for 1/2 hour for me to pick them up. I took ages in the shop. My God those Sainsburys till girls are slow.
On the way home Abby told me all about her gifted and talented workshop in UWE. It was ok.... She unenthused. She met some kids from Briz school she once went to. Only three of them turned up from her school. Her and two lads. Then at dinner time her Art teacher told her and Ross that they actually weren't gifted OR talented. It's just that they were the only two she thought would definitely turn up. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.
So now I'm home with a full fridge and facial scrub. What more does a girl need.

Pay Day (does cartwheels)

Pay Day Hurray! Finally. This month I'm going to be so sensible (hopefully). This morning I got up early and got electric gas and petrol, dished out money to the kids. Today we are solvent.
Now I'm off to work a 12 hour shift.
Damn I don't think the lager was a good idea last night, though I was pretty chilled. Not the answer though is it? But they do say a little wine is good for the soul (a little Jude, Clarrie and Steve!!)
Poor RT had a bad evening with the council Neighbours. I have faith in her that she'll sort it though. She's a strong woman. A good woman and a sexy woman :)
Abby is off to the University Art thing today. Not best pleased at having to get up and it's all boys going. She's got my ipod. Better look after it. It's full of priceless music.
I'm worried about tomorrow. I have to go see a doctor about that car accident. My hip still isn't right. But I hate hate hate seeing new people and talking about myself. Plus I don't know where I'm going. Oh I'll be ok :/
Right well have a good day all you internet junkies. Be good xxx

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm watching extreme makeover. I want an extreme make over too. Trouble is I'm not keen on pain. I love Queer eye too. I love this picture found on Fark. Wonder if they've finished the 'transformation' Ernie has such big ears. Did you know I have this huge fetish for men with lush big ears. I like it when they're cold, I like licking them. Damn I'm pissed. Better go sleep. Posted by Hello

They may be short but they aren't small

Chinese men measure up to others below the belt

"A group of scientists in Hong Kong spent five months from October last year measuring 148 ethnic Chinese volunteers aged between 23 and 93.
The average length of their flaccid penises was 8.46 cm, which compared favourably with similar studies on other men overseas".
Why does everyone else get the good jobs!! FFS, Why couldn't I get a job like that? /sulks

Anyways this is goood news because I love Chinese men. I reckon they have something. Have you noticed how they always look really youthful. By the way I have had several bottles of lager, which I now know I really like a lot.... a lot lot and those little green bottles lined up infront of me are so pretty

What am I gonna do with Abby? She's sat so close to the TV ...why? because the stupid idiot can't see it far back. Duh! the donut has glasses but she won't wear them.

Peaches Geldof

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLife's All Peaches And Cream

I'm quite ashamedly fascinated by the lives of some stars kids like the Geldof's. Their little lives have been marred by such tragedy yet they seem to have blossomed into feisty young women.
Sky one is showing a documentary about her on Monday at 9pm which promises to be interesting.
Funny, remember all those years ago when Paula called the girls, Fifi, Peaches, Pixie and Tiger Lily. The press coverage at such odd names? At least they got names. Aren't Michael Jackson's kids all called Prince Michael? Gwyn and Chris's baby is Apple. Madonna's Rocco and the Beckham's Romeo and Cruz.
It's cool to be different nowadays. Mind My ex wanted to call Abigail ..Abbie-Leigh. Sounds like a bloody building society to me. If she's been a boy I wanted Jordan, thank God she wasn't a boy. I really don't go for that name now at all.
(According to this website Cruz is pronounced Cruth. You can't call him that. Sounds like someone with a horrendous lisp. Say it Cruth Beckham.)

Blogger Probs...again

Blogger was down this afternoon not major problems but they've restarted a server apparently

Hi there sexy lady,

We have restarted the particular server that was causing these errors. If
you continue to have trouble with it, please clear your browser's cache
and cookies and then log in again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

with love,
Blogger Support

So if you're still having probs....follow the email. xxx

The Joys of living on a council estate

Strawberry pop-tart blow torches
Poor RT, what a scary day she's had. Instead of just putting her head down and ignoring things like vandalism and harassment she's trying to do something about it. The police came ages after it happened and basically weren't interested. I bet that shocked her as in the States, particularly smaller areas the cops are shit hot on dealing with anti-social behaviour.
Apparently, the threatener was a ugly humungous fat ass bitch with long black greasy hair and a beard. Ha, sounds just like the one I saw in Iceland last week.
No-one has the right to threaten someone else, scare them and scare their kids. We need to stick together and wipe out these anti-social elements of our society, but sounds like the boys family aren't much in the way of brain cells anyways. They don't even possess a pc. All this was done on hearsay and you know how scared the uneducated are of the WWW.
Amazing though, they are so tough, nothing scares them. Nothing can touch them. But the mere mention of a WEBSITE. Whoa.
*** footnote. The shoplifting duo just knocked on my door, they must be out of jail now. They had a sack of frozen food for sale. Dumbasses!

Save Me

Another interesting comic picture. Notice how the slut has her leg up so you can just glimpse her panties and her arms flung over the sides.
And those ropes? they don't look secure enough to tie up a cat. She doesn't need saving, she needs servicing before she explodes.
TNT? terribly naughty tart? Posted by Hello

Tragic George

George Clooney in great Shrinking horror. Say's he's the right height for a couple of things now though. Posted by Hello

Death By Meat

Ah the good old comics were the best. Full of innuendos and disturbing images. Here Blek man gets his comeuppance from a large spiced sausage. What a way to go! Posted by Hello