Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

Heidi and our pumpkin... Actually she hated everything to do with Halloween including the flashing eyed cat Spring brought over.
Heidi and pumpkin

my window
Our pumpkin in the front room window warding off evil spirits.
spring, small spring, a fool and a village idiot... apparently
Spring and a few random trick or treaters he picked up in the odd town called Frome.
Apparently they didn't get many sweeties.........

Happy Halloween everyone

Don't let the monsters get you!

I haven't got any kids this week. Abby is in Skegness with her college group and Danz is somewhere in North Wales. We took Spring's boy out trick or treating in Frome but he preferred it here dishing out sweeties to the passing Bristolian kids....
Some of which came by twice.... awww.

We're now watching a 'scary' movie with the pumpkin lit up in the window and the flashing skull lights round the door. I love Halloween.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

top dj's hit wiltshire

Well last night was the night of our good deed for the village and the Halloween disco. It was enormous fun. I got in a load of practise and loved it. It was so tiring though.... How do those Dj's do 12 hour sets?This is Alice and Danielle getting ready to light up the dancefloor.

Spring doing his Ozzy Osbourne impression... it's harder work for him. He had to lug the equipment around and set up the lighting rig.

We were joined by Ratty and his psycho brother Rat. I'll do a review on Tracks and Tracks if you want to take a look..... xxx

halloween cats

This Halloween costume is all mine!

I think she made a friend, though Bailey isn't entirely sure she wants to fulfill the mummy vs sparring partner role all the time. Least she doesn't hiss at her and thrown a fit when they are in the same room like Kizzy does. These cats are far more trouble than the kids!

Trouble? Me? I'm far too cute.

The latest thing... Sitting on the laptop when we are working with it... Because all attention should be on her and not the silly PC. Trouble is she locked the pc and we couldn't get it working again without a reboot.... grrrr.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


needless and irritating
I am still 2 1/2 months later getting irate calls by people I owed money to before the bankruptcy. Last week I had a nasty letter with a threat to visit the house. The girls have had really nasty Bailiff experiences in the past and I didn't want them worried if I wasn't here, so I called them. Thank fully they said they had received the bankruptcy notification that week and no further action would be taken. So I kind of though that was that. The notices had gone out and finally I could relax.... Um no.
Today I get back from work and the phone rings.
"Can I speak to Trinity please
"Well Trinity we are from Marsdens Debt collectors and we want to know what you intend to do about the money you owe BT"
Quick brain scan...BT??
"I have no idea what you are talking about"
"Ohh... Wait ummmm no not BT ummm Blogs catalogue then"
"Wow you're terribly professional aren't you?"
"It's not me rather my computer that caused that error"
"Well as Blog catalogue already know I was made bankrupt in August"
"Well if that's true, could you send us a copy of the bankruptcy then"
"I don't think so, You as debt people should know I can have nothing to do with you. The official receiver sends out such letters and I know Blogs catalogue will have their copy"
"Well WE need one too!"
I laughed to myself... The debt wasn't with them so why should myself or the official receiver deal with them? Truth is they won't.
He was most put out with me
"So I guess I shall just leave the debt on file like this then shall I?"
I really did laugh "Fine by me,goodbye!"

Trouble is I still get riled by them calling. I do feel bad about the debts, I do feel ashamed but they really do push it.
Tonight is the big night of our Halloween Disco in Warminster. I've been to work all morning, my ward is reopening Monday morning. I spent the day cleaning cots, making up beds and restocking. My bloody feet are killing me..... Best rest them otherwise my dancing capabilities will be compromised!!
"Welcome to the Black Parade"... Here we come.....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

rainy day monopoly

Why does she put all her toys in the milk? I already had to wash the purring cat she plays with.

Waiting by the cat flap for someone to come play with her.

Today Danz and Shaunie are playing monopoly. So far she's run off with the hotels and dice.

How can you tell her off though...Look at her little face!

She loves to chew paper. Here she helps Danz be a banker. The money has sweet little holes in it now. Remember never to leave a tenner around anywhere.

Eventually the excitement of Monopoly proves too much and she falls asleep. Thankfully.
It's another fun packed day at Trinity Mansion.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

films and freaks

don't leave me mummy!
Life is quiet. Shhh don't tell anyone but I'm actually very well. Spring is a bit better with more life than he's had for the past 3 weeks. The girls are on school holidays and being really easy. Things are good.
We went to see The Grudge 2 at the cinema last night. Abby was scared witless. Danz thought it was spooky but not too fazed. Spring laughed in the face of the Japanese school girl with the dirty dress and over long shedding hair. There was one bit in the film which had a train in it. He reviewed the film purely based around that scene. Genius I reckon.
I thought it was all crap with the odd spooky moment.... And the odd funny bit that wasn't meant to be funny. When the woman tipped the hot fat over her boyfriends hair and then caved his skull in with the frying pan was brilliant.
When we left the cinema it was strangely deserted. Not another customer or member of staff in sight. That was far spookier than the film TBH.
Hartcliffe is miserable. Bloody builders everywhere, the roads are muddy and those truck drivers are rude and inconsiderate. They're building the new Symes Avenue . The area is being gutted. It's hard to see how people are going to be able to shop there in that chaos. And of course they are STILL doing building work by the health centre. That's been going on for ages. I hate those bastards there, with their vans and diggers and bad parking.
But just when you think life isn't worth a packet of "the cheapest and most commonest sweets on t'market".
ho ho ho pilsbury dough you fat cow
From the inspired people who brought you the 'Princess Di garish pink teddy' and the 'Liverpool FC Satanic side table'... Comes the
'Pillsbury Dough Jacket'.
Feeling fat today?
Pop on your Pillsbury dough jacket and feel a darn sight better.
You know you have to.

Scarier than the Grudge.......

Sunday, October 22, 2006


somewhere to shove your cup of tea
Last week and this week I've found myself disturbed by the very back page of my TV Times. WTF are these? I really don't know which one is more hideous. Number one is the Liverpool FC side table at the bargain price of £149.75. Perfect for those hard to buy for footie fans, with a side table fetish. It even has a felt lined drawer to keep your coasters, pack of cards or condoms in.
Then the second week I turned over the TV mag to view this dreadful pink teddy Bear in the memory of Princess Diana.
"The 'England's Rose Bear' set at a humble £180 (least there was no 75p there)
Embroidered on one paw is a golden emblem to honour Diana's status as 'The Queen Of Hearts' and around her neck is a 18 carat gold plated necklace with a genuine swarovski crystal"

.... I mean WOW.
I want to be sick.
hideous pink, all done in the very worse possible taste!


Heidi with the train set we bought for the coach
So how are you this week Trin? How's life? How are you feeling?
I hate blogging when I'm feeling crap. But I guess I tend to move towards writing when I'm a bit low. Makes me feel better to tell someone.
I'm tons and tons better. Back to normal really. Feel normal and energetic again. Spring however is not at all well. I know I've given him Glandular Fever and I feel awful about it. He's also struggling with trying to make money and look after his child and drive 30 miles to see me.
Am I worth all of that?
I don't feel it at all.
So, lets move swiftly away from that. Did I tell you that I'm now the manager of the Somerset and Dorset railway catering coach? Me? Ms non cook 2006. I used to cook all the time years ago, It was a 'Good Mum' thing. Home cooked food. Cakes, scones, quiches. Then life got in the way and I kind of gave up. My Nan was the best cook ever. Her spotted dick was just to die for ;)
However my mother cannot cook for love nor money. Her best meal when we were small was instant smash potato spread on top of a tin of Fray Bentos Mince in gravy and baked beans.
The catering coach is very interesting. The people who go there are way more fascinating than any Soap drama.
My job is to make this lovely 1st class catering coach begin to make money. With as little input as possible... Don't get me wrong. I know I'll need to input time, but I already have a lot to do in my life. I guess it's something I can do with Spring though and he's the main draw.
Danz absolutely loves the catering coach. She's been there with me today. Washing up and fighting with the youth on the platform... You know as you do!
Danz and Paul the feuding pair
Today we decorated the coach for Halloween. Looks really cool actually. We also set up a model train in the coach. Crikey.... I'm turning into a train spotter.... Help...........
Collette's perfect sponge.
BTW remember my best mate Collette who was doing a cake making course at Bitton Railway. This was her cake. Very delicious too. I promised her I'd post the picture.
Not sure I'll ever do catering courses in the coach though!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hooray 8 days off now...

Well my week at work is over.... Yeah I know I don't actually do a lot! It went ok but I was so damn tired. Guess a month off and I'm just not used to it.
They managed to persuade me to book for the Christmas meal which is in some Moroccan restaurant (slightly odd) and they wanted me to bring Spring. They seem fascinated by him. Odd lot I work with. My manager spoke to me and asked if I was dead set on transferring to the Children's Hospital. Seems there's a opening in out patients with the paed consultants. It would be the better option for me. Hours the same. No weekends or bank holidays. Plus I get to stay where I'm settled.
The future MAY be brighter after all.
I just got back form that vile health centre again. More sodding bloods. Will they EVER leave me alone?
The room was full of the over 80's having flu jabs. Sat there with their sleeve rolled up ready. The room was heady with the smell of slightly stale urine. I do NOT want to get old you know. Round the corner was the motorised wheelchair park. Everyone who came out fired up there machine, hopped on and out they raced (well slight exaggeration there) wonder if getting old might be fun. We might have motorised helicopter things by then. Fly home, all dressed in red (they like red round here)
Unfortunately after I got out it was release time at the local zoo school. Hundreds of small kids going the opposite way to me. It was like forging through the tide. I'm always amazed at how many kids people actually have there was one with 5 boys ranging from one in pushchair, one toddling and three in school uniform. Then there was one woman totally dressed in white. Really tight white jeans, white top, white hoodie thing (no ears) and white/blonde hair with three black kids. Was she trying to make a statement?
They all got weird names like Keidis and Kharis and Karma Marina.
Home to their pot noodles and spaghetti hoops on toast. Sounds good. I better go cook by own council estate offspring something I guess. Now where's the tin opener?

Monday, October 16, 2006

difficult... what's best for David

Emotive subject? Madonna's adoptive baby David has apparently left Malawi on her private plane heading towards his new parents.
There's a poll on the BBC website that asks us whether we think Madonna should be allowed to adopt him. The balance is tipped to No.
Personally I cannot see what ultimate harm this can do to the baby. Destined for a life of poverty. No parents, in a Malawi children's orphanage... Surely this is better than that. Too much emphasis is being placed on his heritage. Instead on someone wanting to be his mummy. Maybe my views are too simplistic. Madonna, however, is a very good Mother. Lourdes and Rocco are well balanced brought up Children. So she wants to help and love a child whose disadvantaged. She wants to give not only to him but has given 1.5 million dollars to the orphaned kids of Malawi. Is she such a bad person? Does she deserve this public lashing?
I think not. I think there's an enormous amount of fecking jealousy in this world. So the child will be rich. Well good for him. So you objectors aren't rich. Tough.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Not everyone can love a baby you know lol
My neighbours have had some bad news this week. Her daughter moved back in with her when her baby was born... No idea how long for but she needed her mum. So some bastard has grassed her up to the council for not being a single occupier any more.
This also boils down to jealousy. That someone else is getting slightly more than them... I know if it worked out they were going to come clean eventually. The daughter works a few hours a week and doesn't claim any benefits. To me she's a hero. One of the good ones round here. Young with a baby but works over 10 miles away, catches the bus there and back. She deserves a medal not a fine.
So you reckon the fact that she wasn't paying the council a few quid a week takes from our public resources? You reckon she got what she deserved? I tell you, there's far far worse out there. People who have NEVER worked a second in their lives, whole families who live on Social security. How sad.
I was also most horrified by one of my myspace contacts today. She's 16 years old. American, and on her profile there's a space for her Heroes.
This is what she wrote
"whoever thought up the idea of smoking a plant that changed the world (for the better.)"

16 with that idea. 16 and her mind already set with such a horrendous concept. Is it cool in America to think that way?
It shocked me. Maybe she wants to shock but she'd be far better to be radical with her music, clothes or beliefs. Smoking kills. It's simple. I'm a bit sad about her.
Wonder when she's dying of throat cancer at 35, if she'll still believe in her childhood hero?
By the way this is my 3000th blogger post. If you've read many of those 3000 posts you deserve a bloody medal. Thanks for all the support through the black times and the better times. I really do love you guys.

I'm an official naturist!

The weekend was so good. This morning I'm left with a feeling of being slightly deflated. Back home. The house needs vacuuming. There's tons of washing. Knickers hung on radiators and chairs trying to dry. Cat litter scattered over the room. The cupboards are fairly empty. The washing machine leaked and the kitchen carpet is damp. Yeah, I'm back home.

Friday saw Spring quite unwell. Really tired and achy and I was worried we wouldn't make it. We stopped on the way down in this odd little pub and had dinner. There was this large table full of about 10 Essex women on there way somewhere. They were so loud, incredibly loud and brash.
Spring looked awful and went really pale. I thought I was going to have to drive.
We got there though. Drove through the gates and got out. It was quiet and looked like an ordinary holiday cam except the owner showed us to our caravan and as we turned the corner this little group of naked men and women sunning themselves all said hello.

Our caravan wasn't a caravan at all. Rather a mobile home and brand new and absolutely gorgeous. All wood floors and a kitchen to die for. Really big and comfortable. We unpacked and got our kits off. The weather was unbelievable. Really sunny and warm.

The best bit about naturism is swimming nude. There's nothing like it. No silly uncomfortable costume cutting off your groin circulation as you swim. The outdoor pool was closed as the season had just ended but they had an indoor one which was good.
We met some other naturists. Oddly they all seemed to be over 70. Friendly though. There's nothing like breaking the ice when all of you are undressed I guess.
Over the weekend a few younger people arrived... For the day I think. Then there were a few children. None of them undressed, but it made me feel odd. I'm not sure if it was the fact I was undressed around them or just the fact there were kids there. I like adult only holidays when I'm sans kids.
I kept ringing the girls. There was one hairy moment when the phone, TV and internet went down. A big telewest fault. Abby was besides herself. No internet? What was she going to do. Luckily 2 minutes after forcing my dad to ring up and find out what was going on it reappeared.

The onsite pub was good, really like a normal pub. Spring found it odd being nude in there. You're conditioned to wear clothes in a pub I guess. You do have to be dressed in there after 7pm. Maybe that's to do with it being a family centre? Not sure.

Spring seemed to get a lot better over the weekend. He even washed up once!!

He did have some rather odd dreams tough and woke up very angry one night saying that someone was trying to paint the whole train station Prussian Blue. He was so cross about it.
We were so chilled come Sunday. I really didn't want to go home. We'd paid for Sunday night too but Springs ex-wife wouldn't look after his boy so we had to come back at about 4 pm.
So back to normality. Work tomorrow. Half term next week... Actually I like that. Someone to help with this hyper kitten.
Wish I was back in South Hants though :(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Little Heidi

Isn't she sweet?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

TV hell

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI miss Spring not being here. I feel like I haven't seen much of him this week. Probably because even when he was here he was quite unwell.
Tonight there seems to be nothing else but TV. Now I went through a stage when I wouldn't even have the tv on but when you live with Miss TV 2006 with Charmed her chosen subject. That's impossible.
So I'm left here with TV on and as much as I try to ignore it, it's permeating my head.
Now take Eastenders. It's the kind of programme that even if you haven't watched for 2 years you can pick it up in seconds. Its a sad sad show. It's full of misery and despair. Mothers with Downs kids they don't want, teenagers in love with crooks, lies and more lies, cheating spouses. And who the fuck gives a toss about some ugly bloke called Minty whose GF is some Aussie con woman?
Tonight we had a Karaoke in the Queen Vic. Peggy singing something awful. It was the worst TV I have seen in ages. Sad that people are actually hooked on this and TAPE it.
Now she has on Veronica Mars. She's delighted Spring isn't here. Apparently he disturbs her Veronica Mars every Thursday and on the odd occasion she can't watch Charmed because he insists on watching University Challenge.
I'm so bored. I even read 'Pride and Prejudice' again today and 'Jo of the Chalet school'. Tophole reading... ooops slang.
We're off to our Naturist weekend tomorrow. This time it's in Fareham. Caravans (luxury of course) hope he'll be ok but least I won't be forced to watch vile TV.
Wish I could see more of him. Guess that will not be possible for many years.
Think I need to go back to work.

blogger down

It seems blogger has been down much of the day. Some major error somewhere. I checked status then the help group where lots of frustrated bloggers were fretting over not being able to access their favourite blogs.
However this afternoon the problem was sorted and all was well?
Well not quite. People were able to see others blogs but not their own. All they could see was a blank page. I had this too.
The forum had bloggers asking google employees why this was. And the response?
Well blogger is ok. It must be your internet connection. I nearly choked laughing. They were writing on a forum. If their Internet was down how could they be writing on an internet forum? Stupid idiots.
The problem was obvious. The internet faulty page has been cached by your own pc. I couldn't see lifeastrin on this pc but on Abby's laptop the page is fine.
So guys if your having trouble just go to tools (very top of page), internet options and clear your cookies and internet files including all offline content. Then all should be well.
Good luck

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

twats and bloods

Well, my results are almost normal and I shall be returning to the life of the employed next week (whoopee hmmmm) but the scan showed some liver disease so I shall also be going to see some liver doctor in the next few months. She also said that I've had glandular fever through all of this.... Must have been bloody mild as I haven't noticed but there are the blood results with it clear as day.
I also think I've given it to poor Spring whose quite unwell, with extreme tiredness muscle pains headaches and tummy pains. Aren't I nice?
The kids father had a birthday yesterday. I kept on for ages about them sending him a card... But nothing happened so I got one, made Abby sign it and posted it. He then rang 5 times, for various things. 'Had the girls remembered his birthday on their own or did I remind them'? FFS. 'Did I realise Abby was 17 next June and what was I doing for her birthday? Umm duh! AND did I ALSO realise that Abby was 18 the year after and if I was expecting him to pay out towards a party I'd have to say right now so he can start saving.
Someone tell me how I managed to marry a total twat?
So back to the land of the living goes Trin. I'm sure work will be THRILLED to have me back... I did laugh when they rang me this morning to ask how to use the outpatient computer programme. See they DO need me :)

miserable mumble......be ok later

Back to the doctors today. I'm really dreading it. I get so anxious sat there with all those other people. And she's ALWAYS at least an hour late with the appointments.
I had a very bad day yesterday. I was so down and miserable. I wanted the kids to come home which is something I haven't wanted for ages. Then I went to Asda for cat litter and bought 2 bottles of shower gel on offer... Which it seems weren't on offer. They'd forgotten to remove the offer sign. When the things came up at full price 4.45 quid! I asked if they could be taken off. Oh no... I had to go to customer services, wait in a queue of 12 people and had 10 minutes to get to Rainbow guides. I flipped. I was completely irrational and loony. It wasn't my fault. It was theirs and they were so unhelpful and slow. Finally they agreed to me having the offer and were going to refund the money I should have had but I thought stuff them. I got the whole. 4.45 back. I'll buy it elsewhere. Such awful service doesn't deserve my money. Bloody stupid Asda.
I finally got to Rainbows all wound up. Poor Collette must get pissed off with me being late.
She's always so calm and lovely. Why can't I be more like her?
She gives too much. She's never a taker,always giving. And SOME people take advantage of her. Grrrr. They'd miss her if she stopped.
Spring is here. He's still not well. Hope he'll be ok for the weekend. Another jaunt to naturist heaven... If it's bloody cold I shall be staying fully clothed. Hmmmm.
BTW Guess whose taking a perfect sponge making class at Bitten Railway next week? Yes. Collette. Look out for flat as a pancake pictures next Tuesday. She makes me laugh.
Maybe we should do cookery classes at the S&D, chocolate Crispie cakes anyone?

Monday, October 09, 2006

mexican day

The S&D Mexican Day went ok. It was bloody hard work and a bit stressy but mostly fun. Abby and Danz helped out a lot. Abby went in her Chef's gear and looked very professional. Danz did masses of washing up.
Some of the train volunteers were a bit sneery at the Mexican theme of the dinner. But what silly people. Mexican food is lush and basically it was their loss.
What did sell well were the desserts. Homemade Apple Pie and Bread and Butter pudding with custard. Anyways we made about 85 quid which was pretty good and we hope to do more things in the near future.

The catering coach is a Virgin first class restaurant coach and it's really cool. Lovely seats and rather posh. I'm going to decorate it up so nicely for Christmas. Maybe some of you could come see??
Think about it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

what did trin do today?

I think I love you
"You got all your homework WRONG young man. Detention after school for you"

Now it MUST be love when you get dragged along to a TRAIN AGM and actually stay the whole hour... Well I did nip out for 20 minutes to buy sweets I guess.
Spring said I was needed to boost the numbers. In fact they had plenty of numbers. Trouble was all they talked about was trains. How dull. It's a conversation killer when they try to talk to you at the end and you tell them you think trains are vile.
Oh well. Tomorrow is our Mexican day at the catering coach. And in true Mexican tradition I've made an apple crumble and a bread and butter pudding for dessert.
We got some tiny cactuses for the tables and some laminated Mexican flag images for place mats.
Abby is helping cook... Should be V interesting. Not sure she's looking forward to it that much ;)
I want a tee-shirt like that
You like Spring's Brassey and DJ Trin tee-shirt? We're doing a Halloween Disco in Horningsham if any of you want to come.
get it away from me mummy
Spring bought Heidi a kitten babble ball. I cost a fiver and when moved makes noises like birds and stuff. She's terrified of it. Hilarious really. Mind, least she won't break it like the rest of her toys. That kitten is a nightmare. She crawled over Springs face the other morning and cut his lip. He hasn't stopped crying about it yet!

Friday, October 06, 2006


I bloody hate that health centre. Oppressive dirty unfriendly place.
Spring arrived at 7pm last night looking like death warmed up and went immediately to bed. I slept on the sofa... It's horrible sharing a bed if your ill.
This morning I had to have bloods done... Again. My appointment was 8.45. I duly arrive. Wait 5 minutes even to book in at the reception. Then 1/2 hour to be seen. I needed my blood pressure done too. How long does a BP take? 20 seconds? They refused to do it as they were 'busy'. So I'm expected to make yet another appointment and go sit there and wait again in that disgusting room? They can go fuck off. I know my BP is fine. I check it at home and work. How ridiculous. Where's the looking after the patient and going that extra bit to make people feel welcome and happy.
I still have no results of the last 2 blood tests either.
I got out of the place. There were people stood outside in the pouring rain smoking and spitting... Yes spitting.
If only I never had to go there again... How wonderful. North Wales seems so inviting. Little country doctors. I lived in Knowle for a year. It's really rough there, full of young families etc. But the health centre is miles above that shambles down there.
Why do people put up with it?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

thursday tales

Busy little day. Danz had braces fitted this morning. I've been through it all before with Abby but she WAS nervous. Apparently it's 'cool' to have braces though (remind me to fit some on Spring) Then we nipped into town to get some Plan B and Mumm-ra tickets. I have always wanted someone to do gigs with. Spring loves Plan B. It isn't until February but what the heck. I can't wait.
I did read the Bristol Metro in the dentist waiting room. The free mag, I believe they have most places.
I was reading the readers letters.
Unbelievable what crap people actually write in and they publish.

Dear Metro
I was shopping the other day and was amazed how many people had thick winter coats on. I was concerned as to what they were going to do when the weather really does turn cold. They certainly won't feel the benefit.
Anxious from St George

Have they got nothing better to worry about?
I got Collette her birthday present finally. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night with the mad Cardiff lot. Should be fun. Italian... I like Italian food.
GTG Springs' here.
Be happy

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

get a devilish goat

Well, what to do about all of this? I had the most nasty attack last night. But today I've come to the point where either I have to do something about it or shut up. I guess I will have to see a consultant at some point. Crap.
You lose control when you go to these hospitals. They take over. I can't stand it. Hmmm and I'm a nurse? lol.
I've spent the day doing a Myspace for the S&D railway.Yep, unbelievably me. Spring wants to appeal to a younger range of people. It's easy to see the railway full of the over 60's. Pottering around. Painting trains with Prussian blue paint because they 'like' that colour (not because it has anything to do with the train)
Bringing in old books and bric a brac to the shop. We had a carrier bag full of readers digest condensed books (absolute crap) and a bread bin full of old crockery last week.
But in order to survive the place needs new blood. Youngsters with enthusiasm and get up and go.
I have always predicted the demise of churches because of it's inability to communicate with the young. But people say I'm wrong. Churches will always survive (unfortunately) they always have done. It was hard to see St Cuthberts surviving though with it's mean age of 93 and it's victorian views. Collette is still pissed that they asked us to remove the Halloween display last year. Display? Well a few nice shots of the Sweet little rainbow guides. Aged 5 or 6 with cat costumes or a colourful witchy outfits having fun.
So we had to take the pictures down, shamefaced. Right. Hope NONE of those children ever attend church.
I was going to do a Harvest display but seeing my aim was to be quite pagan, I think Coll was probably right in telling me not to bother.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

lack lustre performance

I'm really down today. It's all a bit pathetic really. I'm tons better, have much more energy and less pain and can see this all coming to an end.
Work called me a few times to see how I am. Part of me wants to get back to normal but there's a big bit that's fed up of it all. All the politicalness involving the big move. Where people will work. The uncertainty and worry. The CHANGE.
I just want to stay home and vegetate. Hopeless eh?
I'm tired all the time. I'm sure it's not the illness. I reckon that's about over now. It's me. Pathetic me.
Spring's gone home. I won't see him again until Thursday evening. I reckon he's grateful of some time at home. Must be hard running a house from 30 miles away. So I can sink gracefully for a while.
I'm a mess. I look a mess. My hair just lies on my head. The house is full of cat litter and kitten toys.
Come on girl. Snap out of it.
What would Plan B say?

Monday, October 02, 2006

hot news

Chimfex Fire Suppressor - SOLD OUT
"Due to a fire at the Factory the Chimfex product is no longer available. Chimfex Flame and Fire Suppressant combat chimney fires! Smother flames quickly, safely, NO water damage. Chimfex sticks are indispensable as your first line of defense for controlling fires that occur from creosote build-up in residential and commercial fireplace flues and other chimney exhaust systems. Fast, toss-in convenience allows you to react effectively to control flames and heat build-up during a chimney fire until professional help arrives"


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jaunty hat

Who is the sweet little boy in the knitted coat and jaunty hat tipped to the right? Is it my very own Spring?
How I love parents who dish out the baby photos.

And favourite picture number 2. Long ginger hair (bears a definite resemblance to Ron from Harry Potter) note the funky brown and yellow tank top knitted by his Gran, and that teddy bear?
One for prosperity I say.

saturday away day

We Sent yesterday in Littlehampton again doing Relative visiting. It was good getting out of Bristol. I like the sea front despite Springs worries that we'll all get washed away.This time we stopped at Bosham for dinner in a sweet little pub called Anchor Bleu. Small Spring was not amused at the choice of food and the fact that his food dared to have the dreaded leaks in it. But I liked it. The place gets flooded at high tide every day and the houses all have flood guards on the fronts of them.
It was cold though. I think winters coming. I'm usually right.

Littlehampton was blowey. The sea was rough (as I like it) We didn't walk around much. I didn't want to be ill again. The beach was practically deserted. All the sensible people were home in the warm. We did tons of visiting. Springs mum and dad spent the time telling me stuff about him when he was younger (many moons ago) We spent an hour with his little sister and her kids. They're really cool. She's got three teen boys and a girl. She's not online. She said she'd worry they'd spend all day on the PC. I said we'd be worried Abby would be all day OFF of it. ;)

We got home late. I'd driven part of the way and got in the car for the 3/4 hour drive home. I regretted driving as soon as I hit the dark country lanes. I feel guilty making him take me home but I HATE driving alone at night. I took it really slow but as I hit Midsomer Norton a storm had set in. There was almost constant sheet lightening with made me jump each time and the radio crackled. It was magnificent but really spooky. I kept thinking as soon as I hit Pensford I can relax. Wrong. The storm was right over Pensford. As I turned round the roundabout the rain hit. It was like a hundred people chucking buckets of water at the windscreen. I couldn't see a thing for a few seconds and practically stopped. I've never driven in such conditions before and wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to get home. I was scared to stop but scared to drive. I drove on at about 5 miles and hour watching for the white lines in the middle of the road. Full beam made it worse. I noticed about 6 cars stopped at the side of the road with hazards on.
Slowly I inched into Pensford and as I got there it seemed slightly better, well more visibility. The surface water though was extreme and I didn't get over 20 miles per hour all the rest of the way home.
Abby kept texting me worried. As if I can text back when driving!
I think next time I'll take Danz with me. At least I won't be alone coming back. And she'd like it. She's quite gregarious.
Home to my kitten. And a pain free day.
It's bloody cold here this morning. It's still thundering and dark. I want to put some heating on.... But I don't usually do that till Halloween! I'll suffer I guess.