Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Abby's red hair

messy hair

Danielle growing up fast

Wulf being cool

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

his new tee-shirt

He's very proud of it.....
Now he needs one to sort out vicars.

Monday, March 26, 2007

that catering coach

It would appear that every Sunday for the foreseeable future I'm cook in the Midsomer Norton's Catering Coach. Quite funny really..... me a cook? This is Danz in the galley kitchen.

Spring arrives in the coach. I love Daffodils. They were my grandads favourite flowers.

And outside on the patio work begins on putting up the patio furniture. Really lovely tables... remember I'm having my wedding reception in this coach and on that patio.
We're having a grand patio opening on Easter Sunday from 1 pm (with disco naturally)

Friday, March 23, 2007

final party

Wednesday and a different kind of final party. One for old members of staff, people who worked here years ago. Pat who was here before the war. People I havent seen for years... I remembered most of their names. Good job there wasn't any champagne this time. A lush fresh cream cake with strawberries. I didn't cry but Lyn did. I think I'll do enough crying next week.

Steve and Karen my ward receptionist whose leaving at the end of the week. So many people going or gone. In an intense period of time.
Ann's retiring. Vera's already gone. Ann, Barbs, Cath, Paula all got new jobs. I guess I have a new job too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today the packing cases arrived at work to move the ward. It was all so sad.

The equipment all laid out ready to go

Tonight was Abby's play at Acta. She played Lucy who owned the dating agency.

She drank a lot of gin and vodka and fell over drunk once.... good casting there! but she was the best one. Of course!


How could anyone want to kill him? I know he'll grow into a ten ton killer but hes so cute. Steve wants a polar bear cub for Christmas.... hope on Stephen.


I had my interview yesterday for the new job. It was meant to be 10 am but got moved back to 2.30. I was nervous, although I'd been told the job was mine all bar me being totally nuts on the day.
I was all het up all day. Couldn't chill. Stupid really. The interview was fine. She asked me how I was going to cope without all my colleagues around. I have thought of that but when she asked it hit home and after I felt really flat. How am I going to cope without them? Every time I think about it I well up and get all emotional.
So I got the job. It's for the best. I stay where I'm happiest at MY hospital. I keep my manager who is good and knows me well and change is minimalist. Why am I so miserable then?

Pat in the middle got the new job with me. She's my mate and I'll be glad I got her.

Steve bored or drunk? Nah, the DJ was pissing him off.

The girls in their finery. I had a little pole dance round them there poles!! My shoulder hurt the next day!

Saturday night was the big SS Great Britain event. Everyone dressed up. I had about 8 champagnes and 3 large red wines. All paid for. I was so drunk, started the drunk crying of loving everyone. The DJ was awful.... But it was good and I will remember it always.
The guy behind the champagne table will also always remember me... ooops.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I've been trying to ignore the passing days for weeks now but time is lurching forward to the day when the unit closes. The new ward is set to open April 1st. Last night I shut the kitchen door, put on Plan B (don't ask) and cried my eyes out. I'm so sad. I've been there so long. Seen so many things happen, so may children died, so may saved, happy times... staff babies born. Staff children died. Marriages, divorces, affairs, really fun moments and moments of total despair.
It's a really good place to work. There was this article on the BBC website recently about a woman with an illness who was kept going by her place of work supporting her and being patient and understanding. No place has been more understanding than my ward. I remember being so ill, my head was so distorted and begging my manager to let me come to work. She looked at me and smiled. "Debs", she said " We want nothing more than to have you back at work, but we want you better more. Get well. We will be waiting. We love and care about you more than anything"
I am worried about change, about something new... about what will happen but to be honest I'm more sad about what I've lost. About what every single child in Bristol has lost. A unit that cares, that goes that extra mile, that is excellent. Maybe It'll all be OK. Maybe the legacy will carry on. Hope so.
I applied for a new job in out patients. It looks good, busy, interesting, lots of extra investigations. Autonomy and diversity. Hope I get it. We did a pagan ceremony at the lunar eclipse.
Danz wanted to get on better with her school friends. Spring wanted less work, Wulf wanted less football on TV (lol) and I wanted the new job.
I think the next few weeks are going to find me rather emotional. We're going to the SS Great Britain on Saturday for a closing Grand Ball. Cost a fortune, but it's a full night of music, food and drink. Hope I don't cry all night...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

this weekend

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Steve his sister and Wulf at the Bridge... he hates that bloody bridge.
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Heidi loved Ella.
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Danielle and Ella at Steve's Gran's 90th Birthday party. I had to laugh, a couple of them put together and brought her a bed jacket as a gift. She went berserk. "Do they think I'm old or something" was her argument!


Abby, Alison, Ella and Danz in the City Centre
Abby and Ella on our kitchen dance floor!
Winter is almost over. I'm so glad. It hasn't even been cold or wet that much but I need the sun. Heidi brought in a huge wasp last night. It was the biggest I've seen. Obviously survived the winter.
I'm on holiday this week. Much better than the last one where I was ill the entire time. Springs lovely sister and her daughter Ella came to stay for some of last week. She's loads of fun. Ella is going to be a bridesmaid with the girls and his other niece Victoria whose also very pretty. I booked the wedding for June 21st 2008 at Bath registry office and we're having pagan hand fasting ceremony at the train station in the afternoon.
Spring's been unwell with flu.... he's been so poorly.We did manage to go see the NME tour though last Tuesday. The Automatic, The View, The Horrors and the fabulous Mumm-Ra.
Check out tracks and tracks for the review sometime.
I'm OK. I like holidays but don't. The lack of my normal routine disrupts me... I'm weird. I'm also having nightmares most nights about the impending move from my hospital to another. I applied for a new job in Out Patients. Hope I get it.
I guess my blood results aren't normal either. I had a recall to the doctors to double check them but the most frustrating thing is that I have no idea why and want to know the figures.... Plus the next available appointment to see my GP to discuss it is in 4 weeks... the end of March... crazy.