Saturday, May 26, 2007

car cat

Heidi loves the car!

hair needs cutting

This is at a pub in Horningsham... the Bath Arms. My hair badly needed cutting, had it done today along with all the other girls in this house. Steve's unwell. He stayed at home and played on his computer. My dad's got a Linksys router for his new laptop but can't connect the damn thing. I had to go down and assist but I couldn't work out why it wasn't doing it either. We ended up on a help line in India. They couldn't understand him and he got all cross. I think I know what the problem is now though. Going to see what I can do Monday. Things are ok here. Wulf's mother called a truce and things are happier. I dislike nastiness. Got to work at that damn coach tomorrow though. It's going to be wet so hope it's quiet.
Danz isn't well so she won't be able to help..... just me and a mountain of washing up no doubt.
We watched Idiocracy on DVD last night. A truly terrifying comedy about how in the future the dumb people survive the clever ones. If you watch it you'll see the point. If you're out there with an IQ of over 110.... have kids. Lots of them

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tues and all's coughy

I'm sick of being ill. Seems I haven't felt well for weeks now. Think it may have originated from stress initially but this damn cough isn't in my head.... it's driving me nuts.
It was payday today. I however, didn't get paid as someone in payroll accidentally terminated my employ and she happened to be on days off. No one else can apparently work the computer. Bloody great hey? So no money.
Abby is searching for a part time job. She had an interview in Asda and passed but then they didn't have a job to go to. I think she wasn't all that happy anyways. Think we'll move on from Asda to smaller more personal places. She did get onto the next college course for next year, she's passed this course so well done Abby.
Steve's Landy failed the MOT majorly. Looks now like the MOT he brought the thing with was dodgy. Oh well, we were getting rid of it anyways.
I have a lovely new car stereo, with regards from Steve's ex auntie Edie's legacy. A Sony Xplod with Bluetooth to answer the phone through the speakers. I'm so excited. I never had a decent car cd thingy before.
Seems life is quiet now. No traumas to blog. Abby's having a 17th birthday party in 2 weeks. We've booked a room at the community centre... mainly so we can DJ. I miss djing. Gone so quiet ATM.
Hope you're all ok out there.
Loves u

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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bad bad NHS

Sometimes it's embarrassing working for the NHS. My mum had major surgery last week. She was so unwell she had a private room post surgery. She spent a week in hospital. The care she got was appalling. She was in a private ward. She said if she'd have had to pay, she'd refuse.
One of the main things you learn about nursing and post op pain is you never let it get hold. Pain is easier to avoid than to get rid of when it gets bad. After surgery the nurses were giving her some lovely pain killers... yep just paracetamol. What a bunch of useless crap. It's a very mild painkiller used for a slight headache maybe.
Worst was they didn't even give her it on time. She had 2 paracetamols at 5 am and asked for more at 10 am. They didn't bother until gone midday.
Then there was the discharge procedure. There wasn't one. Thursday the consultant came, said she was too unwell to go home Friday. She'd had her catheter out and it didn't work so had to have it put back in. Friday morning a junior doctor came round and sent her home. They shoved a few spare catheter bags in a carrier bag and off she went. I got round there Friday night when I got back from holiday and she was in a right state. She hadn't been washed for a whole week, even with a catheter in that's meant to be kept very clean and no one cleaned it once. I helped her shower. I was shocked at how bad the catheter smelt. Come on, where is the nursing care gone?
Over the weekend she was in such terrible pain she had the emergency doctor out. He gave her some proper painkillers not the small box of paracetamol they's sent her home with.
On Monday my dad went to see the district nurse to ask for help. The DN was so cross. They'd not had notification she'd gone home. They'd have been into her every day over the weekend if they'd known. She rang the hospital to ask if she could take out the catheter herself. No they said. With that type of surgery it wouldn't heal for 2 weeks and they wanted to do to themselves. After all it had to be done properly. The area had enormous potential for infection. It had to be kept extremely clean and treated carefully.
So... why did the fuckers take it out Thursday? Why did they not keep it clean? And why did they send her home with no support and no clear instructions. They told her if there was any trouble to turn up at the BRI casualty dept and sit and wait.
If anything happens I have a good mind to sue. But the worse bit is those nurses who so say 'looked' after her. They are total crap.

Friday, May 11, 2007

growing up

Wulf, Danz and the lovely Serena last weekend. Wulf has grown up so much this last few months. He looks older than 13 here.

swanage and what steamy fun!

Steve on the steam train that took us to Swanage. It was so cold and rainy though. I was chilled through to the bone. Only had sandals on and no coat. Coat in May? Well I needed one. Why do I get so cold all the time?

The steam through the carriage window.
Swanage front. I'd have loved it if it wasn't so fecking wet.

See the mist and rain sweeping across the bay. Not a soul in sight. I hadn't realised how pagan Swanage is. There were loads of shops and this wonderful pagan vegetarian cafe we found by chance where I warmed up and started to feel a bit better.

bloody long bluebell walk

Remind me whose idea was a long walk in the woods? Hmmm mine apparently. Like Hansel and Gretel on a very dull and boring Bank Holiday Sunday we drove out to Portbury and the bluebell woods. I think we went about two weeks too late as the Bluebells although pretty were just turning, probably due to lack of rain. The walk was so long though, I hadn't realised how far up hill it was and the next day my legs suffered. Steve said I was a wimp as apparently he suffered no ill effects from the mammoth session.... bastard.
There was a nice pub at the bottom of the hill that had rather nice ice cold cider on tap, so all was not lost I guess.