Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year Everyone.

Happy New YearShould auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne
And surely ye 'll be your pint' stowp
And surely I 'll be mine
And we 'll take a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne
We twa hae run about the braes
And pou'd the gowans fine
But we 've wander'd monie a weary fit
Sin' auld lang syne.
We twa hae paidl'd in the burn
Loves you all. xxxFrae morning sun till dine
But seas between us braid hae roar'd
Sin' auld lang syne
And there's a hand, my trusty fiere
And gie 's a hand o' thine
And we 'll tak a right guid-willie waught
For auld lang syne
[CHORUS]For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll tak a cup o' kindess yet
For auld lang syne

1 Hour to go!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHello Everyone. It's New Years Eve and 2300 hrs in England. The fireworks are banging loudly outside. Next door have a raucous partty going with Killer Kylie blaring through the walls. No doubt they'll start arguing later. I wish I was in Trafalgar Square. One year I'm going to go there. Stay in a hotel and spend New Year in Soho. An hour of 2004 left. Going to open a bottle of wine and drink a toast to everyone I love.

Little Britain Truth revealed.

Vicky or Mel? Posted by Hello

Mel or Vicky? Posted by Hello


Oh Clarrie. What is the world coming to? We got a Big Loader Thomas Set in work. Ami set it up for me. Wow I'm hooked. I love it. I watched it for ages. Travelling around. Picking up the balls and dumping them then the digger thing picks them up. Wish I'd had boys now. Posted by Hello

NYE with the NHS

I had a great day in work today. Had some nice kids in, good friends on with me and no stress what so ever....Oh I lie. I did have a bit of stress.
Computer stress. I got in at 3pm. You may be amazed to know that 50% of my work is with the computer. Well today the software had a big glitch. It had this glitch all day and It affected at least four other departments but it took until I got in to do something about it (maybe they were too busy?) So I called the IT department. I got a recorded message. "Hello the IT dept is closed for the holidays" (ummm may I interrupt here....NYE isn't a holiday?) "We will reopen Tuesday at 9am" (fucking great) "if you need IT support in an emergency , You will have to go through Hospital Management"
Now being a patient and serene sort of woman (right) I accept that other departments don't work holidays and weekends like Nurses and Doctors have to. But FFS this is NYE it is not a HOLIDAY. So I rang management and told them of our predicament which if it wasn't sorted would affect us all weekend. And I was allowed to talk to an IT man. He wasn't best pleased with my call and actually DARED to start the conversation with "You do KNOW it's New Years Eve?"
Anyways I was terribly polite and after telling him the problem three times because apparently I don't speak English! We finally got it sorted out.
I think I'm in the wrong Job.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


I'm sad now. I take people at face value too much. I also forgive too easily. For Can anybody find me somebody to love? (Queen)example I sent an old friend a birthday and Christmas card. Put my email address in it. I never got a response. She obviously doesn't want anything more to do with me. Maybe I shouldn't have tried? I dunno.
I'm too trusting and open. I've got better I think but Collette's always telling me off for telling complete strangers my life history.
So what can I do to make myself happy again? I'd post a gratuitous pussy picture if I didn't think Collette would phone me up tomorrow and yell at me.
(Hope she rings me up)
I'm going to download a naughty Ipod book from Itunes. That should be fun! Hey bet you lot didn't know you could do that. Oh yes my ipod is a personal organiser. It plays games. Has an alarm clock. You name it my Ipod does it. It even vacuums the bathroom and washes up on Fridays. Jealous aren't you all. Ha!
Loves you
Well most of you anyways

Trin's Fav's 2004

The end of another year. I was thinking today about all the stuff that I've liked this year. 2004 was a great year for music. I fell in love with Snow Patrol and Keane. Bought loads of albums new and old stuff. My favourite songs of 2004 are in no particular order
Keane. Bedshaped. Just love his voice and the piano on this one.
"I know you think I'm holding you down
And I've fallen by the wayside now
And I don't understand the same things as you
But I do "

(Makes me feel enlightened)

Snow Patrol. Run. The first time I heard this track I was hooked. I had to find out who it was. Bought the album and loved it.
"Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear"

Pete Doherty and Wolfman. For Lovers. Absolutely beautiful track which shows off Pete's amazing vocal talents. But Pete makes me sad. He needs help but needs to accept that he wants it and stop messing around otherwise I fear for his mortality.
"I'm running away with you
From yesterday's news
Let's leave it all behind
Help me back to my mind
I've paid the penalty
You're the jailer rattling the key
But the key is mine
I keep a spare one every time..."

(A night track one to play with the lights down and a clear mind.)

Ash. Orpheus. This track makes me feel free. Open road. Ash rock and rock hard.
"It hit me without warning
I was left out on my own
The sad times they were forming
I went through them alone

A new day it is dawning
I feel the pain is gone
The open road is calling
And I am moving on

I need the sunshine in the morning
I'm heading for the open road
Sunshine in the morning
Lord you gotta let it go"


Scissor Sister's. Mary. From the very first bar I was hooked on this track. This guy has the most fabulous voice for slow, fast, every kind of music. I'd love to see them live.
"Cause I'd give everything I have
Forget all the things that bring me joy
If you could have one day
Pure and simple happiness
Until that moment comes
I'll be here where I've always been
I'm gonna be your friend
Until the day I die"

(To have such a friend, to be so loved. Beautiful.)

Usher. Yeah. You might be surprised at this choice seeing I'm not a dance music RnB lover. But every type of music is good and this track is sheer happiness. Positive with a rocking bass beat. Only to be played Very Loud.
"My outfit's ridiculous, In the club lookin' so conspicuous.
And WOW! These women all on the prowl, If ya hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow.
And forget about the game I'm spit the truth, I won't stop til I get em in their birthday suits.
So gimmie the rhythm and it'll be off with their clothes, So bend over to the front and touch your toes.
I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, If they ain't cuttin' then I put em on foot patrol.

(Pure sex! :P )

The Streets. Fit but you know it. He makes me laugh. I love his lyrics and the way he talks and the way he moves. This track is my ringtone on my cell phone.
"I'm not trying to pull you
Even though I would like to
I think you are really fit
You're fit But my gosh don't you know it"

(I love good looking men.)

Ok that's the music. I think my favourite time of the year was when Clarrie came to visit me. I had all three of my best friends here at one time then. It was so cool. She's so wonderful. I hope to see more of her next year. I also really enjoyed my time in August in London particularly the morning I took Abby and Danika on the London Eye and Thames. They were so happy and I really had a great morning. The afternoon was absolute shite but all my own fault as per normal.
I also quite liked going to Witchfest in Cardiff. It was a bit different! But I met some really friendly people and got to meet Myky and Skintrade who were superb.

And lastly my favourite film.... Has to be Kill Bill 1&2. Tarantino is a God.

A day with the Kids

I think the kids are getting stir crazy. The Christmas Holidays though full of excitement are cold and wet and spent indoors. Abby has been watching her way through an entire series of Kingdom Hospital. Danz has read one chapter of Lemony Snickett. She's also the biggest soap fan I know. She watches every single one of them avidly.
They went to the cinema AGAIN this afternoon and I went shopping. It was nice walking round on my own without them arguing. I picked up a few things mostly for Danz. She's easier to buy for than Miss Fussy Knickers. Anyways I didn't get away lightly as the older one made me take her to Asda where she picked out a substantial amount of stuff...For her holiday of course!
Abby's DVD player came today. And she gave me the money for it. Why do people buy anywhere but online?
They're so excited about our little holiday. They've really had a great Christmas. I'm glad....But boy could I do with a break from them!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Taj Coral Reef

I found this rather gorgeous picture of the Maldives. One of the tiny islands (Taj Coral reef) reserved for romance. But note the location of the little huts...Right on the beach front. They didn't stand a chance there. Will anyone feel safe in those Islands again? On the news Travel Agents were urging people not to cancel their holidays there. You know I refuse to be intimidated by terrorists but nature? I was wondering how the sealife and birds are affected by a Tsunami? Are they damaged in anyway? I believe there's lots of sharks and stuff in that area. Posted by Hello

That Cat (Collette loves pix of my cats)

Ok the new butterfly teelight holder, The kitten removed it's wings within 10 seconds. Help I need the Cat Nanny! Posted by Hello

Funky Time

My new funky clock. Got it for five pounds. I really like it BUT only problem is that's it's not terribly easy to tell the time. Slight problem that one! Posted by Hello

Trin's 2004

The year draws to a close and I have to say that I might miss it. 2004 hasn't been too bad a year for me. 2001 2002 and 2003 were shit. All of them, actually 2000 was pretty grim too. I was glad to see the back of every single one of them.
So what's been different about this year?
Well I've had some adventures. Some of which I couldn't possibly post about here. 2004 marked the end of PK (p*pk*tt*n) can't write the word incase it gets search engineed. I loved PK an excellent website that I enjoyed...Too much and got me in trouble.
2004 was my coping year. When I started to deal with stuff instead of hiding under the duvet and crying a lot.
My Dad's Surgery was one big thing. Dealing with a crap Ex Husband. Coming to terms with my illness and realizing it's something I need to live with not mope about. (well the odd self pity moment)
Getting diagnosed as Bi-Polar was a jolt but so many people haven't been surprised at that. Maybe I should have known all along.
Discovering Bi-polar people aren't all Greek tragedy. Infact they can be funny, intelligent, articulate and talented. Spike Milligan was Bi-P. Axl Rose, Sting, Ben Stiller, Madonna, Peter Cook, Robin Williams, Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill. The list is long. I'm in good company aren't I?
The year I decided if I want it have it...hmmm maybe that wasn't so good BUT I enjoyed it. I got my laptop, my digital camera and my iPod. How I love my Ipod. Only one person knows the story of how I got it...tsk. But it's my pride and joy. If I'm upset I'll lie in bed and three bars into Incubus I'm feeling brighter again. Everyone needs an Ipod. Don't waste your money saving 30 quid on something inferior. That little blue box is so lush.
I also bought myself a fair collection of Ann Summers gear this year. Don't ask...Just know. It was all good.
I rediscovered reading with a passion and books like His Dark Materials, Touching the Void and my faithful web books. I had some psychology cat books for Christmas. One book tells the tales of dysfunctional cats and how the cat Expert is sent in to find the problem and sort out the cat. Bloody heck. It's like that Nanny programme on TV with the kids from hell. They're the cats from hell, hissing and biting. One thinks that as with the naughty kids programme. If they hadn't been so spoilt in the first place they wouldn't need cat psychiatry.
2004 we got Bailey...(oh great!) Aww she's a sweetie. I joined my gym...That I really like.
Made some good friends. Still got my Marie. Stopped going to church because the vicar left. Went to London, Cardiff, Manchester. Met the director of Hell Boy.
Dunno that doesn't sound a lot does it? I guess it was to me.
Mainly I've come to terms with a lot. Went to work and seem to be fine there. And started this web site.
I love the internet.


I am extremely moved and shocked by the dreadful death toll from the Massive Asian Tsunami.
Our beautiful Doctor Claire is indeed honeymooning in the Maldives.
Three weeks of carefully planned and much wanted holiday scuba diving. As yet we still have no firm confirmation that she's ok but we are hopeful as apparently everyone has been accounted for there. I still feel anxious though. Another doctor from India had a worrying time when she couldn't contact her family Boxing Day. Her baby son is over there with his Grandparents. Eventually they were all accounted for but she says a whole Island has been swept away and looks like it never existed. The news report a loss of 7000 there but she says it was a massively packed place with people and the estimations are well under. She says more like 35,000 people were there in mud huts and make shift houses. There was a huge fishing community there with a huge network of houses and streets...Now all gone.
I came home today and donated online. What else can I do for these people? I used Unicef as they're good reliable people always there to help but the Red Cross are excellent to donate to as well.
Reading the survivors accounts and appeals for the missing is heart wrenching.
Pales into insignificance the appeals like Band Aid... Although excellent. These people need our help and fast.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I haven't been right today. My head refuses to believe it should be awake! However I did take the girls into town at 9am to the sales. Don't bother you lot. It was crap. Hardly anything there at all. The girls had Woolworth Vouchers. I hate it when they get vouchers for a specific shop. As always happens they couldn't find anything they really wanted, so ended up with, ok that will have to do stuff.
I did get a groovy clock and butterfly tee light holder in town. Plus some Christmas tee spoons and a Christmas tee-towel...All of it half price in the sales...hmmm stuff I could possibly have lived without though.
This afternoon Danika came round and is staying the night, hence my non-presence on the PC. She hogs it all day. I did manage to post you a few pics though.
I watched a little bit of Casualty which I thought was terrible...To see your fav characters all burned up and mangled but the hilarious bit was right at the end when the Christmas music came in.
Then ITV's Holiday swap. It was fairly obvious that the New York Shopper family weren't going to like a Mormon retreat in Salt Lake City. Poor buggers.
That's the trouble with the Mormon religion. They do think they are so right and preach constantly. Mind I'm not saying the other family were any better, forcing that poor woman to shop till 1 am was ridiculous. This programme is so contrived to get the maximum hatred between families it's appalling.
Anyways work tomorrow. I'm worried because two of the girls from work got married on the 18th and 19th of December and are Honeymooning somewhere exotic. I pray it wasn't where the Tsunami hit. Hope to find out more tomorrow.

Loves you all with all my heart.

Noel Fleur

Finally the beautiful table centre piece we had at Christmas Dinner. Posted by Hello

Jazz mark 2

A better picture of Jazz and his humungus tongue present.  Posted by Hello

Danz and Elvis

Danz opens her pressies. Intent on opening as many as possible in 30 seconds. Note my Elvis poster behind holding a large pudding. Retro. Posted by Hello


Christmas Morning. How Bailey was happy with all the wrapping paper to play with. Posted by Hello

Double Trouble

Christmas Eve we looked after two 6 week old Kittens for the day. They were going to new homes for Christmas. It was a bit chaotic here with my three as well. They were locked in Danz room but still found lots of naughty stuff to do like climbing the net curtain. They were rather cute though Posted by Hello


Perfect Angels on Christmas Eve waiting for Cat Santa to come. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 27, 2004


Jasper Geddes. Trin's great-grandfather.Posting about my beloved Papa earlier reminded me of his dad. Alf 'Jasper' Geddes was a very good footballer who played for Bristol city, Milwall and West Brom. He even played and won a FA cup final. My brother loves football as did my granddad but none of us do!
Looking him up today I found a London relative I didn't know I had.

Kids free Kit

The Kids are at their beloved father's for the afternoon. It seems his brother and his kids are there too. So the girls will be happy. They love the little ones. Chris is 5 and Emily is nearly 3.
I wandered into Beirut to see the sales. Hmph load of rubbish. Tat for sale that they couldn't sell before Christmas. Now take 25% off and the whole world wants it. I did manage to spend some money on underwear for me though. A couple of pretty vest type things for the girls (Disney's gonna be cold) and some shopping in Asda. I bought a torch finally. The electric box sometimes shuts off and I have to fiddle with it in pitch black and each time I say 'I'll get a torch'.
Ok guys I'll watch the Wicker man....Is it on tonight or NYE? Guess I'll have to find the TV Quick hidden in some child's room under a mass of presents. But you someone switch on the lighthaven't inspired me with confidence in your choice. 1970's horror? Oh sure wasn't that just the most awesome horror decade :P (images of hammer house of horror spring up) The Bride of Dracula. You only had to switch on a light and the poor bastard turned to dust. Mind you, there were some gloriously frilly costumes and some amazingly wooden acting that is classic. Remember the great 'Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter ' and the unforgettable 'Dracula AD 1972' or Nastassia Kinski at 16 in 'To the Devil a Daughter' (I have to admit Dennis Wheatley books scare me big time)
So I'll watch Wicker man for Grumblemag and Spaceminx and I better be scared.

Who lives in a Place called This?

I never know what to do New Years Eve. Wonder who spends it in Dull though? Spaceminx was making me laugh with her unusual place names post. Seems lots of people never know what to do NYE.
Abby wants a movie Marathon this year. I'm working till 9pm , so I'll come home, get me nightie on and watch DVD's with her. I bet she picks all the scary ones as well! Posted by Hello


I used to be a massive IM user. I had all the main chat messengers switched on all the time but for some reason this past 6 months, I can't stand it now.
If I do log on just to see and someone catches me I often feel trapped and obliged to talk. So stupid. No-one who uses chat is meant to feel that way . It's meant to be fun. I don't really understand why I've developed such a 'thing' about it. One of my quirks no doubt.
Abby, however, uses IM all the time. Seems to be her life. She can socialise without needing to leave her bed. She's always discussing some 'friend' from foreign parts she talks to. A classic was Christmas Eve. A guy from America. Lives down the road from Eminem (right) apparently they'd already had Christmas Day being so far in front of us. He had a snow board. (I've never heard of anywhere in the States that's in front of us...They're at least 5 hours behind)
She made me laugh yesterday though. Her friend's big brother (mate from school) had come to celebrate Christmas with his family. I asked her where he lived. 'Oh somewhere...ummm either South Africa or Essex' She said knowledgeably. Yes of course. SA and Essex are so similar easy to confuse the two.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Come and Gone!  Posted by Hello

Boxing Day

When I was a child Boxing Day was my favourite Day of the Christmas Holidays. We got a few gifts from relatives that day but that wasn't the reason. Boxing day was spent at my Nan's house in Bedminster. My most beloved relative of all was my Grandad but we called him Papa. No idea why though, must have been me I guess because I was the oldest...Some version of Grandpa for a toddler. Papa was a most wonderful man to us kids. But I know I was his favourite. He was my favourite. He spoilt me like crazy. He was funny and clever and I just loved him more than anything.
Everyone went to my Nan's boxing Day. They'd all go to the pub at lunch time..When I was old enough I went too. They'd all sing old songs. Get merry and laugh. Then stagger home and eat cold Turkey and Bubble and Squeak. Then fall asleep all afternoon whilst we'd run up and down the street or play games with our cousins. Then we'd have tea. Always trifle and sandwiches and Christmas Crackers. More drink, more songs. Everyone happy. I loved it. I felt warm and happy and part of a big family.
When I was married I tried to continue Boxing Day but it wasn't the same without Papa. Today though we had my Mum and Dad and Nan around and it was good.
The kitten was so funny, trying like crazy to get on the table and join in. She climbed up everyone's legs at least three times. Tormented my mum's dog like mad.
Tonight I took down the Christmas Tree.. Help I'm turning into my mother. That's exactly what she used to do. But to be fair to me...The kitten had wrecked it and the dust and dirt and broken decorations were making me miserable.
It's all clean and spacious now. You're all welcome to visit!
My bum has a huge black bruise on it. Poor Trin. I couldn't swim this morning at the Gym..It hurt. So I just sauna'd instead. But stop press. I got Abby up to the gym! Bit of exercise will do that girl good.
Oh a funny thing happened yesterday. I got one of Abby's gifts mixed up with my Chinese sister-in -law. Abby opened a silk Chinese dress and Camille got a Goth top with Protected by Satan on it.
The kids are going to their dad's tomorrow. I thought I'd have a day's peace. He made some comment about picking them up at 10am...But it's now changed to 2.30 which will end up 3.30 pm. Probably give them a gift each in MacDonald's Car park and bring them home.
No I don't joke.... That's a very real possibility. He's done it before.
Hope you had a good Boxing Day. Next door are quiet.... Hang overs I reckon. Or the big build up for New Years Eve. Oh Joy! (better get the spirits in)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day 2004

The best Christmas Day I've had in ages. Last night the girls finally went to sleep around midnight. I arranged the gifts and did the stockings with much hindrance from the kitten who attacked the stockings at every single opportunity.
Finally I got to bed at 1am and after getting back out to shout at cats and unlock Bailey from the Bathroom went to sleep.
The girls woke up at 5.30 and opened their stockings. No point telling them to go back to sleep at their age anymore.
Then I was wide awake and we all went down and did the great present opening. Abby got her camcorder and Nokia Phone. Danz had a pink Game Boy Advanced and a Sylvanian Family Cottage and accessories. The kitten loved the wrapping paper!
I had some gifts from friends..... Really lovely stuff.
I then went back to bed ...Oh yes lush sleep.
Danz woke me up at ten....uh oh. We were meant to be at my sister's at 11am. I did a panicky cauliflower cheese, Cheesy leek Bake and Parmesan Parsnips. Grabbed some clothes and drove to Whitchurch.
We were the last ones to arrive.
Anyways we had a nice day. A lovely dinner. I drank a couple of glasses of Champagne which went straight to my head. My presents were fine, everyone liked them.
I had three phone calls from my special three friends today.
And I've been fine. Not a sad thought, unhappy moment, nothing. A really good day.
Next door are having some party. The beat of S Club permeates the walls. They just knocked on the door to ask if they could buy a bottle of spirits from me cos they ran out.
FFS! I don't drink spirits...Well not a lot and they aren't having my vodka. What a cheek anyways. Needless to say I said no.
It's 10.30. The kids are asleep and I shan't be far behind.
Hope your Christmas Day was a good one.
Hugs and kisses

My Gal

My pretty little girl on Christmas Day. She gave out all the gifts to everyone. I think she was the most excited she's ever been this year. Posted by Hello

Funny Doggie

Jazz liked his humunga tongue present from firebox. BTW Firebox are stars. They delivered a much sought after Tamagotchi to me Christmas Eve for a friends child. It has been a difficult few months for them with their youngest in and out of Intensive Care and the only thing his sister wanted was a pink Tamagotchi. Well they all sold out weeks ago but I managed to get one for her at the last minute from the Heroes aren't meant to specify colour but I asked and they even came through with that. A very good company indeed. Posted by Hello

Scared of Santa

I had a friend who couldn't tell her little boy it was Christmas Eve...not because he got too excited but he was so scared of Santa coming into his room at night he wouldn't sleep.
Mine have never had that problem...shame
Check out this funny Scared of Santa site
Waaah Ugly man in red suit is abducting me!


"Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSilent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
Christ, the Saviour is born
Christ, the Saviour is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth "

Friday, December 24, 2004

Stalker email

I just got one from him entitled XMAS OR X us?

Maybe the message is seeping into those small brain cells.
Wait a minute. There never was an US so how can it be ex? FFS.

Toy Power

BBC NEWS | Health | Toys have lasting impact on brain

Toys have such a big impact on kids brains, scientists think they permanently change the brain's structure.
Interesting...thank God my kids never liked Telly Tubbies. Imagine their brains being changed by Tinky Winky.
I now know Mr Grumblemag's Problem though. Too much Muffin the Mule.
Stephen stop Muffin that Mule!
Merry Christmas Grumblemag!

Christmas Pain

I had an accident this morning. A silly one. Abby's new shoes came from eBay. I was really chuffed with them. They cost me about £9 and had a £40 label on them. They look forty quid too. They're high and chunky with a platform. I couldn't resist trying them on. They fit perfectly. I stood up to walk around the kitchen. Next thing I knew I was falling. Between the table and the units. I tried to save myself but in order not to break an ankle I had to fall. I hit the corner of the chair on the way down with a crash and bounced off and landed on the floor with my head near the cat litter. I laid there for 5 minutes in shock. Not sure what I'd done then got up. I realised I'd jarred my back but it wasn't too bad. Danz had a look at my bum! and it was red and sore.
I had to go lie down, I felt sick and shocked. Stupid woman!
The rest of the day I felt a bit of pain but gradually it's got worse and my coccyx hurts bad. I can't sit on it.
Marie came round for an hour. That was nice to see her, even though she forgot my card. :P
Tonight we went to see Christmas with the Cranks at the cinema. We always do cinema Christmas Eve. It helps to quell the excitement.
The film was mildly entertaining. Jamie Leigh Curtis looked hanging though. Wow she's aged a lot. I hate slapsick with a passion. But the end was warming.
Unfortunately though the Cineworld seating is reclining. Which meant sitting firmly on my Coccyx....Oh pain. It was terrible. I nearly left to stand outside. Good job we sat at the back because I was sat forward most of the time.
The girls want me to go to casualty...They worry about me. But its bruised...and a bruised coccyx is painful.
Its nice here now, the lights and music mean something today. I feel warm and Christmassy. Calmer now it's nearly all over.
I got a lot more to say but really I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for reading my blog. Thanks for your comments and support.
May your own Christmas be happy, peaceful and festive.
Hi Readers

Just to let you know I've had lunch at Trin's. We had pizza and doughnuts........yum yum......So don't feel sorry for Trin, when she said.....I don't have any friends to invite for lunch!!

Also want to let you know Trin has loads of Christmas cards and there are loads of presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas Trin, be thinking of you, home alone, with your bottle of vodka, tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to you all

Collette xxxxxxxxx

Crap Ticket master

In Castle Park Bristol there's a rather nice ice-skating rink this Christmas complete with lights and bar. But it's been lying empty for a while why? because the tickets were being handled by and when people were trying to book online they were being told...sorry no tickets available. The Bristol park were on the local news, mad because they'd lost so much revenue. Tsk Ticketmaster are losing all credibility.
Ok this was read on TM this morning. Spot the obvious mistake. Aren't they crap?

Event Information:
Internet Onsale: Sun 16/10/2005 at 09:00

(tickets on sale 8 months AFTER the event?)

London Stabbings

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Man held after one killed, five injured in stabbing rampage

This is the bit I groaned at
"The Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS mental health trust said it was checking its records to see if the suspect had been a user of its services"

If he wasn't he should have been. So often people with mental health problems are just left alone to get on with it, lost in the system. Until something dreadful and tragic like this happens.
I watched the report on the news last night. Bearing in mind these attacks happened over an hour, the police said that after the 5th stabbing report they thought they may be related. Dur
Scary isn't it that one person can cause so much damage.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Love Peace and lots of cake

Christmas Eve Tomorrow.

Next Years Gifts mens underwear

Camel Toe ho ho ho

"When I first saw my Contact pants they looked tiny but they fit like a glove. They're always first out of the drawer every morning.
- John

I love this site. Cannot think why though! (wonder what John's second thing out is?)

Pinched from PopBitch

Murphy's Law

Click the link and laugh...poor people but v v funny.

Teacher's Gifts

BBC-No more sherry for Miss?

Interesting article. As a nurse I understand these things. We aren't allowed to accept individual gifts. It can lead to misunderstanding and abuse. But we do accept the odd box of chocolates and card. People often want to show appreciation. But teachers are different. For three (now more) terms of the year they have our kids for 7 hours a day. Acting as educator, counsellor, nurse, parent, etc etc. The kids get attached to them and my girls have always wanted to give a gift. Nothing huge. But I have given a bottle of nice wine to a teacher I knew liked wine.
Why are they saying no alcohol.... That's setting a wrong image to our kids. Everything in moderation. Wines been around since the beginning of time.
Besides refusing a gift from a child would be dreadful. If they don't want it they can bin it on the way home.
Danielle's school is in a poor council area but the families round here are generous with things like teachers gifts. However not everyone gives and that's fine.
So how about the bin men knocking at the door every Christmas for their Christmas box? Hmmm I always give to them. They get paid pretty well. I don't know. Guess I'm generous. A Leo.

Gold All Gold

Henry's flashy gold outfit was impressive but the best bit were his golden boots. No not golden balls I said golden boots tsk. My girls are sooooo jealous I got to meet him. Ha. Posted by Hello

Cinders Visits Trin

Great Excitement at work. The cast of Cinderella came to visit. Fully dressed in costume. Looking tres handsome was Henry Luxemburg from Hollyoakes. He played the devilishly handsome serial killer Toby. Cinders was Laura Evans, the advertising pamphlet with a picture of her on does her no justice. Makes her look about 30 and pregnant when in fact she looked about 19 and was very cute. I of course told her so and Buttons and Henry laughed. Henry said...yeah Laura that picture of you is vile. I got their autographs.... Much to the amusement of the doctors! Posted by Hello

Pretty Tree

My Glorious tree at work. See how colourful and magnificent it is and heavily laden with Scooby Doo and My little Pony Chocolates. Joy to the World! Posted by Hello