Friday, September 07, 2007


Hartcliffe Superstorm.

master carpenter

One man and his shed and a little help from his friends

Bailey watches the progession.

Heidi ever helpful. She's got massive with the fluffiest tail ever.

DJ Yay

Lyn's party 18/8/07. Danielle, Ali and a friend show us how it's done!!! Crikey!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Sorry guys esp Jude. Seems life has overtaken blogging. My birthday was ok. We did a disco for a friend which was fun and met Lenny Savage who was cool and had a great voice. She did a set for Lyn my mate whose birthday it was AND she sang me Happy Birthday.
I still hate work but it's a bit less traumatic. I'm more empowered and it's a bit more interesting... and wow am I brilliant at taking blood from 3 day old babies now!
We booked THREE holidays before the wedding... Switzerland next month, Budapest in December (a floating hotel on the Danube) and Prague Valentines week. Decadent or what?
The wedding is all booked and sorted. The receptions in Bath now at Browns. Much classier and less hastle for me than that train station.
I'm still very much in love. He rocks my world. He's kind, clever, generous and lush. I am a very lucky girl.
See? good things come to those who deserve it.
Loves you all

A Tale Of Metatarsal Proportion




Dear Mr Young

I am very sorry I wasn’t in to receive your telephone call today. I was at work at the hospital. Thank you for calling. Abigail informs me that Danielle is allowed to wear the ‘Trainers’ for one more day then we HAVE to purchase new shoes.

The whole situation amuses me greatly. I drove past Colston’s Collegiate School today on the way back from Frenchay Hospital and observed their shoes as they left school. Most of the girls are wearing the dolly type shoe chosen by so many girls nowadays.

It seems ironic to me that when I went to Hartcliffe School many years ago I used to try to creep in wearing 4 inch high cork wedges and Danielle is being reprimanded for wearing black flat enclosed shoes that my mother has a similar pair to.

I enclose some research from Clarks about shoes that may educate you about children’s feet. "Trainers are considered to be good footwear for kids because they are supportive, and well cushioned".(Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists 2007

Dolly shoes "Cause stress to the structures of the sole of the foot and back of the leg resulting in pain and inflammation."(Soc Chiropodists & Podiatrists 25th May 2005)
Considering most of the girls at school wear this type of footwear in preference to an enclosed trainer type I really think the school is not promoting health at all.

But who am I to say? School policy is school policy after all and all shall conform.

So Danielle, as you may note is wearing her old Dolly shoes today to school. Finances do not allow a single parent to buy another pair of shoes so soon after the first pair.

I wonder what will happen way in the future when research has shown that schools, by not allowing children to wear sensible trainers, have damaged children‘s feet irreversibly. I wonder whether schools will face litigation?

You may think I am OTT. No, I’m not. I just think that education doesn’t hinge on what my child has on her feet, rather the type of teaching, educator and individual approach that inspires and fills the mind of all things brilliant.

Incidentally. Mr Crocksford’s comment that my child’s shoes had a logo on? Well so do Clarks Shoes as illustrated by my enclosed picture.

Maybe they should be banned as well?

I am, however not saying at all that a shoe free for all should commence with huge garish trainers with sequins, glitter and flashing lights. Just a little bit of common sense and an individual approach.

Hope you have a wonderful start to term. I look forward to a very good year 9 for Danielle.

With best regards

(So? which shoes do you think are more sensible? Crazy crazy old world this is........)