Friday, September 29, 2006

day four................ climbed snowdonia

Apparently real, not cropped. Northampton knows how to run a hospital ;)

I'm ok. Taking it easy, hopefully a bit better each day. This blog must be so bloody dull. Day one was ill, day two, was ill.... Day three....

I had a nice day. I took Spring out to dinner. He's taking me out for the day tomorrow. We saw an Iceland delivery van delivering frozen food in Hartcliffe with the driver smoking behind the wheel. I thought it was completely disgraceful.
I took Spring to the post office thinking he'd agree how vile it was in there. He bloody LIKED it. Said it had character. There was a notice on the board. Someone lost a parrot. There's a 200 quid reward for finding it. He wanted to go on a big Parrot hunt.
I started some Christmas Shopping. Not much but a start. Why does it come round so quickly?
I'm looking forward to this year though. I won't be alone now. It will be fun. No more miserable sad alone Christmas Blogging posts for me.
We're going to decorate the train station for Halloween next week. A good pagan festival. Then next Sunday we have the Mexican day in the catering coach. If your around come join us. Sample my fine Mexican cooking in first class.
Abby's coming to help to .... well she is Ms NVQ catering 2006.
Now where has that kitten got to?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm better.... send cake.

The health Centre was really full of odd balls this morning. A sick looking child who was grunting and moaning who I'd have been giving oxygen to, with loud shouty parents got a light?who kept threatening to 'tan her ass' if she didn't shut up moaning. I think they'd been up with her all night and their tempers were frazzled. There's no triage there. I think someone could die sat waiting. They waited an hour and a half then were seen.
A big, dirty beaded security guard complete with motorcycle helmet that kept flashing his pay slip around. Apparently he earned 2 grand last month and had been inundated with women wanting to be his girlfriend. Personally 2 grand or no 2 grand he looked very unsavoury.
Plus a selection of extremely thin women who must have either lived on fags or coke, certainly not food.
I waited an hour again. It's ok if you actually don't feel ill, people watching is fascinating. The amount of people who congregate at a health centre.
The receptionists are distant and sit behind the glass window. Every other place I've ever been to is open and warm. This place is like some reception for prison visiting.
As we waited the people were talking about how slow the doctors were and what they thought they did in between patients... Had a cup of tea. A crafty fag, gossiping. It didn't help that one of them turned up behind the reception counter and they had a loud conversation about whose Cola Cubes were in the coffee room and how they were his favourite.
Someone came in I recognized from years ago. I ashamedly looked away and pretended I hadn't seen her. I realised that the gregarious Trin of 10 years ago seemed to be all but gone. Then I'd have called her over, found out what was going on in her life. Now I wasn't interested. Maybe I am more suited to a quiet country life now?
I was called in. I like the doctor. She had good news. My results were under 300. Still not brilliant but better, a lot better. I'm still tender. She decided that she wasn't going to refer me to hospital yet. She's waiting and seeing but I can't consider work until they are completely normal. It would stress me too much.
So more bloods next week and yet another week off work. I think I passed a long standing stone, I think it would have happened anyways but Spring is right, the day on Friday was long and stressful. It's left some sludge and crap in the tubes which have blocked off the liver artery slightly. Not fully, and it will resolve in time. Hopefully there are no more. If it happens again I will happily go in hospital. Please please hope there are no more. I'm too tired to go through this ever again.
I guess it's made me feel closer to Spring in many ways though. He's been so good and supportive. Kudos to him from Abby. That day I was so ill she couldn't believe he came and sat with me upstairs all night. He didn't leave my side once. Maybe her opinion of men will change over time as she sees what a good person he is.
I'm a bit down this week in general. I guess it's understandable. It never used to take a lot. Shows how so incredibly better I am now, that this all happened and I've still managed to keep my head straight.
Wish I'd seen that Stephen Fry programme though... Hope they repeat it.
Love you all. Send me love back. xxx

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

driving me nuts

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at Spring's train station helping him do paperwork... Well maybe helps not the right word, more watch and say he isn't quick enough. Poor man. It was ok though, different. It's rare we get time completely alone. There's always some child around the corner somewhere. Of course the kids.. All three of them are important but I think my mother earth instinct went when Danz reached 10. Probably earlier as she was such an independent child. She tied her own shoelaces at 3 years.
I find the time alone with him so precious and special. We seem to be able to talk about anything. I have never met anyone so very chilled. He rarely frets about anything much. He also thinks that I'm special. I know he does. He tells me and I can tell anyways.
I'm much better but so tired all the time. I drove out of Midsommer Norton and turned the wrong way and was led up the road to Radstock for ages. I was about to cry. I got stuck behind a rubbish lorry and couldn't pass it. Finally I turned around and decided I was being too hard on myself. I've been really poorly. I'm tired and I took a wrong turn...So what?
Then I drove along the A37 with a woman driver right up my boot. What is it with woman drivers? The speed limit was 40 and I was doing 45. But it was getting a little dark, it was cold and the traffic was busier than normal. I was also a bit jittery and didn't WANT to speed. What was wrong with that? Now I could examine my own driving. I got cross on the way to work on Monday last. A car pulled out in front of me, made me slow down sharply then drive at 15 to 20 miles per hour in front of me for 15 minutes. I was narky, but I didn't ram up his backside and act like a total idiot.
Oh well, I have to see the doctors again tomorrow. I'm really fed up of this now. I hope it's all back to normal and I won't have to go ever again. Fingers crossed eh?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

pioneer tuesday

I got yet more bloods done today. Bottles of the stuff. Wonder I got much left... ;)
I'm much better though. I'm sure they're back to normal.
Had a good day. Went to the CD store Fopp with Spring and got some Cd's for our Disco. Then we went out to lunch... But I didn't eat a lot. No big deal though. It was good to get out.
This is Spring with his kitten. The very crazy, naughty and Brave Miss Heidi.

Tonight I went to Symes Avenue at about 7pm. It was so quiet. The place is so barren and neglected. It's hard for me to think of the place when I was a kid. Thriving. Every shop full and busy. There was a Woolworths there, a Barclays bank and a Martins Bank (remember that one?) 2 butchers, 3 newsagents.
This post office used to be a dentist. It smells so badly in there of sweat and urine and cigarette odour. I think it's the concrete building that holds smells in.

They seem to have finally started work on the new Morrisons at the bottom. The diggers are in anyways. It's kind of sad, the area will be so different.

They are going to need such a huge security guard brigade there though. This area is renown for shoplifting. People see stuff they want, see stuff other people have. Want it, haven't the money so take it. Last Christmas B&Q had so much stuff nicked over at the Imperial park. Mind they did put boxes of stacked up DVD's right by the door.
The local co-op. One door slightly open. 2 Guards at the door. You often go round there and they've closed early because someone threatened the staff or they had a mass raid.
Do I still feel sad it's going?

(ah it seems my childhood memory is confused. There were 2 banks... can't remember the other one but it seems Martins Bank was the name before they changed it to Barclays. Interesting).

Monday, September 25, 2006

more baby less rest

The Kitten is a whirlwind of biting scratching and mischief. Today she pulled out the lead from the cable internet and we couldn't work out why we were offline. We always say Heidi reminds us of a baby Panda because of her eyes. This headline made me smile and think of her. Man Bites panda so panda bites him back... But WE didn't bite YOU heidi!

There is the odd occasion when she's cute and sweet and the girls play babies with her. Doesn't last long though

Well, I feel worse now.... But once again I'm sure it's in my head. I was feeling ok. Then the Doctor rang to say my Liver tests were twice as bad as last Monday. The top number of normal is 40. Last week they were 250 and this week they're 550.
So more bloods tomorrow... More doctors. More tests.
More 'rest'
Yeah. After I did the ironing, vacuuming, dinner and shopping.
How can you rest when you're a single mum?

warning about Picasa

Heidi wants a Tardis
Hello. I'm better. Still a bit tired and fragile... Well as fragile as I get. But thankfully better.. I feel I've neglected the blog a bit. But not much to say when you're lying in bed puking really.
I have got two weeks off work though. Not sure I'll need that but my Doctor says I have to.
Firstly a little warning to all those Picasa2 users out there. I downloaded the update this morning.... DON'T DO IT. It's total crap. It keeps freezing, makes the whole PC freeze. Refuses to blog pictures and is a pain to upload. Leave things well alone if you want my advice. Now... How do I get rid of the crap update?

Friday, September 22, 2006


What a week! I'm sorry about the lack of blogging. Still really quite unwell with this liver infection thing.
Spent a lot of the day at doctors. Spring came with me.
My Doctor wanted to send me to some vile hospital full of sick people but I just got away with it.
The doctor last night said he thought I had hepatitis... What a load of crap. I told my doc today what he'd said. She smiled "You aren't an IV drug user or been to the Gambia recently?"
"No but we have been to Brean Sands" Spring remarked.
Seems I'll have to go see someone at the hospital next week sometime.
Much better, more controlled and give me chance to feel a bit better before trekking up there.
Meanwhile back at the Ranch.... That kitten is quite the handful.
This picture suits her to a Tee.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I know who coldplay are...........

Funny old world. Yesterday the doctor rang me. My blood tests indicated my Liver wasn't working properly. I wasn't surprised. But immediately I put the phone down I felt ill..... I began to notice little symptoms and feel really poorly. Goes to show it's all bloody psychosomatic. Spring came over to look after me...He was worried. That article I linked to said that back in Victorian time Cholangitis carried a mortality rate of 100% and even know its 7 - 40 %.Of course that's completely dependent on where you live in the world. I'm hardly going to keel over... Poor Spring. He is so sweet at times.
Anyways I'm a bit better today. Just going to take it easy and let the antibiotics work.
I went out to take the kids to school this morning and forgot the keys. It took 15 minutes of loud banging and shouting and door knocking to wake up Spring to let me in... that man sure can sleep.

Three completely gratuitous pictures of my adorable kitten. She's so naughty. Abby did some course work on the laptop and she walked all over the keyboard changing the words.

And THIS is my present from Marie. Oh she got me lots of presents but this is beautiful... For my birthday of course. She's so lush. And I got a huge bottle of Baileys to get through too... Best wait till my liver recovers first though :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

that's rubbish

Bristol refuse collection services are totally fecked. Who the feck works out these ideas in their stupid heads? We now get our rubbish collected fortnightly. This has caused enormous consternation in this area. We've had rubbish dumped in loads of places. I've heard several tales of dumping in the flats and elderly peoples accomodation as their rubbish volume isn't checked at all.
The picture is a neighbours recycle bin. She couldn't get anymore in it. She was fretting about what to do. Recycle? Yeah right Bristol. We all know it goes to China landfill. Preposterous nonsense about putting different rubbish into different containers. Do they really think we believe that will have any environmental benefit?

The bin lids are meant to be closed. Have no top rubbish. I've seen the men take a black bag full of rubbish from a bin and lob it up the street in anger. The bin men have turned into some sort of hooligans... rude mad Asbos overnight. Let them come knocking for a Christmas Box this year. I think not.
have fun in China Rattie!
But the worse bit by far is the ridiculous idea of separating food rubbish. Why? This can't be composted... this stuff is a definite China Landfill move. We all have these small brown bins that smell, have rotting festering and mouldy and maggotty waste food. We have a small brown bin in the kitchen and a big one outside. Kids find it funny to hit them over and see the rotting food all over the pavement. You're meant to firmly shut the lids to stop flies. Everytime I open it I dread what I'll find.
The worse bit was Friday morning. I opened it to find a huge dead rat. This is the second time I've had a rat in the rubbish, the last time was when I went to put stuff in the recycle bin and there was one jumping about in there amongst the food tins. This one was HUGE though.
So guess what? I'm not doing the food bin anymore. It's disgusting, vile and makes me sick.
I'd love to know how other people are getting on... and No not that 'family' from the Official Bristol website. The family coping with the recycling. A blow by blow account of how they're getting on. What a bunch of crap. Quote from the Brislington Bush family.
"The new food waste service reminds me of the old 'Pig Bin' that we used to have when I was a child. I used to love it when the 'Pig Man' came to empty it. Pig farmers used to call the resulting feed 'Bristol Pudding'. Now, of course, it will be turned into compost to put back onto our gardens."

Hilarious... mate you cannot turn half a cooked Cottage pie and the remains of a chinese noodles meal into compost... are you stupid?

Bristol City Council. You're all Idiots.

home again

Now I kinda knew I wasn't well enough to go to work today... But after taking last Monday off I thought today was taking the piss. So in I went. It took an hour and 15 Image Hosted by ImageShack.usminutes and most of that was getting out of South Bristol. Bloody ridiculous. There was even a slow moving tractor holding up rush hour traffic at 9am. I'm sorry but that shouldn't be allowed.
I got in and they sent me home.... Made me make an emergency appointment to see the doctor and took bloods.
So home I went back through the traffic and got to the doctors at 11 am. Where I sat with the unwashed masses for another hour and a quarter. Everyone else had been sat there for ever too. There was a mass undertone of disconcertion. Everyone one by one went up to the receptionist to complain. TBH this health centre is the worst I have ever been to. No one cares that you wait hours. The receptionists are insipid and miserable. The treatment room has a big note on the door. NHS ZERO TOLERANCE. Hmmm zero tolerance for what? Decent care? The expectation that you'll actually be treated like a human being. I asked the doctor once why it seemed the receptionist was so rude. He said they had a lot to contend with. A lot of people round here are druggies etc. I was appalled at this attitude.
The woman opposite me looked like the Argos 'Elizabeth Duke' catalogue. I have never seen so much gold. From every possible place, arms, ankles, ears.... At least 7 earrings in each ear. A gold sovereign ring on each finger and thumb. She said she'd waited 2 hours last week and all they gave her was anti sickness pills. Not sure what she actually wanted? The 'magic' antibiotic?
Anyways I finally got in. She thinks I have cholangitis rather than gall stones. I have to have a scan, more bloods and the week off work. I cried at that. I'm sure they'll sack me one of these days. And some enormous antibiotics... Ha! I got the 'magic' pills.
So here I am. More blogging time I guess.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

happy birthday

Image Hosted by To my bestest mate Marie.
18th September.
I loves you lots

a landrover adventure

On Friday we had a landrover adventure. A 9 1/2 round trip to Colchester (well Kelveston) starting with a bus, two trains and 2 tubes. We went to collect Spring's eBay won Landrover from this obsessed guy called Rob who really didn't want to give it up and spent 1/2 hour singing it's praises and lovingly stroking the paintwork. I bloody hope Spring doesn't end up like that. Here he is with his new (lol) Landrover in some services.

The journey back wasn't the most comfort I've ever had but it was ok. The worst bit was his use of the gears, a very odd gear box. And the sun-visor fell half off obstructing his view and he had to hold it for several miles until we could stop.

Plus of course the evil M25. The way we went was ok... Not too many stops or queues but clockwise was stuffed. Hundreds of cars and lorries stood completely still. I couldn't live in London. I kept thinking that bloody tyre on the engine was going to flip off any minute. But it never.

The sunset on the M4 near Bath. About 20.30 and still tons of traffic. Where were all these people actually going?
We got back about 9pm. I got in my car and got the girls some chips. Poor loves can't cope without me.
We went to bed about midnight and I was awoken at 01.30 with this extreme pain.I knew what it was immediately. Gallstones. Yes, I am aware I had my gallbladder removed 4 years ago, But the bastards never flushed out the common bile duct which often houses all those stones.
After several very painful episodes and one stone which lodged in my liver entrance making me go yellow, they stuffed a camera down my throat and sliced the duct open to allow the stones to pass easily. Right, that was the theory. That night I passed a stone in hospital and I thought I was dying. I think they did too. They crash called the doctor and rushed me to x-ray.
After that I passed several small ones, the last being 3 years ago when Marie thought I was dying. She said I was grey.
Then nothing. And I assumed it was finally over.
I really am pissed with those doctors. If I was so inclined I would sue them... But oh well. Friday night was awful. I vomited every 15 minutes, violently until in the end I couldn't even sit up anymore. Poor Spring saw me at my absolute worse. The pain shifted after 3 hours into my liver area. I used to take morphine for the pain... Didn't have any of course.
I was ill all Saturday finally pulling myself together to help Spring to a disco for my bestest mate Marie in the evening. But I was ill. I still have a temperature now. I don't think infection but inflammation.
I'd so been looking forward to that party. The party was fun, I was a bit emotional seeing some old friends and especially their kids, all grown up, that I hadn't seen for ages. I was too ill to take Pix but hopefully Spring has some for me.
Tonight I ache for England. My ribs, when I breath, my tummy, my back.... Every bloody thing.
Spring still seems to love me despite seeing me throw up over and over. Must be good.
Oh yes.... Danz had a hair appointment at 11 am in town on Saturday. I couldn't take her obviously so her big sister got up, caught the bus into town together. Had Danz's hair done then brought her lunch in Subway. I was so pleased with both of them. They said it was fun. They can be so damned good sometimes.
Thanks for looking after me this weekend Spring, Abby and Danz and I loves you millions Marie.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Well she's completely nuts. Bailey doesn't hate her quite as much as at first. But the house is a big kitten mess.
We're on our way to Colchester for our Landrover adventure. More later.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

new arrival

First day. She's a bit nervous but not crying much. She still looks like a guinea pig.
All that fur makes her look bigger than she actually is.

Monday, September 11, 2006

reality TV?

Bloody British Soaps. How I hate them. How I hate the contrived stories of heartache and trauma. People actually worry about these characters, they talk about them at work. My Nan used to think they were real. The evening before she died she was distressed that she couldn't see Coronation Street. The lady opposite had it on but they wouldn't turn it around so she could see it too.
Mean? Well not really because it wasn't a TV it was a cardiac monitor.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnyways... Tonight's Eastenders was TV. I wasn't watching but became aware of it after a while. Billy's girlfriend had a baby and it had Downs Syndrome. Then he appeared to get stuck in a tube or train and he began to tell the people about the baby and suddenly was more able to accept his predicament after his talk to these strangers.
Funny,it brought back a memory. Coming back from London on a great Western train about 3 years ago. On my own. Feeling a bit sad and tired. This lady came and sat by me.
She started to talk to me. Something about her work. I told her I was a nurse (dunno why)
Then she started to talk about her daughter. The journey was 90 minutes long. For all of this time she talked about her lovely girl. She'd been bright, clever and beautiful but diagnosed with leukaemia at about 12. She died when she was 15. She had major issues with her care. Her illness was gruelling and a battle. Her death devastating. She'd had seemingly callous treatment by some medical staff. Too busy and not enough compassion. Probably stretched and stressed TBH. She showed me pictures, a lock of her hair. She talked about her with a smile and a tear. She said her husband never talked about her anymore. She'd had no counselling or support. I don't think she wanted it at the time. Preferring the acute pain not to fade for fear of losing her completely.
She got off at Bath Spa. I felt like I'd been through a huge journey with her.
I was a stranger but one with the ability to understand and empathise and picture things.
I wonder if somehow that 90 minutes helped?
I had some intense flashes of some stuff in the past at the weekend. Things I thought I'd dealt with and tucked away. I told Spring some stuff about a friend, then couldn't shift the anxiety. I sat crying for a hour downstairs. I'd always thought that I needed to talk about stuff. But I'm not so sure anymore.
That was that time. This is now. This is better. This is good.

window talk

See Bailey under the window Van?
Today was D Day for our street. The day we all got new windows fitted. Nice double glazing with windows that actually open. Since we moved in here there's only been about 4 windows in the whole house that actually open.
The window fitters were nice. Young and friendly and told us tales of smelly, vile houses with dogs that bite, copious amounts of dirt and flea bites.
my mum came up to help me clear up. I'd cleared the bathroom window sills but had forgotten to move the mirror by the sink.
The window men had moved the mirror and put it on the floor. Later when the window was fitted and I'd gone to put everything back I'd put my hands under the chair to reach the mirror and my hand hit something soft and jelly like. To my horror I picked up a dusty old dildo. One I'd bought ages ago in interest (as you do) and forgotten about.
Worse thing is they haven't finished yet... They've got to come back tomorrow to finish the job.

the lounge new windows
The windows are really nice looking. Shame my front door looks so awful. You can tell it's council by the door... tsk.
The window men said I was very nice and helpful. The worst bit of their job was to wade through the pit Abby calls a bedroom to fit her window. They said they needed danger money for that horror
the pit window
Abby's pit window.... She's now worried that her new window will either fall in on her whilst she's sleeping in her bed or someone will climb up and get through the new opening and murder her.
Too much imagination that girl!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

That's MY boy

I opened my weekend copy of the local Bristol Evening Post last night to find my very own Spring in a two page spread.... nah not naked. But sandwiched between two lovely Tory MPs Hugo Swire and Jacob Rees-Mogg.
He's the one at the top. Right motley crew beneath him..... :)
Fame may have gone to his head, he offered every waitress his autograph today at the local Brewsters. No takers though!
My mother has shown every old dear at her 'club' though. So proud. Has a daughter with a boyfriend in the local paper.
I'm made for life now.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

when Harry met Fanny

I'm afraid I'd have NEVER married him.

move along nothing to see here.....

Work was full on yesterday. By the end I thought my head was going to explode. I like being useful but so many people asked me where stuff was kept and could I just do this one thing for them.... Then we have this brand new senior doctor who was trying to get us to give a baby 5 mls of a salty drink every five minutes for four hours. Ummm you do not tell paediatric nurses what to do with sick kids. We work as a team and a hefty part of kids nursing is flexibility and common sense. What works for one may not work for another. To enforce such a strict regime is ridiculous. Then we had an aggressive couple of visitors to contend with that took ages to calm down. You wouldn't imagine people being violent in a kids ward would you?
Anyways forget work. Next week should be interesting, new windows all round Monday (fuck) New Kitten Tuesday and New (old) Landrover Friday..... Driven half way across the country to Bristol.
I've had loads of calls from people wanting money off me recently. I can't understand why people don't seem to know yet. The one this morning was really rude as well. Idiot. Nothing I can do about it. One last night asked me for my mobile phone number for their records... records? I refused of course.
Now it's Saturday. Spring's coming over tonight. We're going to practise our DJ set again. Move over Tim Westwood. ;)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DJ Trin

yeah..... yeah
This is the disco equipment that has overtaken the whole kitchen and my life. I'm waking up thinking about what mixes with what and timings at the end of tracks. I got pissy with Abby today because she wouldn't listen to my mix. Bloody kids... Why have them if they won't comply with your new found hobby? Actually it's not a hobby rather a vocation. DJ Trin is in da house. Do you want my autograph? Signed picture? Kiss?
36 36 36 36 36
Finally a message from our sponsor. 36 36 36. Awwww.


Abby's getting on ok with college though she came back Monday as white as a sheet and a raging headache. Comes from not doing anything for 6 weeks I guess.
Spring's brought his DJ equipment up here for me to play with and boy do I love it. I'm a natural DJ me thinks! Anyone want DJ Trin to do a party for them? Competitive rates.
Spring has also just bought a Landrover. He's very excited. We have to go to Essex next week to pick it up. Think of me!
Money is tight but not impossible. It feels good to be in such total control. I have a tenner in the bank.... Only until tomorrow. Last night I went to draw it out to get electric but the cash machine refused... It seems it costs £ 1.50 to take out cash and there wasn't £ 11.50 in there. Bloody disgusting.
Never mind. I was fine.
I'm working later, how wonderful! Hope there's something interesting to do there today. The last few shifts have been so dull. Nursing dull? Yep sometimes. You don't wish illness on people but if the best part of the day is an 8 year old with a touch of constipation then I get bored.
Take care.

Monday, September 04, 2006

waiting for sanity

mad me?
My favourite kind of afternoon. Sat in the psychiatrist's office waiting 3/4 of an hour to see her.
Luckily I had an old copy of 'Real People' to keep me going. A chav magazine combining 'Take a Break' and 'How to die but get 500 quid from a magazine whilst doing it'
Stuffed full of stories of brain tumours and still births and even having cancer whilst your husband screws your best mate.
Then there was the reader who wrote in with a picture of her 'haunted' till receipt. The bill was £6.66 and the date of the receipt was 6/6/06. 666 the number of the beast... Right! Personally I'd have felt embarrassed that the most expensive item was a packet of Mayfair Kings.
Then there was a top tip.
On a long journey freeze a couple of face flannels over night then pop them in your cool bag. When the kids get hot and bothered you can wipe them round their dear little faces and necks and keep them cool. What's wrong with a bit of spit and a tissue?
Then the final story was about a married middle aged woman, who felt something was lacking in her life and took up with a long haired tattooed biker naturist. Now they strip off at every opportunity and go to a nudist colony weekly. They didn't have a nude wedding but she'd have liked one.
Thankfully I was then called to see the doctor. A fresh faced guy of about 25. His first week in psychiatry. He told me he wanted to be a surgeon. I looked at his hands.... yep very nice.
I hate seeing juniors. I see it as a total waste of time.
"How are you sleeping?" stock question
"In bed" stock answer
"umm haha ummm any feelings of suicide?"
He looked uncomfortable. He didn't look me in the eye once.
I am aware I can intimidate easily.
"Have you done paediatrics?" I asked... Oh gawd. He's coming to my ward next April. Great. Better be nicer then.
Granny's secret... she reads life as trin dailyHe's decided he'd write to my GP and tell him about my daily headaches. My GP will be pleased.
On the way out a fellow patient who knew I'd been waiting ages asked me if it was worth the wait.
"Well he was good looking" I replied.
Danz (who'd sat patiently throughout this) rolled her eyes.
Poor kid, having me as a mother.
Least life isn't dull.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

fun sundays

We haven't seen our new baby kitten for 2 weeks what with going away last week. Today we went up to the farm to see how she'd grown and changed. She's very cute but still looks like a guinea pig, maybe she IS a guinea pig. My sister can't wait to get rid of them... They're apparently very naughty now. She looked sweet and lovely to me though!
4 naughty kittens
The other four cuddled up pose for the camera. Shame they're all going to be separated in a few weeks.
Spring enjoys his salad
Spring in his front room? Nah,easy mistake as his lounge is as plush as plush can be.No this is the local pub the Bath Arms. Seems the residents of Horningsham need nice sofas and pot-pourri with their half of Stella.
Horningsham residents dream of far away lands
Plus they need nice big paintings of strange exotic fellows whilst they munch on their packet of cheese and onion. Curious lot those villagers.

you're fit but my gosh don't you know it

Getting fit? Or a very lovely social event? The gym is brilliant. I always liked it before but it's more fun with Spring. Thing is we haven't actually made it into the gym bit yet. Just the pool. The gym looks VERY scary. Today's Bike class was almost violent. 1/2 hour of biking uphill and sweat pouring off them.... Ugh,
This is Spring at the gym cafe buying me goodies.

Meanwhile back at the farm.... Bailey whose fat enough already found a nice chocolate cake and cream just irresistible. I'm really not sure what she's going to make of Heidi at all....

At the Masons pub in Frome. On the toilet cubicle was a sign for slimming world. Yes you Can!! Wonderful..... Note the addition. 'If you can't fit in this toilet cubicle you need slimming world.'
Wonder who wrote that?

trin trafficking

I'm pretty much dreading next week with the schools going back in Bristol. The traffic is bad enough all ready and I'm finding the daily trek across the city a real chore. There was one day this week when the roads were full of trucks, skip lorries and dumpster lorries and everything was so slow and dirty.
Work is slowly becoming more and more depressing as we edge towards the April date when we close and get disbanded to other hospitals.
Not everyone wants to move to the Children's Hospital and that other hospital Trust. Also it's bang in the centre of town and parking will be a complete nightmare.
This week I've noticed several of my work mates seeming really depressed and unhappy. It's so sad and no one is addressing it at all. After 20 years of working with these people we're all being got rid of... yep that's how it feels. 20 years of building up a good unit, an excellent reputation and all for nothing. I hate them all. They have no idea and are doing nothing to make us feel secure at all.
One day I'm going to give it all up and ditch the lot of them. The NHS? Spit on it.
Yesterday I drove to Springs house to see the Red Bull airplane display by his house. I have never seen such chaotic traffic... One woman stopped wound down her window to speak to me. She'd been in a queue stopped dead for 2 hours. Her kids were besides themselves and she was very angry. She'd begun her journey at 8am that morning and it when then 3 pm. Longleat seemed to have no organisation with the car parking and traffic. And guess what? The planes didn't even fly. Weather too bad.
I did see this car proudly displaying the fathers for justice sign in his rear window. Idiot. Bet he has a large array of Superman costumes in his wardrobe.