Monday, January 31, 2005

But still don't eat the yellow snow

Piste to the eyeballs
An interesting survival technique, should any of you be trapped in a frozen car. Remember when pee comes out of the body it's lovely and warm.
Not a method for clearing the windscreen on a cold and frosty morning though. You may be arrested...or snapped for my web page ;)

Top song of the last 25 years

BBC- Brit Awards:

"Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Angels - Robbie Williams
We Are The Champions - Queen
Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
Leave Right Now - Will Young "

Who the feck lets the public vote for this stuff? I cannot believe this awful list. For a start Will Young? A Pop Idol winner? I believe he didn't even write that? and Kate Bush and Robbie?? WTF?
The list that didn't make the final 'great' five is slightly better but the only ones worthy of being there are Oasis, Coldplay, Bowie and The Clash.
Even then Heroes isn't Bowie most magnificent.
The clear outright winner there Is The Clash. London's Calling. The Clash's influence throughout the last 25 years has inspired vision and musical evolution.
Is there another song you can say that about? Certainly not fucking Will Young.
Ok You lot out there. You tell me to listen to Radio Two more. But if this is what their viewers vote for? Then no thanks mates. I'll stick with a mix of Radio One and some local Radio...At least that tells me where the traffic jams are. So much more useful than that mumbly old hair piece, Terry Wogan.

Dispatches...Do Nurses Care?

Interesting question. Paediatrics is very different to adult nursing. I think it's because our patients are little and so evoke a passionate sympathetic response. You don't leave a child hungry, wet, in pain. We don't do that...Well at least my unit doesn't. We are our patients advocates. I have gone for a 12 hour shift without peeing because I was unable to leave the ward. So? Just the life of a kids nurse. I still think I have the best job going. Being able to care for other people's kids and help make them better.
But what's going on in Adult medicine. To be fair, it's not all like dispatches portrays. But there is a high degree of apathy and disillusionment in nursing. Staff shortages, the use of agency staff all the time, and they're only there for the money (most of the time)
I've personally had a few experiences of adult nursing care. It wasn't good. I had a gallbladder removed about 4 years ago. I bled heavily afterwards. I told them but they didn't respond. After a few hours I walked to the day room to phone the kids. There was blood all down my nightdress. I only had one left and wasn't willing to change until they changed my dressing and stop the oozing blood.
When I got back to my bed, a male health care assistant approached me and said that the Ward Sister asked him to tell me to change my nightie as it was unsightly for the other patients. What a cheek!
That is only one story of many I could tell. Did I complain? Nah. What's the point. Besides as a nurse you know the awfulness of having a complaint made against you.
Dispatches is now talking about cleanliness of wards and equipment. TBH I do not consider cleaning to be a trained staff's job...Come on they should be hands on with the patients. But it's someone's job. Since the government put the cleaning jobs out to tender it's all gone pear shaped.
Incidentally.... in Paediatric nursing...We do clean. As all you parents out there know, kids are dirt magnets. They put stuff in their mouths, get on the floor and get food all over their sheets. And we clean it up. On Friday a child's cannula dislodged and he dripped blood through the corridor. Did we argue about who cleaned it up? No way! our pregnant registrar (senior doctor) got down and cleaned it.
I'm not trying to portray us as angels. And there is a certain amount of my OCD that maintains that the place HAS to be clean when I'm around. But wow that dispatches programme was horrific. I couldn't work there. I'd never be able to go home.
Lastly, I do agree that the way nurses are trained now...Being college orientated is part of the problem. They don't see themselves as hands on people. Task orientated nursing that was the norm years ago still isn't the answer. We need some sort of mix...and hey guys there are some really fantastic nurses out there. The dispatches programme is highly edited to show the worse. But still the worse shouldn't have happened.
Hope Tony Blair was watching.

Bristol Prat

This morning at 9am. After being in a huge traffic jam for 20 minutes I saw an opportunity to pull out infront of this car who was stood at traffic lights. As I did his lights must have gone green and he pulled away like some race car driver. I still managed to pull out ok but he, didn't want me infront of him and he beeped and shouted and made a huge fuss. Then he spent 5 minutes weaving dangerously between lanes nearly hitting a biker off his motorbike in an macho road rage attempt to get in front of me. Absolutely pathetic and dreadful driver. So I took a picture. If anyone out there knows him. Tell him one day he will either die or worse some poor innocent person. Stupid man. Posted by Hello


Florida USA. Leading the way, ahead of the class forward thinking America? I don't think so. A nine yr old and Ten yr old were lead away in handcuffs from school after drawing this picture. The police said they were using it to intimidate another child. Bloody Hell. They should spend a day in our local schools. A picture like that would probably warrant a place on the picture board. After all it's colorful and has writing. Posted by Hello

Son Cuts Pacemaker Out Of Dead Mother's Chest

Texan man does a bit of surgery

A man cuts a pacemaker out of his dead mothers heart? Hmph maybe these anatomy for beginners programmes aren't such a good idea after all!

Monday Blues

I had a crap day of the highest degree. Bristol seems to be infested with swarms of temporary traffic lights everywhere. It's truly bad here. Why anyone would want to come here I will never know.
Work was really hell. I got criticised for doing something, I took it ok, but after I felt like crap.
I can't elaborate on work today because the issues were too sensitive but it was hard going. I was late home and Danz was sat on the doorstep.
I wanted to call a friend to apologise for being particularly stupid. But it ended up all wrong and now I feel worse and I'm tired and crap.
Need a holiday. Wish I could make everything right. Wish the summer would come. Wish I didn't feel quite so alone all the time.
My own fault though, no-one to blame but myself.
Start again. If at first you don't succeed keep trying. Start again. Never give up. Eventually you'll get a break. Just hope it's not my neck :)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Loves you Fay xxxxx Posted by Hello

Gratuitous Denis Picture

Anatomy for beginners. Even my Granny watches it. This is the lovely Denis being drawn on by Juliet whilst Jon Lee watches on. How I wish I'd taken art more seriously. Posted by Hello

would you let your 15 year old daughter wear this?

prom style:

I want one!"This prom dress is so skimpy, even the designer's CEO wouldn't let his teenage daughter wear it. But the dangerously revealing gown, prominently advertised in Seventeen Prom, YM Prom and Teen Prom, and on sale in a Midtown shop, is a top seller for the company this season. "

Bloody heck. In God's own country, America too. Wtf would Dubya say?


After a wobbly start, I had quite a good day today. Housework!! Yeuk. But necessary (especially if you're a bit obsessive about tidiness) Danielle vacuumed her room but despite the fact that the Dyson was plugged in outside her room Abby refused to do the pit carpet (Oh and David...My Dyson rocks too, Bet yours doesn't play Aerosmith as it works !)
Gardening... Preparing for this summer's show garden (not that any bastard sat in it last year) Wonder when I need to plant bulbs for Daffodils?
Washing and Ironing. A job usually completed at midnight on Sundays but not today.
A quick gym visit. Oh yes...The Trin is serious about wanting a fit not fat heart muscle. Except I only did 11 lengths of the pool. There was a rather large and splashy woman next to me, and everytime she passed me it was like a Tsunami wave hitting me. Yes Clazza, I am one of those pathetic people who don't like their faces wet, or chlorine water up there noses and in their lungs. She nearly drowned me three times so I got out.
Then a visit to Chav's number one Garage to buy Petrol. Jeez it was full of young girls with pushchairs buying cigarettes and nicking stuff. The garage had run out of packs of ten and there was a bit of a riot. One girl with a buggy and snotty kid was banned and the security guard was telling her to sod off. You know sometimes I hate it here.
Oh and whilst Ironed I played a mix of Kasabian, Tom Mcrae and Thirteen Senses and it was fab.

Release the Beast in Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet is set to be revamped and released into the 2000's according to today's papers. Scarlet is set to become a sex magnet, more adult and more manly.
Now excuse me you lot out there. But Scarlet was ALWAYS sexy. Right from day one. The show had this underlying buzz of passion and darkness.
Ummm check out the picture guys. Where does Captain Blue have his hand? And just where are Scarlet's eyes fixed? And has that puppet had a boob job or what? I can't wait to see it. Bring it on guys. Posted by Hello


BBC NEWS/ Thalidomide payment agreed

My mum took Thalidomide when she was expecting me. My sister says that's why I'm deformed. :(

I do have little short toes though. Nowadays drug companys have so many more strict guidelines to safeguard patients but still occasionally things go wrong.

Talking of drugs. I have no idea WTF I did with mine last night but I woke up at 2am seeing double, I got up fell over in the bathroom and was very drugged up. I also woke up with a vile headache.
Help need to sort me out again!

Eastenders sacking....again!

So the woman brought in to 'save' the ailing Eastenders after the infamous Louise Berridge's disatrous efforts, has also been sacked. I'm not surprised. Louise's main failing was in bringing the Sick looking Den Watts back to the show. The guy even looks like he's been reincarnated. Does anyone know if he's got AIDS? He don't look well to me.
When will they learn? It never works to bring people back. Look at the great Patrick Duffy, in the shower, series of Dallas.
Yes any young beautiful 19 yr old will shag him....right?So realising their mistake, what do they do with Den? Do they let him slip away to Spain with his Dreadfully permed and very dull wife Chrissy? NO they make a huge song and dance with a really truly vomit inducing storyline with sordity and debauchery. Bad enough having Sharon the ageing blonde bonking off her brother and lustfully breathing heavily whenever they're on set together. Now Den persuades Dennis's GF Zoe to have sex with him to get pregnant and pretend it's Dennis's WTF?
Now we have Alfie Moon's two gormless Nephews trying very hard to be the next Mitchell Brothers but being about as macho as Dick and Dom. Why is the ridiculous Andy the 'Gangsta' still around anyways? He's about as scary Count Duckula. Peggy Mitchell's character was more menacing. And who gives a flying fuck if the chavvy Millers get married? Yeah get married and move to the outer Hebrides.
So now Den is going to be bumped off again. Returned from the dead like a bad version of Pet Semetary and put back in his Sam Mitchell? Yeah right she burns him to death with her Good Hair Day Hair Straighteners. His curly wife Chrissy...Manicured to death. A good French Polish and he's a goner. Zoe? She gives him AIDS (actually that's quite good!) What a pile of London Horse Manure.
Switch off all you British Viewers. Go do something less damaging to your brain. Like drink a few bottles of Absolut

the dildo of death

Well it is Sunday
This weeks Popbitch Newsletter introduces us to Divine Interventions. All I can say is , if you're deeply religious, easily offended or very innocent, don't click the link ok?

Dress Up Dolls

Newgrounds Presents: Dress Up Dolls

I used to love those dress up doll magazines. You know the ones where you cut out the clothes and place them on the cardboard cut out dolly. Now thanks to the wonders of the interweb, you can dress up your own character and strip her off again. Hours of endless entertainment. Even got some real celebs there too though why anyone would want to dress up Paris Hilton is beyond me! I wish there were male dress up dolls though. I'd like Will Young. He needs a good fashion designer does our Will.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


I'm going to sleep in a while. I'm starting to get pensive and I recognise the signs of an attack of self pity and loneliness. FFS! I get on my own nerves at times.
I'm playing music. TV is crap. I could watch Dodgeball because it came from today but I don't want a Ben Stiller overdose.
Right from very early music has played a huge part of my life. If I had to lose a sense I would want to keep hearing at all costs. I haven't got much music on this PC anymore. Just a few tracks I couldn't bear to delete. I associate times in my life and people in my life with songs. Not everybody gets a song though. A guy I had a lot to do with this year doesn't have a song. I guess I know why though.
When I was a teen there was a boy called Kevin who I always think about if I hear Santana 'She's Not There'
Some music like this one that's on now, Joe Jackson 'Different for girls'. I can't quite place but it gives me a warm and slightly sad feeling. Prob because the time is long gone.
Lots of men in my life have a song. Some have more than one. Some have a very strong one that at times I couldn't listen to.
Interestingly though that Ian (my ex husband) never had a song. Music didn't play a big part in our marriage. At the end I'd play music loud to blot out everything.
I'm a bit of a music snob. I like to know what people listen to. If it's what I consider trash, I'm immediately bored. What a cow! Just because you like Jamie Cullum doesn't mean you should be written off. (eh Claire lol)
But Stalkers great love of Acker Bilk was a huge no no.
Eye candy and talented RazorlightNow I'm a big music sponge. I want to hear new stuff. I want to learn and appreciate. The kids of today's music is so passioned and great. When I woke up last night from the sofa, Razorlight were on TV. They're captivating particularly the rather handsome lead singer Johnny.
The Beatles are playing., 'Fool on the Hill' and with that track I say goodnight to you all. Sleep well mates.

Anatomy Ends

Tomorrow night on Channel 4 at 9pm is a final Anatomy for beginners programme just going through the four programmes of last week and showing a few highlights. This has to be a great highlight when the Prof sliced the man's testicle in half and showed us the spongy area where sperm is made. The red stuff is actually an embalming fluid. There was no blood. Try to see it if you can face it. Wonderful and very interesting TV. Posted by Hello

The Safe Old Days?

Some important advice from the 1920's. I'm so glad I didn't live then. It might have killed me. Posted by Hello

Saturday in Bristol

Today was a busy busy day that started with 15 lengths of the gym pool and trying to dodge the people with kids. I hate the weekend mornings there.
Then ferrying the girls to different functions. Bristol traffic at a weekend is often worse than the week days. I also get pissed off being on a schedule. I get enough of that in the week. At weekends if I want to lie in bed till three, so be it.
Dunno, been kinda irritable today. Not overtly so but I know I am. Some things have happened this last week that I'd really like someone to talk to about. But the guys I can talk to either aren't available to me or wouldn't understand.
I'm beginning to understand that the original me. The me that was 5 or 6 years ago actually hasn't changed that dramatically. I still am gregarious and out going but I've taken such a phenomenal knock to my confidence and personality that it may never return 100%
But I'm trying. And most times succeeding. I'm not sure I'll be able to afford the gym all year, but ATM it's a place I feel safe, good, able to just be me. Not be shy and the exercise makes me feel good.
Tonight we all went to see 'Meet the Fockers'. I've only read good things about this film and Radio One reviewed it today and said it was good and v funny.
Well ok. I guess I expected a lot that didn't deliver. The film tries too hard to be really funny. There were moments of comedy and I did laugh out loud. But I was bored, at the beginning and half way through. Abby asked when it was going to end as well. Robert DeNiro's character is too wooden. There's very little to warm to and his complete turn around at the end is unbelievable. Ben Stiller is beginning to annoy me. He's in everything and his paranoid character in this one is irritating. Barbra Streisand is good and wow the woman is still very beautiful. I'll let you into a secret. One of my fav films is her version of a star is Born. I just adore the soundtrack. I could sing you most of the tracks now if you care to pop over.
The saving grace is the adorable baby in it. He's cute and funny without being sickly sweet. Funniest bit was his first word. "Ass Hole". With such an expression.
The film was too long with some bits completely unnecessary like the dumb ass Police officer who arrests them. Plus the cameo by Owen Wilson as the priest. Pointless really.
But it was a night out. I'd say a good family film but there were a huge amount of sexual references and most of those sex books in Barbra's study? I got them! 'You got those books mummy', Danz remarked. Hmph.

Friday, January 28, 2005

What's wrong with this picture? hmmm spot the human being sat on the floor and kitten snuggled up on sofa? Abby knows her place in this house. Posted by Hello

Thanks Goodness it's Friday

Last night I had a nightmare. I was being eaten alive by a monster. He was trying to pull off my head and had his long evil tongue in my hair and claws digging in like talons.
I woke up to find Kizzy...My middle cat clawing my head and eating my hair. She's the weirdest out of the three. Middle cat syndrome maybe.
Then of course Abby woke up puking etc etc.
The prospect of the 12 hour shift loomed ugly. But it was the last day I was working with Doctor C. I'll miss her. She's so lovely. She's the doctor on the honeymoon tsunami.
The day started off ok. Got busy in parts, always something to do though.
We had some lush kids in and a couple of obnoxious little gits as well. Bless.
I caught our House Officer watching Beebies Boogie. Today was how to do the mango dance. Essential viewing.
I did get a treat today though with quite a few dishy men in lush suits wandering around. Plus one rather attractive detective with the most attractive cornflower blue shirt and matching tie. How I love a man with an eye for colour.
We had a convo about how much the police force was like the Bill and how I got all my essential nursing skills from Holby. Wish I did though because if I'd been a Holby nurse I'd have had him naked and gagging for it in the linen cupboard, no problem.

Poor Abby

Abby was up all night with a headache and puking. She was a white as a sheet and icy cold. So I'm tired and off to do a 12 hour shift and Abby's in bed. Oh well least she'll have Bailey for company.
The joys of single parenthood.


Sadly last night was the last Anatomy for beginners though there is a final edited programme on Sunday at 9pm. Last night had a new model...The very well endowed Michel showing us his crown jewels.
The audience were the most expressive of the whole week. The Prof started off by dissecting a testicle whilst still attached to the cadaver. The audience collectively winced.
I also noticed a full audience to start with but as the show progressed there were quite a few empty seats.
They also took apart a female cavader's reproductive system and there was a hairy moment when the Prof thought she could have been pregnant and sliced open the womb with great care. But she wasn't.
They also showed some real plastinated foetuses which was kinda sad. John Lee kept referring to sex as 'making love' bless! We also were shown some plastinated penises. All fascinating stuff.
Wish I'd taped them all now. I'll miss Denis.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Beautiful Furry Pussy

Bailey. My little baby tonight. She's so much better. Sleeps a lot though. This was taken about 4 minutes ago. Yay for technology. Posted by Hello

Morning Traffic Hell

This mornings Traffic. Red lights everywhere. You can feel quite claustrophobic in those traffic queues at times. People weaving in and out of the bus lanes. Me applying lipstick in the rear view mirror....Oh stop it. It's ok. It wasn't an apple!Posted by Hello


I refuse to entitle this post Fahrenheit 9/11
Now I think Bush is a twat, I dislike him greatly. But I refuse to be rail roaded into believing something just because I'm told it's true.
Fahrenheit 9/11 has to be taken tongue in cheek.
I remember a conversation I had with some online prat a while back. He'd been to see this film at the cinema. He told me I HAD to see it. It was seriously mind bending. It was the truth.(He also told me that we were destined to be together forever and that the spirit of 'Sitting Bull' walked by his side and predicted a long and passionate life together....riight)
This guy was incredibly stupid.
I honestly think this pushy film possibly helped Bush to win the Election. Because most people with a mind of their own, think like me.
The plot for Team America has the Actors of the world actually helping the terrorists. They're fighting (mistakenly but with passion because they think they're right) for the wrong side. It also has Michael Moore as a Suicide Bomber entering The World Police's HQ and blowing it to smithereens. After seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 this makes more sense. It's very clever.
I'm not going to watch this anymore. I prefer to read stuff and make up my own mind. I'm kinda feisty like that.
Anyways Anatomy for Beginners is on later. I reckon I could just about disembowel a human being now. And a note to the person who came here looking for
"Denis...Anatomy for beginners" Bugger off I saw him first!

Grrr Lemsip

A little rant for you. I absolutely detest the lemsip advert.The one with the vile little office man in that hideous pale blue Jumper. He's gone off sick with Flu...Yeah right. Flu hits you into bed for a fortnight. A slight snuffle more like. But he has a presentation to do. Step up Lemsip. The hero of our story. One cup of the hot and steamy medicine not only allows him to finish said presentation with bravado but also turn him into Mr Pure Sex and demand his female Boss go out with him for dinner. She simperingly agrees. After all a man who beats flu in 24 hours, is a man to grab by his balls and hang on tight.
Personally I'd see him as a big ball of cough and snot and avoid him like the plague.
Googling for the advert I came across this article by the Guardian. I see I'm not the only one to hate Steve the Snotball with avengance.

Granny puts pot in hotpot

Granny Hash

Today, the nations favourite odd couple, Richard and Judy interviewed Patricia Tabram, 66. The granny who cooks with pot in her pot.
It was quite an eye opening interview for the fact it was obvious that Patricia's first experimentation with recreational drugs was bloody great. Judy's eyes sparkled with laughter as Granny described how the drug made her giggly and forget her woes and troubles and then sleep for about 18 hours.
Judy said she hoped she's write a book about her experiences and Granny said she already had.
Now I don't think cannabis is worth all the fuss and prosecution although, I'd hate for the world to be full of doped up pot heads. There's a place for everything.
But imagine if a young 19 year old black kid was cooking with pot. Would he be interviewed with such sparkling fun by Rich and his sidekick?
Just because she's an old woman, who frankly doesn't seem to have her wits about her, does it make it funny? She described going to a drug buy in a pub to get more stuff. How amusing it was to sit there with her glass of hot water (it's all she drinks) and wait for the pusher to come with his wares.
Hmmm, maybe not tea time viewing.
Don't mistake me. I'm not dissing Pot. Just this particular case. Something doesn't smack right there.
BTW Judy. If your reading this love. You scratched your head rather a lot. At the know what I'm thinking? Go get a nice fine toothed comb and some conditioner love.

Thursday Thirst

Today was hectic. The traffic was awful but all around Bristol have sprung up hundreds of temporary traffic lights causing much chaos and mayhem. Monday morning about 5 sets stopped working and listening to the traffic report it sounded horrific.
Work today didn't stop once. One after another they trotted in...Sometimes two at a time. It was like bloody Noah's Ark.
It was fun though. I helped take blood from a very sweet 10 year old lad. I was holding his arm and said to the doctor. 'Have you got a woolly ball?' Meaning a cotton wool ball.
The young lad let out a loud chuckle and couldn't stop laughing. The doctor gave me a quizzical look and I collapsed laughing too.
I expect I'll get into trouble for that innocent remark!
I had a set to with Abby this morning because she wanted to take MY Ipod to school. I don't think so somehow. She is working so hard rehearsing for her play. 'The first House on the Right' 7th 8th and 9th February. She's there every night till about 6pm. I just booked for her to Audition for
The National Youth Music Theatre Organisation. The audition costs £16 and is like a fun workshop. Doesn't matter if she isn't accepted, the audition will be good for her morale and confidence.
If she is accepted however...Eeek She has to attend a weeks residential somewhere and it will cost about £300. We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesdays Anatomy

Denis was back...hooray. How I'd like to be a body painter.
Tonight the Prof removed the back of a woman's skull (seems so much worse being a woman) and her back bone and removed her whole gut. All 9 Ft of it. From her tongue to her anus. Fascinating stuff. The cadaver did look freaky though with the plaster of Paris mask hiding her identity and her hair flowing.
Tomorrow is the sexual reproduction system and it's on a little later so is prob a bit more controversial.
At the Body world exhibition there was a plastinated body of a woman who was about 6 months pregnant, who had died. She was cut open so you could see the dead foetus inside the womb. It was awesome to see but it had sparked major controversy and demonstrations outside in Brick Lane.

I'm off to bed. American Psycho has just started. The biggest load of shit I have ever watched. The book the film is based on is nasty and tasteless but the film is just a joke.
Trin's advice? Get some beauty sleep instead.
Hugs x

Is Sweet Lovely Trin in Trouble Now?

Just remember "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" Posted by Hello

'You love buses more than you love me'.

Damn it I missed Trisha this morning. And it was a classic too. 'You love buses more than you love me'. What a great line.
And what's wrong with that? I hear you say. Particularly if your name begins with a SSSS. Well nothing. Loving buses is a good wholesome hobby. Actually I quite like them. Aesthetic and small and shiny. Quite loveable. Cuddly and wheely.
The RoutemasterYou can also play with them. Make them run up and down your playroad, stop at bus stops, help old ladies aboard and give up your seat for the pregnant or sexy.
Here's a nice model bus site. You can also join forums with other model bus collectors. Make friends and meet at interweb bus meets. If you're very lucky you might make a special friend and you can visit each others houses and shine up your wheels together.
Anyways I can't talk. I collect china Teddies. But they don't get dusted very often. Plus the cat keeps running off with them and hiding them behind the sofa. She'd have a job with a routemaster though.
xxx to all you sexy model bus collectors out there xxx

Coach Kills kisser

BBC NEWS/ Passenger dies after 'last kiss'
I read about this in the morning and I've been thinking about it all day. What a horrific thing to have happened. But how many other near miss tragedy's are there everyday on our busses.
The job of a bus driver can't be easy with the traffic and sometimes obnoxious passengers. But all of us must have net at least one totally unfriendly vile bus driver in our times.
When Danielle was about 18 months I put her on a bus and turned to put down the stroller and he took off with my baby in the bus.
I was thinking about that poor guy who died. I bet his luggage was on the coach. That's why he tried so hard to get the driver to stop. But that bastard wasn't going to, no matter what, and it ended up in a horrific and tragic death that could have been prevented with a little patience.
Horrid bus drivers? Ask Spaceminx. She's met a few in her time.!

Wednesday Wonders

The kitten is better. I took her to the vets this afternoon and her temp was normal and she was back to herself again. The mystery of why she was so poorly was solved though. She was in season when they operated. It always makes for a much more difficult operation and post having her ovaries removed her poor little hormones are shot. The traumas of being female.
I think she was hallucinating these past few days. Everytime I sat by her on the sofa with my knee up she went crazy. She jumped back, prodded it with her paw and ran away shaking. FFS My cat is scared of my knees?
I just had a rather nice hour shopping and gymming. Abby has drama club and Danielle had after school club so I was child less. I did 14 lengths and had a jacuzzi and a sauna.
There were lots of men there this afternoon. Some in very revealing swim trunks. Yellow or white isn't a good colour to wear esp if you have a big black bush lurking under there. It's those trunks that come down to their knees that's the worse. Now I dislike speedos unless your an Olympic swimmer with a six pack...But most Brit men seem to have kegs instead.
But those long swim shorts are actually quite see through and quite put me off my stroke today. I just had to look. It's compulsory. Trin's Law.
I asked the staff about Slimming Tablets today. They're pushing the sales like crazy there. I wonder if they do work? Should I try them? Is the world ready for a super slim fit babe Trinity?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Anatomy for beginners

Anatomy for beginners

Feckity Feck. Denis has been replaced by Lindi! Life is so unfair.

Picasa 2

ok the last one for you. Another picture with special effects. Sepia tint, then a soft graduated pink tint , glow and soften the edges. I like it very much.  Posted by Hello

My Abby. Using Picasa2 special effects to saturate the colour, warm the picture and sharpen the edges. Pretty good huh? Posted by Hello

I downloaded Picasa2 last night. This is the Collage option. Me as a baby and me as a bridesmaid. I'm the taller one. Cool option. Posted by Hello

Schools 'ignoring' sex education

sex exams in school?

I'm sorry but you cannot trust parents to educate their children on sex. Some people have a total phobia about all things like that. Children cannot grow up ignorant of such important matters.
Listening to the local radio mum, who seemed very caring and nice was adamant her 11 year old was far too young to learn about sex. Wrong! The earlier the better.
The idea of adding Sex Ed to school exams is a good idea. It would make the whole process less of a giggling issue and more an anatomy and Physiology lesson.
My girls were aware of sex and issues surrounding it such a pregnancy, Aids and STD's from a very early age and I'm proud of them. No silly boy's going to tell them the first time you have sex you can't get pregnant!

fruit bad for drivers?

BBC NEWS/ Driver fined for clutching apple

Sorry I just have to comment. Apparently this police Officer originally thought she was using a mobile Phone. But instead of backing down and just cautioning her for being thoughtless...he fines her. A typical pig headed police reaction. And so Sarah gets a £60 fine and the court case costs the tax payers 10 grand according to the ITV news tonight. Unbelievable. How many times have one of us held an ice cream whilst driving, or a chocolate bar. Ok they banned Mobile phones and driving...ok fair enough but now food? Have the police gone mad?
Next thing they'll be banning the radio and talking in the car.
Ok next time you're out and spot a cop car look and make sure they aren't holding ANYTHING in their hands. Stupid Idiots.

I am cross

I took Bailey to the vets. I know I'm an obsessed cat fanatic but I knew she wasn't right. The vet said she'd see her as a matter of urgency at 2.20pm. I had hell trying to get her into the cat box. After laying down like a dead thing all day she found enough fight to give me hell.
I arrived at the vets and sat down. The vet was full of loud dogs. Bailey was shaking so much her box shook. I waited half an hour then asked how much longer. I made a bit of a fuss...But it didn't do much good.
Finally the vet called us. She dragged her out of the box and looked. Took her temperature. Yep Bailey is poorly. High temperature and abnormally tender. Even her legs wouldn't move. She wanted to keep her in over night but I couldn't allow it. I just can't be parted from her when she's ill like that.
So she had three jabs and has to come back tomorrow for further anti-biotics. Then the shock. I had to PAY? WTF? They gave her the bloody post-op infection. Surely all that should be covered by the umbrella of the Operation fee? Money grabbing bastards. Plus I'll have to pay again tomorrow.
The receptionists also kept me waiting with a sick cat , shaking and scared to death of all those strange smells and barky dogs whilst they had a little chat about some crap or another. I hate receptionists. But there again you lot already know that. ;-)

The ppl who come here

search Results

Someone has come here via Yahoo looking for 'infection mushroom vagina without recipe'.
The Strange Curious and Kooky Interweb!


I'm worried. About things. I've been upset about the cat. I have to take her back to the vets. I'm worried the journey will hurt her more. I had a letter from the post office returning my Home Insurance money. I don't understand what that's all about. A letter from the police saying they're going to arrest the woman who used to live her. I hope they don't think it's me.
I phoned everyone I know but no-one is in. And one person obviously didn't want to talk to me. (Edit...ok I was wrong they were just busy busy...)
Ok pull myself together. I don't need anyone anyways. I'm fine on my own. Stuff everything.
Abby's tickets for her show go on sale today. She's taken about 30 pounds from my purse. God knows why. She's getting wound up about whose coming to see her. I got the sodding dates wrong and am working the first two days. The baby from yesterday is very sick indeed and that's upset me. Might have been doing the job a long time but sick babies still get your heart.
So it's me and my blog for company. A good combination if you ask me.

My Night

I just had the most awful night with the cat. I don't remember the others being in quite so much pain. She hasn't been able to lie down or relax. She's sat up poker straight at the front door in the cold (a draught comes under the door). Everytime I've tried to move her she's cried out in pain. This morning she's collapsed and I laid her on the sofa and she's trying to sleep.
I feel so damn guilty for doing that to her.
I wonder if you can give cats painkillers?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Anatomy For Beginners

I'm avidly watching the Channel 4 human body programme tonight. I find the whole thing fascinating. I visited body worlds when it was in London and have to say it was probably the most brilliant exhibition I have ever seen.
ze professorI was lucky enough to meet Professor Gunther von Hagens, he was there the day we went. A strange little man. I personally think he reminds me of a Dr Frankenstein kind of person with his hat and accent.
They've just removed a dead man's whole body skin. Smacks a little of Slaughter of the Lambs! I'm surprised the skin was removed so easily.
But for me the most interesting aspect of the show is the very fine Denis. The young, handsome and totally naked but alive body builder. What a fine body that man has. And wow a very full lunch box. (Lets hope we see more of him as the week goes on.)
Ha they're removing his skull to expose his brain (not Denis, the body!!) I'm smiling at the reaction of the audience. How I love a bit of gore.

Jan 24th

How did you feel today? A bit down, fed up? Hmm scientists reckon that today is the most depressing day of the whole year. January 24th...It's proximity to Christmas. A week until most pay days. The cold and bleak winter weather all add up to us feeling grumpy and miserable.
Well my little Trin readers. Be happy because
A, I've had enough sodding depression for all of us
B, Stick with me and life will never be dull. Crazy Mad but never dull.
C, You're all invited to my birthday party.

My local radio Station played cheerful music all day to brighten up Bristol. Well just great but it was interspersed with adverts for Diarrhoea relief, Thrush medication, Herpes Cream and fecking Coldseal Window adverts. Lovely Just Lovely. Roll on the Summer.

Yahoo! News - Do NOT Give This Man Batteries...

Yahoo! News - Do NOT Give This Man Batteries...: "VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Police were on the search on Friday for a thief who made off with three 'male appendages' from a Vancouver-area sex-toy store and may now be looking for batteries.

A clerk discovered the man stuffing the fake body parts into his clothes and asked 'if he was going to need batteries for these three objects,' the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a news release.
'The male calmly stated 'no' and then panicked and fled, running out of the store with the three objects, minus batteries,' the police statement said. "

I can imagine the mounties taking this crime very seriously indeed! Talking of mounties. I want to meet one. Very desperately.

Just a another Manic Monday

This morning was hell. I had to get the cat to the vets by 8.30 and then get to work by 9. I was late...It was 9.30 by the time I got there. I was worried about Bailey but that feeling only lasted a few minutes because we were very busy.
It annoys me that during the weekend the ward staff come into our room and add kids to our clinic and take notes and files. Mondays are always hell.
We're meant to have 6 maximum clinic cases per day. Today we had 13. Quite the day to have a critically ill child in.
You never quite know what's coming through the door. The GP's phone up and say blah blah....Bit of a temp not taking fluids and when they arrive there's nothing wrong with them. This one was unwell for few days.
The Child was a year and arrived in it's car seat. We took the child out and as I looked at it I realised the kid was moribund. Cold flat and barely rouseable. Me and my colleague barely spoke to each other but we worked fast and warned the ward we were bringing a really sick one around stat. Within a few minutes of them getting there they had collapsed further and needed to go into resus.
Then one of the staff...a junior member told me that a young relative was really sick...Not expected to live the day. I could tell they didn't know what to do. But I knew they needed to go home to be with the family. So I sought out a senior member of staff and quickly explained and to my utter relief she just took their bag and coat and ordered them home. I just hope they aren't mad with me for interfering.
Then the afternoon started. The patients began to arrive and I lost a set of notes. I started to get a bit fraught because we had them in the morning and they'd vanished. It turned out I'd accidentally sent them to coding....Right the other side of the hospital. So I jumped in the car and retrieved them.
Shit. Sometimes I'm so stupid.
Anyways. The day ended. I collected Bailey and she's home where she's meant to be.
I apologised to a mate who I'd been a bit fraught with yesterday. Typical me.
Two days off now. But even though today was hectic. Looking after the real sick ones is what I enjoy most. I just hope that Child is ok. Was looking quite poorly when I left.

Sleepy Girl

My baby. Back from her spay. She was so hungry she could hardly chew the food. I've had three cats spayed now but she's the most sleepy post op of the lot. All she wants is to lie close to one of us and be petted. ATM she's fast asleep on the new sheepskin throw. Why do they shave them so much? There's a huge bit of fur missing and her wound isn't very tidy. But it's all done now. Posted by Hello

Green Eyed Monster

I'm Very Jealous of Clarrie whose off having adventures. I want an Adventure and I want one NOW. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Chart Chat

BBC - Radio 1 - The Official Top 40 Singles Chart

Who the Feck keeps buying Elvis Presley records? It's either the very old or the young because tbh I feel the download chart is a truer picture of music today, and Elvis doesn't even enter that one. Elvis? Fuck I hate him. The Charts have a few gems in them this week though. I saw Athlete play when they were very new, in The Fleece in Bristol, and they are excellent. I really like 'Wires'. They have such a distinctive sound all of their very own. Feeder are old favs of mine. I think Grant is hot hot.
Of course I loved the Killers first time round. Popkitten was onto that one right from the start. Green day, Scissor Sisters and Kasabian are in in there doing their bit for good music. And how I love to see the totally Crap Steve Broccoli drop from 4 to 12. Ouch that has to have hurt.
The download charts would be better without Kylie in there most weeks. FFS 'I believe in you' is the worst song ever. Her whining voice annoys me from the very first bar.
As for the Album Chart. All I can say is Rock on. I have the top 8 and they are ace but my most fav is Thirteen Senses in at number 14. Go buy it now. You will never regret it.

Sunday Woes

I'm really pissed off today. Lots of things really. The day just hasn't been a good one at all. My self worth is slipping and damn it, I've been so good all week.
Fuck everything.
I bought a table lamp from Asda. A normal ordinary nothing fancy table lamp. I can't however find a bulb to fit it. FFS Why can't they just sell lamps that fit normal bulbs.

It's my Dad's birthday and they nipped in to see us. Abby was quite obnoxious to everyone and I was ashamed of her attitude. I know she didn't mean it, but just sometimes.........
The washing is threatening to over tip and take over the house. I think we need to stop wearing clothes.
I'm very worried about Bailey tomorrow and her operation. The mornings going to be fraught, trying to get her to the vets and go to work in Monday Morning traffic.
And today I hate everyone and everything and want to hide under my duvet. Apart from that the day is just great.

The BEAST: Buffalo's Best Fiend

The BEAST: Buffalo's Best Fiend:
How I love the Beast. There's plenty on this site to keep you occupied all day. I particularly like this criticism of America's 'Time' Magazine. There's an apology from Slappy the Tsunami and the top 50 most loathsome Americans 2004.

"Not Time magazine, though. Time lay with the president. Time big-time lay with the president. What was great about Sullivan's 'Year of the Insurgents' column last week was how beautifully it threw the rest of the 'Person of the Year' issue into contrast. Here's Sullivan bitching about bloggers needing to stay on the margins where they belong; meanwhile, his 'respectable' media company is joyously prancing back and forth along 190 glossy pages with George Bush's cock wedged firmly in its mouth"

Evangelist Waves the word of the Lord

US News Article
American Evangelist Jerry Falwell is using Tsunami Aid to promote God to Muslims.

"In an e-mailed weekly newsletter called 'Falwell Confidential,' which was obtained by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the evangelist said: 'Hundreds of thousands are in dire need of medical attention and personal counseling. And in this heavily Muslim part of the world, millions have never even heard of Jesus Christ.' "

They plan to distribute aid, food and medical supplies along with thousands of Gospel tracts in different languages. They are planning missionary trips there in the future.

Religious fanatics? They're the ones who need education.

The man who swears by breast milk

Drop of the good stuff?
A 59 Year Old American man is still drinking Breast milk.
No It's not George W Bush. Calm down.
But all I can say is 'BITTY'.


My local Paper, the infamous Evening Post, Lists the top 50 essential websites for us interweb users. I was pleased to see one of my Favourite places Popbitch is at number 46, pipped by 45 others including Delia Online at number 36 and Tesco (?) at number 6.

Ash's Rock Chick Charlotte Hatherley's new single 'Bastardo' features Little Britain's David Walliams in the Video. He beds her then apparently steals her guitar. One to look out for.

Eastender's Shane Ritchie is off to Hollywood. Fame at last? Well he's hoping to take a year off to do a Dreamworks movie. Sound good? Hmph. They want him to do a voice for a large Cartoon Rat. I shan't comment.

BTW The person who came here looking for Hi 5 cameltoe. Stay Away. That's wrong so very very wrong ;P
(they were Aussie)

Only a Woman By Team America

I need this
I need love
I need you
I don't need one hearbeat
I need two
There's an emptiness I need to fill
And only one emptiness will do
Only a woman
Can brighten up my day
Only a woman
Can touch me the right way
Only a woman
Is allowed to touch me there
All I ask is that you're a woman
I like rain, I like ham
I like you
You're around, you're right here
So you'll do
I'm gonna tell you how much I love your mind
But it simply isn't true
Only a woman
Can brighten up my day
Only a woman
Can touch me the right way
Only a woman
Is allowed to do what you're doing right now
All I ask is that you're a woman
And on saturdays when I've been partying hard
And it's 4 in the morning, and I'm on my fith tab of E
that's the only time I don't even care if you are a woman
Right now
Only a woman
Can brighten up my day
Only a woman
Can do it just the right way
Only a woman
Should be doing that right now
I just want you to be a woman
Please just be a woman
Or a man...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

America..Fuck Yeah!

Team America, World Police.
I finally got to see Team America after being itching to see it for ages. If you loved Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and South Park...You'll like This.
The first Scene has Team America in France trying to stop Terrorists blowing up Paris. The dynamic, Gung Ho, highly wired team's mission is basically successful but in the action THEY destroy the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. But WTF! That doesn't matter as long as another badman is wiped out.
I won't spoil the plot. It's a must for fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (I'm a big Princess fan) It's packed full of Political Incorrectness, Wooden Sex Scenes (wish I could get into those positions) Swearing and offensive plots. It also takes the piss mercilessly out of a lot of America's Values. But then is redeeming, in laughing at itself in the end.
In these dark days of feeling suppressed by Bush's words and tactics this is a much needed breath of fresh Air. And if you are offended easily...Well stay the fuck away.
The Soundtrack is so original. Won't win any oscars. But 'Everyone has Aids'. And the song about how Crap the Movie Pearl Harbor was are aces.
Episode 2 of Princess if you need it! (It's very very rude though. Be Warned)

Posted by Hello

A Change

Ok a scene from Changing rooms a la Bristol. I want to go a bit more hippy. I hate formal. I wanted to change the front room a bit. Make it less stern. More individual. So I bought up some sale Voile in a deep purple with a sheen and layered it on the back wall. Then bought this beautiful throw which I've put on the sofa. To begin with I didn't like it. It doesn't fit the rest of the room, but maybe gradually I'll sort the rest out. I'm a candles and music person. Anyways It's a bit different.
We went shopping today and Danz bought a Sylvanian family Windmill which I spent all afternoon putting together and crying at Little Women on UK Living.
The damn shoplifters came round selling a ring...hmph. I was short and said no and shut the door. I was going to have a go about Thursday night but what's the point? Apparently they did a few house calls that night and were totally out of their heads with drugs and booze.
I'm now watching the Cardiff Tsunami Appeal. It's bloody good as well. Disappointed The Manics didn't sing Tsunami. Mind poss wouldn't have been appropriate rather like the 1000 pupil all girls school who did a sponsored Mexican Wave. Apt? Eeek. Posted by Hello

Captains log Jan 2005

Space the final frontier.
These are the Voyages of George Dubya Bush.
A four year mission to destroy life and non American civilizations.
To boldly go where no WMD will ever be found. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

Very Worrying

There's nothing more frightening than a man in supreme power doing things because he feels it's what God wants.
Bush's inaugural speech was confusing and dramatic. It was hard to pull out the important bits over the frothy God Bless America ideology.
"America's vital interests and our deepest beliefs are now one. From the day of our founding, we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights, and dignity, and matchless value, because they bear the image of the maker of heaven and earth"
So people are worth something because they look like God? I don't get it.
"America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way."
But he's saying every country should be like America. How can you help others who hate you for what you do and stand for?
"Our nation relies on men and women who look after a neighbor and surround the lost with love"
I'm sorry but this is a hug a tramp kind of line. Means nothing, Surround the lost with love? Oh ok lets surround those lost souls on death row with love before we frazzle them.
"Not because we consider ourselves a chosen nation; God moves and chooses as He wills".
Of Course he considers America the chosen nation and is saying it's because God has chosen them. How can he speak of God in one sentence and order an Invasion and deaths of thousands in another?
"May God bless you, and may He watch over the United States of America".
Fuck the world. Let them know they aren't American.
A chill goes through me and I worry for this world of ours. This strange, diverse, different, amazing, individual world. We want it to stay that way. Yes, stop the tyrants, torture, injustice. But not by blowing them all up. We are Human Beings. If there isn't another way then what is living all about?
The speech in full, make up your own minds.

All Work No Play well not much

The Girls from work are all going out tonight. I said I might go but after last night...Well I felt a bit worried about leaving the girls alone until late evening.
Long shifts are so tiring though. Not just physically. I have to say though that the evening bit was ace. Our registrar Doctor had to pick up her baby from Staff Nursery at 6pm and her husband couldn't come collect her till 7.30. I volunteered to look after her. She's 11 months. She is absolutely beautiful.... Truly but she was tired grouchy and just wanted her mummy not me!
For 20 minutes she yelled and screamed. Then I sat down with her cuddled her in and started singing.
We had wheels on the Bus (bet that was Steve's fav song), Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep. Then I began panicking.....What next?
So began my repertoire of Spice Girl songs, the National Anthem and followed by a truly inspired version of Bohemian Rhapsody...and I did all the harmonies. As Beelzebub had a devil put aside for me, she fell asleep.
I should have been on the stage.

4 am

I was asleep. Dreaming about being on holiday on the forth floor with a very strange lift that looked like an old Victorian parlour.
Something woke me. I stirred. It was the front door. I laid there and listened again but it knocked again this time more insistent. I jumped out of bed. The adrenaline rushed. Who would knock at 4am? The Police? My dad was ill yesterday...Maybe something happened?
I got to the top of the stairs and called out. Whose there?
I groaned when the familiar voice of Claire the shop lifting girl replied. 'It's me Claire'.
I was mad 'I don't answer the door at 4am'
'It's me' She Pleaded ; 'You know me...Remember. I was pregnant. You asked about the baby every time you saw me.' I heard someone else with her. 'Shut up love' She whispered 'I can't hear her...No I can't remember her name'
She returned to shouting through the letterbox ' Open the door...We got stuff'. At my non reply she started to cry.
'I lost the baby you know...Before Christmas.... I lost it'
Long pause and I heard her crying harder.
Then' Are you going to open this door?'
'It's 4am 'I said rather sadly.
They stayed outside for ages. Both girls woke up. Abby was worried. I was scared. What if they did something to the car? Dunno. It was just scary.
I took ages to go back to sleep. I'm working 12 hours today as well.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Trin's Book

I'm half way through a book. Big deal? Well it is to me. Because my concentration is shot. I get lost with books. But I love reading. With a passion. I can read and read and get lost in books. I miss it. But yes, I'm halfway through a book. It's by Matt Beaumont called Staying Alive I've read lots of his books. He's different. Contemporary, funny and a very good read. The book is funny and sad and clever. I'm not really a contemporary person. I dislike those 'funny' women books that sell so well.
I like real stories usually...About real people. Yet we all deserve a bit of fantasy.
Oh well off to bed to read some more!
Sleep well you interweb readers
Posted by Hello

Spongebob is gay?

BBC / US right attacks SpongeBob video

So a US family values group want to ban Spongebob...Why? Because he regularly holds hands with his sidekick Patrick. How extremely sad.
What's wrong with holding hands?
Next thing they'll be accusing Postman Pat of beastiality.


I was late to work today. Bristol seemed to have a high number of traffic incidents this morning and the knock on effect was bad. I was dreading the ENT clinic....But I'd made a mistake. It was cancelled. We did have quite a few kids to get through though. Made the morning fly by. For the first time in ages I really felt focused and happy...Yes actually happy!
The last baby was a cutie. I got the doctor to see her and was eavesdropping incredulously. Her lovely mum had been advised to take her for cranio osteopathy. Now I have known some cases where the parents swear this type of thing has really helped. The doctor was less enthusiatic about it. But this poor mum seemed to be being ripped off. She had an initial visit for 45 pounds then told that unless she took further sessions her baby would have major ear and hearing problems amongst a number of other scary things. The subsequent visits were 35 quid each. She missed one this week and the guy rang her and demanded to know why she hadn't turned up and offered to do the following weeks therapy for a pound.
Our doctor is lovely, a real hands on guy with a baby of his own and he didn't need me to tell her that this therapy guy was well dodgy.
These complimentary therapy's are nice. They are meant to be a thing you can do together with your babies not be an expensive and worrying experience. Hopefully she left us better informed and able to differentiate between the legit and the dodgy.
On the way home I realised I'd run out of petrol. FFS There's only one petrol station between work and home...and I live on the other side of the city. I just about made it, but only after suffering some dopey Skoda Driver. He had this sticker in the rear window. A round sticker with a red border...Like a warning sign and a traffic speed camera pic in the middle. I have no idea what it was trying to convey...Except maybe if you speed you'll be caught? The more I looked at it the more I got angry. Plus he was driving at 20 miles per hour. I had to wait for ages until we reach the dual carriageway...Then the stupid bastard took the fast lane. I had to wait till the road bent and then slowly undertook him, trying to make it look like it was the bend that made me do it. Well Skoda, you may have reshaped your cars to look a tad more trendy but you sure can't change the caliber of your drivers.
As soon as I got home I rang Clarrie. I'd double booked a weekend. I'd arranged to have her come stay for the weekend forgetting that I was going to Cardiff with Marie. Sods law. I don't do anything then it all happens at once.
But I'm happy now because I'd made a mistake. Clarrie is coming here the weekend before Cardiff. So February looks to be pretty promising all told.

making money anyway you can

IOL: South Africa:
"Marius Lourens, 29, of Somerset West rejected the R70 000 bid by the London-based pornographic website because their site name included the word p***y."

Ummm is the word pussy? is that such a vulgar word? I can think of far worse.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Today I bought a Dyson...Ok I know I've bought more vacuums than Argos has last year. But maybe now this one will last. Besides Dysons pick up the dirt you didn't even know you had. I vacuumed through the house and marveled at the little tub filling up.
I made lasagne. It was horrid, but the girls said it was good. I hate my own cooking. Plus I went to the gym. Met a girl I used to know there and spent ages chatting.
I feel good today, as if yesterday sorted out a few worries I had and now I can relax. Onward to the future I say!
Oh yes Bailey has her Op Monday. I have no idea how I'm going to starve her Sunday night. She eats more than the other two put together.
Work tomorrow and it's ENT clinic day. Yeuk. Loads of people and lots of stress.

My Pet Fat

My Pet Fat

So the theory is you buy this artificial blob of fat. Then keep it with you as a pet and reminder of what you're trying to achieve and you lose weight? Apparently they sold thousands........ right!!

Vegetarians Make Better Lovers ?


Is this true Ms Clarrie? Image Hosted by

Kids and more kids

We had Rainbows last night. Collette wanted to plant Mustard and cress seeds with the girls and got all the gear ready but amazingly it's not the season for Mustard and cress seeds!
So we decorated biscuits in lovely pink icing mixed by my own fair hand.
Three little ones that we've had for two years went 'up' to Brownie Guides last night. It was quite sad as they're such lovely girls, plus one of them got really upset, nerves I think. I gave her hugs and reminded her how she used to kiss all the boys in nursery school...and she was soon laughing.
All three were worried that Brown Owl would shout. I nearly choked laughing. I'm the world's biggest shouter. Collette's always telling me off for being too hard. Thing is I actually don't think they take me seriously. Maybe that's my problem at home.
I had to drive Abby to school twice as she forgot something this morning! She finally vacuumed her room but she's not happy because she can't find anything.
I paid the last ten pounds for Danz school camp...You reckon 80 quid for a weekend is a lot? Oh well she'll enjoy it. I'm just pissed they don't do camp for teenagers. I'd pay double! ;P

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Child access law shake-up planned

parents could be tagged

Does this mean I could be tagged if Abby won't go visit the idiot and his jacuzzi?
I'm speechless.

Monopoly bid to improve behaviour

school design own monopoly game

Well Monopoly never did anything to improve my behaviour. All I wanted was a hotel on Park Row so I could bankrupt any bastard who landed on me. And if that happened to me? I'd refuse to play anymore.
Bah it still haunts me.

MP Dares to Diss Dick and Dom

BBC/ MP slates BBC children's TV duo:
"A senior Tory MP launched an attack on CBBC's Dick and Dom in da Bungalow in the Commons on Monday, asking whether the show was in the public taste.
(Tory Twat..Of course it is)
Peter Luff, the Conservative MP for mid-Worcestershire, attacked the show and its website for 'grossly embarrassing personal situations'.
(He doesn't get out much does he?)
He invited Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell to his office to watch the show.
(Oh yes and what else did she do in his office nudge nudge?)
She said it was the government's role to develop a BBC charter, but the BBC was responsible for taste and decency.
Mr Luff said: 'You can join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatorial nature.
(ummm were you ever a lad Mr Luft? Boys love toilet humour. It's just life)
'Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame (how dreadful! yawn), photos of children with underwear on their heads (Gasp!! Better than David Blunkett with his pants down), Make Dick Sick (Well making Dick sick COULD be construed as a little bit near the Bone if you get my drift!), a game which I think speaks for itself (you have a dirty mind Mr luft), and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewerage system avoiding turtle's poos coming from various lavatories,' he said. " (did he never watch ninja turtles? FFS)

What a load of old crap. I cannot believe anyone takes this old farts views seriously. Someone stand outside his house and shout "BOGIES". Twat.
I want your babies Dom...or dick whoever.


Ha!! Bloody online quizzes!
edit; hmmm actually I wonder if my low self esteem is WHY I got a loser score of 96?
Gosh I'm becoming an excellent psychotherapist. Posted by Hello


This morning was fraught. The traffic was hideous and work was v busy and it was my first day back. I wasn't firing all guns blazing. But never fear! They will blaze again.
Really, though, my mind was on the afternoons forthcoming appt with my shrink.
I hate talking about myself. I seem to be worried that they'll dig up something awful and I'll be left exposed and unprotected.
But my Doctor is really lovely. Very gentle and kind. Though he's also got a presence that you just know he's right.
You know what? He said I was lovely. He said I have a warm and inviting presence and I'm easy to talk to. I don't need more drugs ATM. I need more therapy. I have a low self-esteem and my confidence has been knocked out of alignment.
We talked about lots of stuff. He told me to listen more to people around me. That they actually talk sense and are right. I don't listen, I block out stuff that I think I may not want to hear and in doing that I block out the good stuff.
So, that's it really. I'm going to try very hard to listen, to stay calm and remember stuff.
And practice saying everyday. I am lovable. I am worth something. I am a good and strong person.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Some of the adverts on TV atm are dreadful. The little boy robbing a bank at gunpoint for a new car for his dad? The awful Kentucky one with the woman singing ....eeek. The Virgin Holidays one with the guy in the nappy threatening to remove it unless he gets a good deal?
Where's the great ones, like the Lacoste advert with the guy with the great butt?

A test for you

Count every "F" in the following text:


Answer in the comments box below.


Paula Abdul at this years Golden Globe awards. Her Golden Globes look at bit damned squashed in that outfit. Posted by Hello