Monday, February 28, 2005

Batman, Robin, Captain America in fathers' rights protest at Foreign Office

Yahoo! News - Batman, Robin, Captain America in fathers' rights protest at Foreign Office

Here they go again. This time Captain America joins in...makes me laugh. America is notorious for it's mal treatment of fathers...
They have terrible problems with the state. Child support is wrestled from them. If they don't pay they can have their driving licence and passport taken away, thrown in jail. All sorts.
It's a bad place if you're a separated dad. You don't seem to have many rights at all. Deadbeat dad is a widely used term.
So it made me laugh and laugh to hear Captain America joined in. Bunch of twats. Hope they fall off one day.


Monday started with my glorious daughter breaking yet another slat on my bed....How many times do I have to tell her not to sit on the edge grrrr.
The traffic was yuck. I took 80 minutes to do a 20 minute journey.
Work wasn't too bad though. I was tired but I seem to work better half tired. I feel today I was a bit manic though, one of the doctors told me I had given him the most entertaining lunch hour ever! Yikes...Was I that bad?
I was working with a Hologram Doctor today...(don't ask! ) She's lush though. We spent ages debating God and how I do not believe in him and where did I think I was going when I die. Hopefully nowhere I the bloody ground for a eternal rest.
Today I found out that the kids from school have been showing the teachers my web site. How ace (NOT!!!)Abby sorted out my bed with help (not ) from Bailey who wouldn't get off the slats.
My Mum rang. They're giving me £1500 for the car so I'm pleased. I wanted that amount.
Danielle's little friend who came to the party thought it was the coolest thing ever!! riight.
Right, more work tomorrow. I just had a compliment from a friend. I like that friend a lot.

Ok For you Dan

Dan looks pissed before the party even started. I'm not sure about posting pix from that event but here we are. Just before the party started the guys came to help me set up. Watched me make the punch and keep me company. They're sweethearts really! Spot my fantastic sausage rolls, I'm an ace chef you know. A perfect hostess.Posted by Hello

The set was colorful

Blue . A more quiet moment. 'Dry your eyes' was played right at the end but TBH, I don't think they gave it enough atmosphere. He seemed to rush the song. Shame because it's pretty Posted by Hello

The Streets 27/2/05

Well after the night I had I was looking forward to getting away from the house for a few hours. I picked up Patti and met her Mum-in-Law (who was lush) and off we set in the can on wheels.
We parked in the multi storey car park. I said to Patti 'don't forget which floor we're on'. 'oh number five' She said with great confidence. Good job I didn't listen or we'd have been searching for the car all night....that was the speed limit! We were on floor three.
The Bristol Colston Hall is a very old place and not my fav place to gig. The accoustics are good though and we were seated upstairs and had quite a good view but you do lose much of the atmosphere.
The place was chav central with jogging suits and Burberry caps everywhere. Behind us were a group of girls with Stella bottles and short skirts yelling 'MIKEY IS SEXY' I couldn't see it personally!
Next to us were a welsh couple. We got chatting a bit. He was smoking which pissed me off...I hate having smoke in my face and I happen to know that that old joint would go up like a tinderbox.
Highlight of my night were the two fit men down the end who brushed past me to use the loo...Then returned. I refused to get up and made them climb over me...Heaven!
The Mitchell Bros were up first for us (having missed some guy called Kano) they were good. Lively and interactive and very funny.
Then we had an MC contest which Red Toaster liked and was better than expected. The two guys had to rap to each other. Getting one up on the other guy and ripping them to shreds. The winner got to tour on with The Streets. The reigning Champ from London won. He was ace. He told the black guy from Bristol, "his sister was half white and he was put in prison and dropped the soap". The whole place laughed.
The came the Streets. Mike Skinner was excellent as expected. I was however disappointed at the sound quality. I know loads of Streets songs but they seemed to play really new stuff that I barely recognised, only doing the hits right at the end when Mike frankly looked pretty pissed up.
Best bit? The Mitchell Bros Kano and Mike doing 'Routine Check' together. It was ace.
Funniest bit. Watching the three guys sat in front of us whilst the play station 2 adverts were on. Leant forward, totally transfixed on the pretty pictures. Boys Toys!
Posted by Hello

The Lovely Hayden with Lauren

Hayden thinks he's going to be my son in law. He kept kissing me all night.....
He says Abby is a Goddess amongst women. Bless!, my sort of boy.
Posted by Hello

Abby and Amy

Abby's purple hair . Amy was a dancer in the play.Posted by Hello

My Glorious punch

My Punch. A recipe past down from me to me. Part orange juice, pineapple juice, strong cider, touch of coconut juice to give it a Caribbean feel, lemonade, ice cubes and lots of sliced fruit. You can add some Vodka to give it a real kick if required. Looks pretty? Posted by Hello

Pink Rabbits

My Bunnies gently nestle in their tree. I bet Red Toaster would love them. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tattoos next

So the sex industry is getting with the groove and the new toys are pierced, I love the name Pierced Be-Atch but do men really use these things? It's vile like a toy from the boy next door in Toy Story One. Enough to give nightmares. Next thing will be male dolls with a Prince Albert. Posted by Hello

They died Happy. Posted by Hello


Interesting case. Man sneaks into a school. Makes himself a cup of tea. Beds down for the night. Now is in the dock for tea bag theft. But wait. this guy has a girlfriend that he blew a kiss to in the dock. This guy is a gem. He makes his own tea. He should be praised not jailed.

Feeling a bit better

Quite a day! Had a couple of hours sleep. My sister brought the new fridge and freezer over for me, so I had all that to sort.
Feel a bit more human. I made Abby go into the neighbours and apologise. I know one side isn't exactly perfect but still, they deserve consideration.
Danielle told my dad about the window and he started going mad. 'If you will have parties.......' FFS Shut up.
The council came and put a temporary thing on the window.
999 Ambulance child is back at home and I took her stuff up. When I handed it to her Sister, she said 'I better get her to check it's all here' As if I'd nick it? Hmmm not sure what she meant but I wasn't amused.
And tonight I'm seeing The Streets. The doors open at 7pm but I don't want to sit there for two hours waiting for them to come on. They got The Mitchell Bros and Kano as support. Both are classed as Urban. Not my scene at all. So be quite happy to miss them. Red toaster is coming with me. Hope she's ok to have her ear bent over last nights troubles.
Abby is being very helpful and loving. It won't last beyond tomorrow no doubt.
Oh well I held it all together and haven't crashed and burned today. Though I feel very flat. But when you're bi-polar flat is good.

The Worse Night In History

This is a story of disillusioned mum who thought she could give her daughter a party, with the expectation of people having fun and spending time together. The story is a sad one.
Ok the party had drink. Many would say drink and 15 year olds don't go...After last night, I may agree with them. But there were about 25 kids here and I spent 24 quid on very mild lager, alcopops plus bottles of soft drink and fruit juice in Asda. So really that wasn't a lot at all.
They arrived...Super hyped up. All was going well. I'd done lots of basic food. First thing was they started getting most of the food on the carpet. Sausage rolls trodden into the floor. Now this is somebody's house. A person that's allowed them to have a party. Where's the respect? Then they got silly. Abby (without me knowing) had invited five year 9 kids (age 13). They were by far the worse. Like caged tigers let out for the night. They were stupid and silly. One sip of shandy and lurching around the place pretending to be drunk.
But we were still ok although I did get the vacuum out!! (Obsessional)
Then the night took a sinister turn. A gang of about 10 kids turned up at the door. Gate Crashers. The others told me they were 'bad kids' They weren't invited anyways. No big deal. But they kept knocking and standing outside. Everyone got really silly and hyper and panicky...Except me. That was until the gang threw a brick through the front window that is.
The atmosphere hit fever pitch. I called the police. One small boy (yep he was ridiculous) said he was scared of the police and was running around maniacally.
The police came after about an hour and took a statement. Nice man, calming and good.
Now somewhere during all of this, I feel I must have lost the thread slightly. One of Abby's best friends.... If you know me you'll know who she is, arrived very hyper. She arrived after the drink had mostly gone.
I was appalled to find out she'd brought beer with her and was in Danz's room with it. Tipping it everywhere. She was kissing all the boys and being very loud.
Then she said she felt sick and went upstairs. She was very pale.
However she wasn't sick but proceeded to have a panic attack of gigantic proportions and was completely loopy. Believe me, I know loopy...I get like it myself at times.
Meanwhile someone broke the banister. Snapped it clean off. And Abby sat on my bed and it broke. Its a metal bed with wooden slats and they snapped.
I was keeping one eye on the loopy one and trying to sort out the rest. Then I decided enough was enough and called her mum to collect her. Her mum was out. Her sister told me to bring her home. But she wouldn't go. And when I insisted she collapsed on the stairs.
So a second phone call to the emergency services for the night. We had a 999 ambulance and paramedic arrive.
Ok got it so far?

Broken window
police here
banister broken
Bed in pieces
Drink on carpets
food trodden in
?Unconscious girl on stairs
Ambulance and paramedic car
We only needed the fire service for the trio.

I was so pleased when suddenly her mum turned up. And so they went to hospital and I believe are still there now. (she's fine though) However I was most upset to be told off by the paramedic for allowing her to get in that state. However at 14 I believe they are responsible for their own actions and they aren't babies and for that reason I am really cross with her.
So the night goes on. I try to get some of them to go home. But Abby had told them all they could stay? WTF? So about 15 of them slept the night. I just wanted them all to go home. I was so angry and upset.
And the bastards didn't sleep at all. Well some did, some were quiet. Some were hyper and noisy all night, despite me shouting and getting very angry.
God knows what the neighbours think. I wouldn't blame them for reporting me to be honest.
But a lesson learnt. Very sadly. The kids I thought were good and nice and respectful, well it seems they aren't. They abused my good trust and love and friendship in opening my house to them. To be fair it wasn't all of them and there were some kids that should never have been invited at all.
Abby is a nervous quivering wreck, scared I'm going to go crazy with her.
But that's not me. It wasn't her fault. She did her best.
Now I'm going to have a bath and lie in bed to cry. Because I'm tired and I feel like it. Thanks guys.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

My very own Smelly Post Office

Evening post news

Well what scandal. The postmaster has been sacked! I liked him too. He was an asian welsh guy.
Very strong welsh accent. You know I love the welsh accent!
He was nice too, even ran after me once when I left 30 quid on the counter (typical me). It always looked awfully disorganised behind the counter though. Maybe the next lot will do something about the smell of sweat lingering by the front door though.

5 hours to go......

Until the BIG party. Abby is doing housework and getting ready....RIIGHT. Actually she's on the laptop upstairs whilst all around chaos happens. We've been out to buy sausage rolls...A party isn't ace without those little pastry delights. Warm and sausagey, oh and nuts. The bag of nuts she picked up is heavier than a sodding new born baby. Mind I love a fine selection of nuts laid before me ;)
Apparently my ability to make a bloody good punch is all around school. I have the necessary stuff. Plus the secret ingredient that gives it the 'Punch'.
The car registration document for the new car came today. Fecking great. Now I'm the proud owner of a can-on-wheels.
I had another email from Sending me more hunks of manhood for me to check out. The first two looked like Harold Shipman and John McCririck and This is the third
Which One should I choose? Three coins in a fountain, which one will the fountain pick...Make them mine...Make them mine......MAKE THEM MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS So the Pope has sat up and eaten ten biscuits for breakfast? Whilst the world starves, Greedy bugger! (plus totally impossible)
I love you all. (I think)

midnight with Bowie on the Ipod

See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years
Colder than the moon
It's been so long
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFeel my blood enraged
It's just the fear of losing you
Don't you know my name
Well, you been so long
And I've been putting out fire
With gasoline
See these eyes so red
Red like jungle burning bright
Those who feel me near
Pull the blinds and change their minds
It's been so long
Still this pulsing night
A plague I call a heartbeat
Just be still with me
Ya wouldn't believe what I've been thru
You've been so long
Well it's been so long
And I've been putting out the fire with gasoline
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPutting out the fire
With gasoline
See these tears so blue
An ageless heart that can never mend
These tears can never dry
A judgement made can never bend
See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years
Just be still with me
You wouldn't believe what I've been thru
You've been so long
Well it's been so long
And I've been putting out fire with gasoline
Putting out fire with gasoline

Friday, February 25, 2005

Cream Lover

Hmmm, a girlie mate came visiting me on Tuesday but as all girlies are she's on a diet :( and so we didn't eat the cake I bought.
Tonight when I got home from work, I cracked open the box and ate a little. Then left the rest on the side. BIG MISTAKE. Crazy Bailey found it and demolished the lot. Crazy Bailey has also eaten Danielle's Speedo swimming float I got her for Christmas. So I guess she's hardly a connoisseur of food.
BTW I Love Cream.............. Posted by Hello

I :heart: Clarrie

My Friend Clarrie bought me this hot water bottle. It's to hug me in bed when I'm feeling sad and lonely and cold.
It's so cool, it's not very big. Just huggable. I like to give gifts and it's just really nice of her to send me one. She's lush! Posted by Hello

A Day in the Life

I found this on Planetdan and I LOVE it. I want one...NOW!
Today I worked 12 hours.... We didn't stop once. I think half of Bristol must be sick. I was pissed off because I wanted to see the Queen. I've never seen the Queen (I think) and I wanted to take a picture. My friend Red Toaster Took some though for her site. Her little one is so cute.
I hear the Pope is rather ill again. I was driving to work thinking about him. The last thing I'd ever want is a trachy and to be put on a Ventilator. Then they said he has parkinson's disease and painful Arthritis. And I thought to my self...Hasn't our 'so called' God been so kind to the man that is the head of his church. A man who thinks of others and is Godly and pure? A man who gave up normal life to serve God and the Church. What a bunch of crap!
Also it was reported on the BBC that the pope is off the ventilator and and is eating a hearty breakfast this morning. Utter codswallop! NO way would this happen. It would take him weeks to recover enough to eat.
Anyways enough of the Pope and God.
I was just watching that Bex programme on BBC1, I don't actually like it much but there was a bit on it when she talked about the crap presents men buy women. None of them however, were as bad as my dad's. One Christmas he bought her an electric knife. Not sure what he was trying to say but she did cry a lot when she opened it.
Abby rang me at work. One of tomorrows party goers may not be coming. He's only in year 9 so that makes him about 13. His mum is worried about letting him party. So she's going to ring me for reassurance. Abby told me I'm to say 'It's her birthday' (lies) 'only a couple are going' (lies) and 'definitely no alcohol will be there' (big lies) I told her I wasn't willing to lie. If the parent didn't feel she could trust her son to fulfill her wishes not to drink (and such like) maybe he shouldn't come. I dunno about you guys out there. I was partying and drinking stuff like beer at that age. I guess I'm quite relaxed and liberal about stuff like drink and sex. I believe in information and discussion. They're pretty grown up at that age these days and I think I'd rather they experienced partying in a controlled place like here than in town or under the pier. I'll watch them. I'll make sure they're sensible. OK maybe you think there's no need for them to drink. But say no way and they want it more. They have to try these things. It's part of growing up. Last time we had a party here, there were kids who weren't allowed to drink...And they didn't. There were kids who didn't want to drink...And they didn't.
And only Jamie went OTT (v mildly, he drank beer through a straw v fast and puked..He wasn't drunk)...Bless but he won't do it again......Or I'll make him drink cod liver oil! Yummy.
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hi Dan

The condoms in the drawer saga continues to rage. Can I just say that they aren't all one kind either. I have a mixed lot including ones called double sensual pleasure. Never call Trin dull!

OK besides that tonight my little daughter was on Points West (BBC local TV news). They were doing a story about 'Shelter' and she was interviewed. "My Mum was very ill and Shelter helped us and made it all better" She said. Abby taped it. Hope no one watched though!

Tonight we went to Asda to do a bit more 'party' shopping. I got some alcopops and Belgium lager. Plus a lot of soft drinks. I'm going to do some nibbles as well. Abby reckons half of them are sleeping over...And no they won't have access to my drawer. My room is out of bounds......Unless your over 18 and good looking with a scratched left hand? Posted by Hello

Bad Kitty

The destruction of Bailey Kitten. Bearing in mind that I DO NOT decorate in any form, I'm a little pissed at her attempts at wall paper stripping. Abby says it's because she doesn't like the colour. Well she doesn't like the colour in Danz's room or Abby's room either. Grrr.

I still havent checked my cupboards for this damn contaminated food my Mother keeps on about? I do have some pot Noodles. Maybe I should just chuck them out?
I went into town today! Yay for shops. I bought a Disco Ball in The Gadget shop. I love Disco Balls. The Kitten is mad about it, keeps chasing the lights around the room.

I also bought some new foundation and Mascara. I had a Frappachino in Starbucks but they gave me the wrong one. I wanted chocolate and they gave me Caramel, which was too sweet. I did mention it was wrong but they just looked at me like I was an alien, so I took it. Dumb aren't I?

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Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer's memory loss

Guardian Unlimited | Life | Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer's memory loss

Now this is a bit contradictory as we've been told that Cannabis makes our minds fucked up. But hey I'm all for it. If it helps. I have a pretty terrible memory. Unless I do something specific to make me remember stuff I simply don't. I don't remember what people tell me, who phoned. What I'm working. I'm awful. Hmm still not convinced hash cakes will help me though really. Might make me more chilled but knowing me...Bloody paranoid.

X Factor Live, Wembley Pavilion

Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | X Factor Live, Wembley Pavilion

Art Review? Nah. It's a very funny ace review and says really what most of us 'sensible' ppl think!

Jesus Christ born in Ukraine

Jesus Christ born in Ukraine What a name to live up to. Imagine if he's caight shop lifting or something criminal like it? Well at least Vicky Beckham didn't call her new child that! Cruz is quite sedate really.

I'm a dopey Bitch

I just finished a post then went out the garden to call the kitten. It's snowing and she'd been out there ages. I called and called her to no avail. I began to panic. It wasn't long after Molly's spay that we lost her. It was an awful time. I'd go out calling her for hours. I was so lost without her. She was such a baby. Never found her though. Abby stopped going to church after that. She prayed so hard for God to send her back to us. We were living in a temporary home and her life as shit. She was being bullied at school. We had bailiffs at the door and things were bad. And it was the only thing she'd ever asked for.
Anyways. As you can imagine, I'm a little frantic when the bloody kitten appears at the kitchen door...She'd been asleep upstairs all the time. I'm so stupid. Dunno whether I'm coming or going half the time.
I dropped over to Red Toaster's house last night, hope she feels better today. I gave up caffeine once. Well ok twice. The first time was when I gave up eating lost 4 stone and stuck my fingers down my throat constantly. I was completely loopy. The second time I thought I'd give it up as I'm convinced I hold a lot of water. I get bloated sometimes although I take diuretics.
Well I researched into it heavily...As I do! Caffeine withdrawal is awful. After about 48 hours you get headaches that last for about 4-5 days and you feel shit. It is a recognised psychiatric complaint. I don't recommend cold turkey caffeine withdrawal. I think cutting down first is needed. Even then though...You'll still get the headaches. I couldn't hack it. I was going mad again and so as my mate Clarrie tells me better fat than mad. So stuff the caffeine. I'm addicted.
Blast that kitten now howling at the kitchen door to go out. She's worse than a new born baby. Least you can shove a dummy in them!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhilst talking about great music. Winners of one of the NME awards this year are the talented Kaiser Chiefs. They're album is out on March 7th. So start saving your pennies. is cheaper than Amazon but Amazon have 1000 signed copies on offer to their customers. Kaiser Chiefs really do have a new progressive sound. Check them out. They're destined for great things.

Imageshack...pass the toilet paper to the right Then on the other side of the coin............
Everywhere I look I see the X factor loser's G4 are releasing their album in 4 days time I guess in time for Mother's Day. Why is it mother's have to listen to such dross? Get with it mother's. Stuff Simon Cowell and his sodding X Factor crap. G4's album cover looks like some Westlife reject. But if you look you'll see why it looks to me as if all 4 of them are sat on the toilet. Some truly 'originally crap' covers of classic songs.
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Nessun Dorma
3. Everybody Hurts
4. Circle Of Life
5. Creep
6. To Where You Are
7. Life On Mars
8. Flower Duet from Madama Butterfly
9. Broken Vow
10. Jerusalem
11. You'll Never Walk Alone
12. My Way

From Bowie to the Lion King. Nothing is sacred.

Music is my first love

"And it will be my last!"
This week I've needed my music. If the CD player hasn't been playing I've been wandering around with the Ipod in. I think it drives the kids crazy because I sing very loudly and off key.
This week three albums haven't left the player. I have to say I think these are possibly the most exciting and spine tingling albums I've ever owned.
Image Hosted by Kasabian's self titled album is music to live for. You can lose yourself in the beats and voices. Every track seems different. But I hear something new everytime I listen to it.
Image Hosted by Killers 'Hot Fuss' I've had for ages. It's like a gorgeous man with his arms around me touching my hair. I adore it. I'm a sucker for great lyrics and these are great. Please play this at my funeral ok?
And lastly but most definitely not least is my Johnny Borrell. The enigmatic and downright sexy Razorlight I heard Golden Touch on Radio One's Jo Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhiley's show ages ago. From the very first play I knew I liked them. Then I got to know a bit more and was hooked. Razorlight are pure fun, energy, brilliance and rock and roll. Music for today. Our own The Strokes...Except, fuck me, so much better. They don't need New York to make them class. They just need to play. Johnny's been playing small London Gigs since he was 14. Inspiration for you lot. If you got it...Work bloody hard and do something about it.
So if you want some class, new, bang up to date and brilliant music to listen to...You know what to do. Listen to Trin. She's always right.

Cute Bunnies

Bunny Lights

I just ordered these for my front room, which is looking like some harem, brothel, cat kennels mix. If you want to see what that mix looks like...Come visit Trin.
But these bunnie lights are so cute. I love lights. I hate taking them down at Christmas. Hope they come before my Teen Party!
We went to Tesco tonight. Dropped in on Red Toaster on the way to take her something. I needed to get out of the house to take my mind off the thing that has been preoccupying it for the last two days. Drat my silly mind. You'd think at my age I wouldn't get quite so het up about stuff.
Anyways, Abby was in her element in Tesco. She made me buy her some purple hair dye, and a selection of cheapie drinks for the party. I don't know if buying drinks for a party for 15-16 year olds is right. But at 15 I was drinking at parties. And kissing boys and getting caught in the church women's toilets by the church warders giving Kevin a wonderful experience!
So I bought some. And when it's gone it's gone. I guess I'll be there to keep an eye on them. I'll make a punch too. I make a wonderful punch full of fruit and ice...And Jamie's not allowed ANY!
Anyways I'm going to bed, can't wait until tomorrow comes.
Loves you all

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pump it up

Female Pumping

Remember the awful sight of Leslie Ash and that trout pout? Well it seems that those lips aren't the only thing becoming popular to expand these days. Pussy pumping is becoming all the rage.
So if you hear the vacuum cleaner on next door. Don't just assume it's her carpets that are getting a good sucking. ;)

The Snow

Image Hosted by
It keeps snowing here but as soon as it starts it seems to stop. I like snow, but I hate driving in it. We went to visit people in New York one year in the winter. Wow that was some really deep snow there. I'd never seen so much.
English snow is very mild in comparison. A smattering that melts as soon as it Imageshack. German snow from Mr Grumblemagarrives. I found this cool website (via Zarq It's got some beautiful pictures of Snowflakes. Some of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Imagine if these were jewels? People would pay millions for them. Everyone unique and proud. I'd like pictures of these on my wall.
Incidentally, the smaller picture is a beautiful one from Steve Grumblemag's site. That snow looks so pure.


Abby's 'illness' miraculously disappeared after 1/2 hour at home today. She was able to drag herself to after school drama at 4pm. Hmph!
My mum keeps ringing me to tell me to check my cupboards for the contaminated foods. Too late...They ate all the beef and tomato pot noodles. If we die I leave my cat to the last person she scratched ok?
The Saturday Party is turning into a mammoth event. About 30 I reckon. God help me. I picked up malingerer Abby from drama and a boy came up to me and asked if it's true I keep a drawer full of condoms? Yeah I said....So?
On the way home Abby told me he didn't believe her. Why she told him I have no idea. She also went on to say that she'd told them all (on an individual basis) that her mother was a total crazy. Gee thanks Abby I said. She excused it with the words, 'Well I wouldn't want them shocked when they get here'
Fucking ace.

How times flies

The mornings at home before school are always slightly chaotic. Abby zombified. Danz and her arguing. It's even worse if I have to work. We fight for the bathroom. This morning was no different. Then Danz asked if I'd filled out her note about choir. I couldn't find it. But I did find a swimming note about doing some special swim next month. So I filled it out like a good mum ;) and off she went.
When she got back tonight she said "Thanks for embarrassing me mother" (who me!) She'd handed the note in and the teacher had laughed. It was dated for March 2004. Just a whole year late but hey ho I tried. Posted by Hello


WTF has happened to Mary-Kate and Ashley? They look like a couple of lush's with a bad fashion designer? Those sweet girls on Two of a kind? I can just see these two in some sleazy Porn. Interesting hair styles as well. I hear they aren't living together anymore. Maybe time apart will do them good. How can I diss them though? Look at most people who've been child stars. Their initial adulthood (and sometimes their whole lives) seem to be fucked up. Michael Jackson for one. Money and fame doesn't bring happiness (but I'd like to try...Please someone, I'm still waiting to be discovered!) Posted by Hello

Knit one purl one

One of my pet hates in this world is the trusty old Jumper.
No, not someone who jumps off the Bristol Suspension Bridge.
Those awful knitted things that people and in particular men choose to wear. Stalker wore a jumper on Saturday. Some thick wool creation with patterns on it. Round neck and knitted cuffs.
Does anyone know why in this day and age, people have to wear Jumpers?
We have shops full of sweat shirts and Rugby shirts, micro light warm materials. Even Primark sell trendier stuff!
I'm beginning to believe jumper wearers are trying to make a statement. Fashion bah! Least we are warm. Well guys, thick jumpers make you sweat and look fatter and nerdy. Take a eyeful of these absolute hunks. The male species at it's finest. You wanna join their club? Then wear a bloody knitted jumper!
Posted by Hello

Lala Land

The sky is purple and I believe in fairy's at the bottom of the garden.
Abby tried her best to get out of school today. And I almost gave in, but in the end she stropped off and went. But I feel only because she has after school drama and she hates to miss that.
She's only had one bloody day at school since half term!
The kitten is insane this morning. She's now started to strip Danielle's bedroom wall as well as the kitchen and Abby's room. We can't eat in peace anywhere. She's in the food like a flash. Can't wait for the new fridge to come so she can't get in it anymore.
WTF is all this fuss about Victoria Beckhams baby? I think Cruz is far better than Romeo. But it's just a name. Apple is a much weirder choice. Who cares about the Beckhams anyways.
So The Queen's not going to Charles wedding. I do think it's a bit odd, but who cares about that either? I for one won't be trekking to London to wave a flag at the Old Fogies.
The Queen is visiting Knowle West on Friday. Damn shame I'm working, I'd have loved a blogging opportunity...The Queen amongst the drab, bleak run down Knowle West buildings. Hmph.
*Edit... Phone Call from school. Abby feels sick. Can I collect her. So I didn't win after all.

Mon Ami

"When you're down and troubled
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd you need some loving care
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest night

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there
You've got a friend"

News Of the World - totally irresponsible

News Of the World - Online Edition

We had a mum come into work today with this headline ripped out of her Sunday paper, terrified her child was going to die. We all read the article with shock and amazement and a touch of laughter. This is total crap. RSV is a virus. It's proper name is respiratory syncitial Virus. Basically a common cold.
If you or me gets it (which we all have done) we might get a snuffle. But the ones it affects the most are the teeny babies, premature babies, or ones with lung problems. Like all viruses different kids can get it worse than others. Look at Chicken Pox. Danz got it quite mildly but Abby was covered.
Some babies get a touch of RSV some get it worse causing bronchiolitis. The teeny bronchioles in their lungs get inflamed causing them to cough and get wheezy. The odd few may need some oxygen to help them through the worse bit and a tiny proportion get it severely and may need breathing help. But in my unit I think prob one child needed extra help this year. So it's hardly an epidemic. Hospitals cope with it. It's our bread and butter illness in the winter. It's not caused by 'dirty hospitals' FFS it's like a common cold. It just happens. It's certainly not like MRSA. And the only reason wards would close with it, is if they're full which sadly happens a lot these days.
RSV has been around since the year dot. It's very common and certainly not worth getting all hyped up about.
I think we may write to this New of the Screw editor and tell him what we think of his panic style of reporting.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cold Tuesday

It's freezing here today. Even work was cold and that's unheard of. I left 1/2 hour early to get back and sort stuff out at home. But I was blocked in by three cars and had to do some pretty complex manoeuvering to free myself. Hard work with that vile car with the huge boot as well. Bloody women parkers.
Rainbows tonight was eerily quiet. We only had 10 girls and they were all very quiet. I did have to chuck a group of loutish boys out from the church and threatened to call the police. Probably OTT but for some reason I was in a funny mood.
Yep my lovely laphroaig, I am a BIG drama Queen. I need slapping a bit to calm me down...Any offers out there?

Monday, February 21, 2005

For all you true Hoff fans

Stand to attention all you dedicated Hoff fans. The man is HERE eNjOy


Put a little colour in your lives today and click the link .
Hallelujah for Springfield

Gay BBC news


How I love Green Day. Maybe I'm not normal. Music and lyrics still talk to me. Just as strong as they did when I was a teen. I remember agonising over lyrics and believing music was the only thing who understood me.

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But its home to me and I walk alone
(Green Day 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams ')

I feel like I'm constantly reaching out, trying to connect. And sometimes I think I cracked it and feel elated, then I get hit back with a huge stick. And the knock backs are worse each time. Each time I feel more hurt. Maybe that's a good sign, that I FEEL stuff now. I dunno.
Maybe I just talk a load of crap. Ha! Yep that's probably it.

Trin is Crap

My beautiful girl. We had family counselling today. She had time on her own and I saw a male psychotherapist. I wasn't expecting to have to talk anyone and was a bit thrown by it.
He did have a very lovely suit on though, kinda 80's style. I love a man in a good cut suit. Something to do with the feel of the fabric...anyways I digress.
He insinuated that many of Abby's anxieties are to do with me.....oh great. So now I'm officially a crap mother. Posted by Hello


Time seems to be going by so fast. It almost scares me with it's drive. Monday has come and gone. I hate Mondays but I'm not sure why.
Work was busy today. I arrived to a scene of total chaos. The desk was piled high with notes. No-one knew what they were all for. I just sat down and plowed through the lot.
I didn't have a break. My obsession won't allow me a break until everything is done. We had patients today who stayed at the hospital for 15 minutes. A waste of time and energy and the paperwork for that is tremendous.
A couple of the girls went out to look at my 'new' car. They all laughed hysterically at me. Poor Trin.
The insurance company rang today to say that the registration number of the Van isn't a valid one. FFS Are they stupid? The other side have admitted full responsibility...What ever are they going on about?
No one seems to be talking to anyone else and it's been two weeks and I haven't even had anyone around to assess the car yet. The whole thing makes me ill.
I came home tonight to a house full of teens. 9pm and they're in the front room playing spin the bottle. One has his trousers off and another ones bra is floating around. Oh Gawd...What have I started?
I was ok but really I was tired and hungry and wanted a bath and sit quietly.
I was also anxious to see if my mate had emailed me. So I did groan a bit to see them all.
Oh well, they left after that and seemed happy.
Working again tomorrow. But yay for payday. It hasn't come none too soon either.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to Hayden

One bottle of Foster's ice between 4 and they're baaaad. The day was full of Teens. Hayden loved his cake. Kerry put Chocolate frosting over everyone's face and I got persuaded to have a party next Saturday night for them all. Posted by Hello

Crazy Kids

Last night we had a sleepover, I think Abby had about 4 hours sleep. Then we had a selection of mates over all day. Tonight we played spin the bottle. I asked the questions and did the dares! Ha! I got them all. They've been pretty fun actually. I guess they're all used to me. They even said they didn't dislike the can on wheels (think that was a lie)
Danika and Kerry put on a bit of a display for the security guard in the petrol station...Bless. No it wasn't a religious display.
Anyways back to normality this week. I slept better but I still had the headache all day. Finally bought some nurofen and that sorted it out.
I LOVE my new friend Red Toaster. Been texting her sexy husband all night!! Ha he's a flirt. But very lush too. Why are all the lushest men married? No Fair.
Night everyone
xxx Posted by Hello