Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sex ed youth style

The girls got invited to some youth thing today. They've been doing a lot of consumer studies. I guess people trying to get into the mindset of an executioner today's teenagers (oops a little Mighty Boosh slip up there).
They came home clutching 'things' "It was all about sex" Mum , they protested. Danielle reckons she learnt more today than at school. "At school all we did was write as many words about sex we knew on the blackboard then chased a sperm on a PC game"
Hmmmm that's why half of Hartcliffe's teens are up the duff then?
Anyways, the leaflet gave them 101 ways to show someone you love them rather than having sex.
Here's a little sample for you lot out there to mull over

23. buy them a piece of the moon
26. suck their toes
33. write their name in the sand
39. write their name with a sparkler
67. go on rides on the pier together (cripes there's one pregnancy already ours burnt down)
88. Gaze into their eyes.

Apparently it was the youth of Brighton and Hove who came up with these ideas.
Lovely idea guys but..................
The girls got a lot out of it though. Steve just wouldn't make a very good grandad just yet ;)

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