Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I said puck you miss

Six weeks post wedding and everything has calmed down. In fact sometimes life has been a little flat. I guess most of our energy and thoughts were taken up by the wedding since Christmas and before. I find myself fretting about stuff like work again now. I had work nightmares last night and they are mostly centred on me not being able to cope with it anymore and having to leave and the big moneyless abyss that would follow. Really though if it did get so bad I had to leave then it would be the best thing. I'm afraid not having nursing as a big part of me anymore though just lately it is unfulfilling and boring. I'm still having a few management issues mostly surrounding lack of support encouragement or recognition for the shit I put up with that NO ONE else in the department has to endure. My choice though, I took the job. Silly cow. Should have stuck with nursery nursing. Maybe I'll look back into doing something in that line again. Nearer to home and more fun...maybe?
We're off to France on Saturday. I liked it last year. The villa is gorgeous with every mod con in the kitchen, big bright and classy. The area is beautiful and different and it even smells lovely.
Steve's son doesn't want to come with us though. He says he can't spend a whole week with me. Sadly I feel the same way. Whenever will all this end and sort itself out? Seems to have gone on for ages now. I can't bear the way it makes Steve so sad. Every phone call and visit I get hugely anxious that he will upset Steve. My mum says we will have a better week without him. Steve says he'd rather not have a miserable child with us who doesn't want to be there.
Won't be the family holiday of last year though it will be different.
Maybe different will be good. If the weather is bad he says we will head south and chase the sun... lol. I could have told you this week would be bad. It's the balloon festival. It ALWAYS rains for that. Bloody English weather.
My sister is getting married in September. In Cyprus. I feel a bit pissed off that she couldn't do it here. I'd like to go to a wedding and not be the one doing all the organising. Just sit back and enjoy. We never wanted to go to Cyprus anyways. Not our scene. What with our wedding and our other holidays we couldn't afford it anyways. We did go to her hen night last week though, funny we were the only family to go and we aren't even going to the wedding. It was a boat trip on the river during the harbour festival. We all dressed as pirates, it was fun. Loud raucous and rude. The fireworks were good too. I love fireworks, though after my friend Chris's recent accident would be very wary about having any at home.
Right bored you enough my little blogger.
Loves you all as ever

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