Tuesday, August 26, 2008

car troubles

The Suzuki which has served me so well has died. It's final journey was to the garage where they didn't even look at it. The gear box was fecked and at a price of a grand to fix the thing it was uneconomic.
Ah well, looks like we were down to the Pajero for now. I don't actually like the car. It's too heavy and bulky and monstrous. It also overheated on the M32 billowed steam and had to have a nice AA man come rescue me a mere 3 weeks ago.
Last week the Pajero also bit the dust. Driving along a road close to home doing 25 mph it suddenly started to rev like a maniac. I was suddenly doing 60 with no acceleration. I couldn't brake and was terrified. I managed to career into the side of the road and get it to slow a bit but it was still moving toward a load of parked cars. Steve rammed the automatic into park and I switched off the engine and we stopped.
So now it's been towed to the same garage as the Suzuki was. The mechanic must wonder what's hit him.
Thing is what if it had happened in a different place. I drive down Bridge Valley Road every day where that JCB digger went over the edge. That could have been me.
Imagine life without Trin? Unthinkable ;)

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