Saturday, August 30, 2008

sofa love

Our sofa has died. To be honest it was second hand when we got it and it came from a house with dogs. Luckily all the cushions are removable and it's had many washes but Steve's cats are something else. They puke at the drop of a hat and for some reason the sofa took the main brute.
I took the worse one to the vets. I was kind of hoping they'd say she was past it but nope. She has a delicate tummy and now has to have 'special. highly expensive food.
Consequently the sofa has taken a huge toll on the fabric and huge holes at appeared.
I kept showing Steve various sofas I liked. Last week we were passing this furniture store by us SCS and wandered in. There sitting at the back was a perfect cream leather suite. A 4 seater and 2 seater. It called to me. Buy me... and do it now.
Steve sat on it and fell in love.
For the first time ever I was getting a new suite and it was gorgeous.
Delivery Friday madam? Not a problem. Paid cash off we went.
I'm not a very materialistic person but the thought of my new suite kept me going all week.
Friday we got up. Chucked out the old dirty vile monstrosity. Cleaned the lounge, even got those girls to wash the skirting boards... WTF!!
And we waited....
3pm. No sign. Hmm, I thought let's ring and see if they have any idea what time.
Then it all got messy. They'd made a mistake. "I'm so sorry Mrs Trinity but I'll have to disappoint you but the next delivery is Thursday"
I was NOT happy. He said he'd make some enquiries and ring me back ASAP.
One hour later no call, so I rang again. He'd done nothing. He'd been with a customer choosing HER new suite and hadn't time to deal with us who had already paid for their no show suite. Something wrong there?
So at 7 pm last night we had to go to the store and pick up the 2 seater ourselves, either that or sit on floor for a week. Luckily it fitted in the new Peugeot partner.
They rang today. They were sorry. They were nice. I'm ok, got something to sit on at least.
But they can't get the computer to accept that the suite is in the store and not awaiting delivery from manufacturers. So it looks like we'll have to collect the other sofa as well.
Brilliant. At least the suite is worth it!


the melodic news said...

Sounds like you might be getting some highly expensive puke on your new sofa!

Trinity said...

don't say the word puke!!