Thursday, May 07, 2009


We just got back from a lovely day in London. We went to Bodyworlds and a mexican restaurant and Trafalgar square and China town. However the journey down was completely stressy due to a woman called Rosy Daniel. I do hope she occasionally goggles her name and sees this. She got on the train in Bath and sat opposite us on our prebooked table.
From the moment she got on the train she was on the phone. She was quite loud and persistant. Everyone was darling or sweetheart. She was a doctor and worked for a company that deals with a holistic approach to cancer. Some herbal indian remedy that seems to work in some cancers.
She was on the phone for 90 minutes. I know her girls names, what school they go to, what their headteacher is called. That one of them recently won an appeal to get into another school (which I know the name of) that someone has sold two shares in her company. That a man called Lambert had donated loads of money to her charity. Her email address, that she's organising some charity gigs for cancer with coldplay snowpatrol and her friend has excellent contacts with Portishead. The list is endless. I wanted to move but was far too polite.
On the way back we were in the quiet carriage. Now I applaud those carriages after Rosy Daniel.
I'm sure she is a very decent hard working lady but crikey, Information limitation woman!

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